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  • It Started With A Tweet (One Direction // Zayn Malik Story)
    11.2M 249K 33

    - because this moment simply is -

  • Roommates [Harry Styles]
    11.3M 309K 31

    [COMPLETED] What would you do if your roommate was the person you hate the most? Amy now lives with her enemy. The one who broke her heart and she hated. The one and only, Harry Styles. © londonstars

  • Murder On Christmas Eve
    5K 1.1K 18

    A murder. A fiance. A jealous secretary. An annoying mother. Oh and A strikingly handsome homicide detective partner. ******************************** When Chioma got her first lead homicidal case, she never imagined to be partnered with the most annoying man she has ever met, Michael Onah. Join the duo as they ge...

  • Guilty #oneShot✔
    38 2 1

    I present you all a story about misjudgement, ruined relation,regret,hatelove. . . . . To know more, please add this book to your library and dive into the story!

  • Between The Lies
    127K 2.2K 5

    When high school sweethearts, Lloyd and Tiffany, are found murdered in the woods surrounding Martingale High on prom night, all eyes turn to the five students who were with them in the hours before for answers to the mystery of their unexpected deaths. Someone knows what happened. Somebody's lying. The question is, ho...

  • The Bad Boy Nerd
    1.8M 93.1K 46

    "New student, right?" the Principal asked me. I nodded meekly, hoping that he would turn out to be a patient suffering from short term memory loss and would forget about detention but his next words confirmed how rotten my luck was! "Mr Spencer, Ms Wilson" he began in an icy calm voice," creating a raucous in the corr...

  • My Crush's Bestfriend ✔️
    145K 5.2K 35

    Jessica Woods found herself having a huge crush on Samuel Collins who's one of the most popular and hot jocks in her school. Being a jerk, he made fun of her by mocking her feelings she had on him. Two years later, she was tired of being an awkward introvert so she decided to change herself which made Cupid to enter...

  • The jerk who stole my best friend's sock...or not
    2.5K 761 11

    What happens when a jerk comes along and presumably steals your best friend's sock? You fall in love. Pffft. As if. Holly winters is an average 21 year old. Being home schooled, she has absolutely no interest in relationships. The unbreakable bond she has with her friends leads her to accusing an innocent guy in the...

  • The Mrs. Woods Mystery
    6K 2.5K 73

    "Between you and me, I specifically requested to be in Mrs. Woods' class," Zac said, slightly louder so Dream could hear him. "What?! Why would you do that?" "To investigate," Zac admitted. "Investigate what?" "It's a horrible thing," Zac said, beginning to speak in a softer voice again. "But I have a hunch th...

  • Loving the football player
    233K 4.4K 34

    Danielle Adams is the smartest girl in the school. She's the tutor of the hottest guy in her school. Although she is hit on by Ethan, the hottest guy, and everything in her life is in track until the day everything changed. The football team of a different school comes to the school because their school was destro...

  • Saving Sawyer | ✓
    22.9M 426K 39

    { Watty 2015 Winner + Featured Story } Meet Sawyer Jameson. On the outside, she's a normal seventeen year old girl with amazing friends, a charitable job and a loving family. She's beautiful, funny and easy to get along with and just by looking at her, you'd think that she's the perfect girl, living in the perfect wo...

  • GRIMOIRE | Book Club
    2.8K 203 16

    If you seek a crooked little nook to share your story with aspiring writers or a reader looking for something new, you've come to the right place. We are eager to welcome you in our coven and support you in your journey. Lace up your boots, grab your broom, and be ready to fly with us. ☐ OPEN ☑ HIATUS ☐ CLOSED

  • See You in San Francisco | ✓
    137K 8.8K 31

    A group of friends tries to piece itself back together after losing its glue. ***** It's a quiet October morning in Palo Alto, California, when the news break out--June Beaumont was found dead in a motel room, and no one knows what happened, not even...

  • My Favorite Books 2020 ✓
    5.7K 188 23

    Hey guys, there are so many books available in Wattpad, but only a few touch our heart. This book, hopefully, will help you identify the good ones. It's purely my personal opinion about the good books I've read in Wattpad so far. No offense to anyone.

  • Constellation of Thoughts
    293 68 8

    Because poetry, is a constellation. A constellation, of one's very thoughts. ★★★★★ A collection of my thoughts, penned down as short poems. Right from life to death, to all in between, this collection aims to acknowledge all that we experience, and yet, fail to talk about. From heaven to hell, from light to darkness...

  • My Thoughts!
    85 18 3

    The chapters on in this book share my views and perceptions regarding a certain topic. Our views may differ; they can even be contradictory. I will definitely suggest you all to go through this book and comment your opinion on these topics. Thank You!

