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  • U.A's Gentle Giant
    109K 2K 10

    This is a Story about Izuku Yagi the son of both Toshinori and Inko Yagi and older brother to Izumi Yagi but there's one problem. ya' see in a world where 80% of the population has a superpower called a "Quirk" it's kinda hard to be a part of that unfortunate 20% and, lo and behold Izuku is a part of that 20% but tha...

  • The Forest's Child
    328K 10.7K 28

    Midoriya has no quirk. His father decided to leave him in a random forest and Midoriya decided to live by himself. Nothing comes from trusting people, especially adults. What happens when the pro heroes come? I do not own Mha or any pictures shown. Cross-posted on AO3

  • *.✧Is it...Love?✧.* |•|Tododeku|•|
    14.3K 1.6K 10

    Depois do Festival de Esportes e a empolgante luta de Midoriya Izuku e Todoroki Shoto, o bicolor começou a se sentir "estranho" em relação a seu colega e mais novo amigo, o esverdeado: Izuku Midoriya. •Autora: Helenita_Gameplays •Shipp: Tododeku •Personagens pertencem ao anime/mangá: Boku no hero academia •Autor origi...

  • Shadow Monarch Izuku:Remake
    80.8K 981 20

    Have you ever fell into deep despair.Our MC Izuku Yagi was diagnosed to have a dormant quirk.Bullied and neglected izuku lived a horrible life.He had no light in his life his dream crushed by his father/idol was the last hope he had closed his eyes until.... the shadows had given him hope watch him on his new journey...

  • The Hero Prince (MHA x Fate)
    174K 3K 28

    Perhaps fate's cruel and dark design will forever curse the existence of Izuku Yagi. As one of the only different people in a world full of superpowers, the hostility of others always had been directed against him because of something he could not control. The only ones who stood by him, who believed in him, were his...

  • The phoenix born from the ashes
    256K 5K 43

    Izuku Yagi lived a happy life along with his sister Izumi Yagi and his friends the Todoroki's twins (Shoto and Shoko) and the Bakugo's twins ( Katsuki and Katsumi). Until one day, the day of his 4th birthday, he was diagnosticed quirkless. All of his dreams were crushed thanks to one word. But little did he know that...

    Completed   Mature
  • Wait Really?!?!
    181K 4.4K 15

    ✨Please Enjoy✨ Katsuki has had a boyfriend for ages. They got engaged before Katsuki went to UA and Izuku left to go travel the world. Izuku is a famous singer which apparently all of the girls in class 1A think are hot. Also the "Non chapters" are not commentary, they are actually something else so I would recommend...

  • Ryoumen Izuku: The Cursed Hero
    118K 2K 18

    Yagi Izuku had always been beaten and neglected by his so called "friends" and "family". One day, he decided enough was enough and became the King of Curses. #1 - jujutsukaisen #3 - femvali #5 - bitchinko #84 - genderbend

  • Born Early - Quirkless Izuku Midoriya [HOLD]
    301K 12.2K 52

    Let us follow the story of one Izuku Midoriya who was born several years earlier than cannon as he goes on his journey of being Japan's first Quirkless Pro Hero! In this story, Izuku Midoriya was not in the same classroom as Bakugo Katsuki due to the age gap which results in Izuku not being bullied as harshly but stil...

  • Different
    66.5K 1.9K 30

    Izuku sat alone in a park crying to himself. "Why were things this way?" He'd ask himself. "What did I do to deserve this?" He'd repeat. However he was stumbled upon a woman about five years older than him. After a conversation between the two, Izuku had newfound determination. The determination to no longer be weak...

  • The Sound in you (DekuXJiro)
    92.2K 2K 27

    Izuku Yagi is part of the 40% of the population that has a Soulmate. Unlike his twin sister, Izumi, he is told that he does not have a Quirk. Because of this he is bullied by Izumi and her friends. This does not sway Izuku who is determined to become a hero. Kyoka Jiro learns that she is part of the 40% of the populat...

  • For you
    93.1K 2.3K 45

    The Midoriya's were a family of quirkless folk. The mother Inko Midoriya was always being pushed around due to her being quirkless. The father left to find power because he was tired of being quirkless. The son Izuku Midoriya was bullied at school due to him being quirkless. Due to this Inko and Izuku were always movi...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Son You Never Knew
    76.9K 3.6K 178

    on a cold night a young baby boy was dropped off at an orphanage, as he was growing up in the orphanage he took an interest of heroes, he dreamed of wanting to be one, but when he was told that he was quirkless he thought his dream was over, until he heard a famous quote being said by Deku, anyone could be hero, so he...