  • It's Not All Roses | Editing
    264 47 26

    Vowing to protect her, Rosa's mother left her at an orphanage. But all was in vain. The very same people who took her mother away have been after her since before she was even born. But then one day, someone brought her into this world. Unleashing secrets. Power. Power that has never been seen before. And the people a...

  • The Best Friend's Contract
    5.4M 156K 48

    Aidan, a billionaire and CEO of Empire is known for the title 'Top 5 Hottest Bachelor' for two reasons. He is extremely good-looking and for not wanting to get married, at least until he reaches forty but his mother keeps on setting him with unwanted dates, leaving him frustrated. Kenna, Aidan's bes...

  • Ink | Soulmate AU | ✓
    860K 42K 31

    [A WATTPAD FEATURED STORY] If you touch your skin with ink, the marks you make will appear on your soulmate's skin too. Those who have this power are known as the Inked. It can be beautiful or dangerous, and for twenty-year-old Archie, it's both, in a very short space of time. As an art student at a prestigious u...

  • It All Started With A Lie
    2.9M 98.6K 41

    You've got one boy. One girl. One pretty little lie. A perfect relationship. The perfect boyfriend. The perfect girlfriend. The perfect dates. The perfect gifts. And the perfect surprises. That gives you our golden couple of Sunset Westwood High. But what happens when it's all a lie? One boy. One girl who needs desper...

  • Little More Love || Completed
    90.3K 5.7K 62

    She has always craved for true love and when she found it, she left it. She moved from Manchester to Chicago without anyone's knowledge leaving her family, love, memories and everything else behind, now all she has is herself and her dreams. ***** Nora Williamson, a 24 years old girl, trying to live her life the way...

  • Red Roses
    1.2K 271 12

    Simmie Anderson,a young wealthy man who has no in starting a relationship with any woman. He considers his work his first priority. He is also Victoria's elder brother. Belle Bridges, a young woman who struggles to meet the needs of her family. She hasn't been in a relationship for the first time but still hopes on s...

  • My Husband, Whose Heart Belongs To Another.
    1.2M 63.4K 34

    Christian Hendrix's story (straight out of Coffee And Papers) * * * His heart was broken by the rejection from his one true love and now, a possible way surfaced for him to grow out of that pain. There was no thinking twice. He accepted the proposal and now, he's about to marry the only child of a business tycoon exce...

  • Wrath of Andrea
    28.3K 4K 52

    Andrea is on a mission to seek revenge against Lucas, a multi billionaire, who took over her father's company by unjust means nine years ago. She wants Lucas to face the helplessness she faced when she and her family lost everything. She has made a thorough plan and is not going to stray from her goal of his destruct...

  • Taming Mr. Arrogant
    3.7M 17.9K 11

    Meet Christina A. Cruz. Single. Simple. Incredibly Beautiful. She's the girl who possesses refined manners and right conduct_ well- disciplined, kind, thoughtful and considerate. Other than these, she's also smart, graduated Bachelor of Science in Accountancy. With this degree, she promised she would go to her dr...

  • Wolf and Hood
    22.6K 2K 65

    ‟Are you going to bite me, Mr. Wolf?" she teased. A chuckle escaped his lips, vibrating against her throat. ‟No. I'm going to devour you.‟ 🌙 Ally, fondly known as Red, is CEO of one of the biggest sweet treat conglomerates in the country; rolling out baked goods from east to west. But her work doesn't stop there. By...

  • Fatal Alliances
    34.5M 1.2M 73

    COMPLETED. #1 in Romance. "Look, if you're-" "Shut up." I was taken back at the sudden manner in which he spoke to me. "Let's get something straight Miss Greene, I don't appreciate people talking back at me. And quite frankly, you're crossing your limit with me and my patience with you. So from now on, as long as you'...

  • Forgotten {Mafia} (z.m)
    40.1K 1K 12

    Beaten. Abused. Bullied. This was the life of the forgotten child. Her father not just a famous international person, but the head of one the biggest mafia group and brand. He is what she considers a cruel, unfair, and selfish man. He took her brother to live with him, his two brothers, and his best mates in his huge...

  • 27 Bowls of Ice cream
    18.9K 1K 18

    4x featured | Where 27 different flavours of ice cream metaphorically take Nicola and Rudra on a journey of love and self-discovery. * * * Nicola was convinced that it was impossible to get over her breakup. Just when her faith in love was at an all time low, a stranger called Rudra walked into her life with an equall...

  • K Drama List✨
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    Here are some must watch k dramas. You can get the trailer here. OST. CAST. Story description. Welcome to drama world✨