  • Forgotten for a reason
    452K 13K 90

    izuku Midoriya a normal boy till the age of four when he was abandoned in a forest by parents. Was left to die that is what he thinks he has been there for 12years.With no human contact he conquered the forest and became a king till a group shows up and disturbs his peace I do not own my hero academia I don't own any...

  • Deku, The Hell Flame Dragon Slayer
    680K 15.4K 76

    What if Izuku was the secret love child of Ryuko Tatsuma and Enji Todoroki? What if Izuku gets a quirk based fire dragon slayer magic from FairyTail? Particularly based off of the dragon Atlas Flame? Will he become the best hero he can be? Find out on the... Wait wrong place... Dammit! I do not own the anime of Boku n...

  • Pantomath
    232K 9.6K 41

    A my hero academia fan fiction where All Might didn't lose the slime monster... and Izuku, dreams freshly crushed, decides to help in a way even a "quirkless Deku" like him could. He becomes an information broker for the heroes. Because while his dream had always been to be a hero, his goal had always- and will always...

  • Your Love Is Like A Drug
    86.1K 1.6K 28

    This is a story about how a little freckled angel with green eyes came to loving a a crimson eyed hot-headed boy, basically its how they unexpectedly fell in love. ⚠ THIS STORY CONTAINS LEMON ⚠ Fem izuku x bakugo _____Non of the art I use is mine and neither are the characters______

  • lost hope, found light
    155K 2.6K 49

    izuku yagi, son of toshinori yagi and inko yagi, brother to izumi yagi, in the past he was always shy, lack of confident, and cheer up child, until he was 4 years old, when he lack quirk and from there he's life become a hell until he found something strange......or someone?find out your self. (this my first book i ho...

  • Son of The Pro Hero's Eraserhead & Midnight(MHA)
    16.5K 478 11

    What if Shota Aizawa aka Eraserhead was married to Nemuri Kayama aka Midnight. And not only that but they have a child named Izuku Aizawa.

  • You All Betrayed Me! Now You Want Me Back...
    114K 2K 14

    Izuku is being abused by his Mother becouse Izuku's father was called to go work in America and took his daughter with him. This left his mother devastated and she took it out on Izuku. When he thinks all hope is lost he finds Uraraka. He plans to be with her for a long time. That idea was out the window when he caugh...

  • A Light For All (Quirk Deku/Vigilante Deku)
    229K 6K 31

    Izuku MIdoriya is known to be quirkless. Well, that's what other people thought about him. They just didn't know that he was a late bloomer. Being told that he was quirkless all his life, Izuku didn't know how to react to it when he found out. He was happy to have his quirks, but also upset that he didn't manifest it...

  • Don't Threaten Me with a Good Time (BakuDeku)
    993K 42.8K 45

    •Rankings• #1 in bakudeku #16 in tododeku #21 in game #86 in slow burn 🧡BakuDeku💚 Class 1-A thinks it'd be a good idea to play a big game of truth or dare. Most of them are very competitive by nature, so you can only guess how extreme it gets. When Izuku pushes a little to far with his childhood friend, Bakugou...

  • Izuku and The Sea Dragon
    533K 15.1K 78

    Izuku Yagi, born to Inko Yagi and Toshinori Yagi, the twin brother of Izumi Yagi. Neglected and abused by his family for the sole fact of him being diagnosed as quirkless. He learned from a very young age that men aren't born equal and he had to face that harsh reality in such a young age. By the age of 12, in his bir...

  • ✔ Painful Flowers || A Hanahaki Bakudeku Fanfiction (COMPLETED)
    46.3K 1.5K 18

    "Love. An incomprehensible emotion. Why has it have to be so hard...?" ~*~*~*~ Midoriya "Deku" Izuku has looked up to his childhood friend, Bakugo "Kacchan" Katsuki, for years. Even when he does nothing but insult the greenette, he admires the blonde. Soon, he realized that it was more than just feelings of admiration...

  • Jade
    247K 9.3K 64

    Izuku Midoriya had had enough of the world's obvious bias against him. He didn't care anymore, he would change how the world saw him, and he would do that by becoming the very thing they said he couldn't. He'd become a hero. Just not a legal one. ⚠️TW⚠️: gore, blood, violent scenes, strong language, abuse, self harm a...

  • The Immortal U.A. Teacher
    71.6K 2.3K 6

    THIS STORY IS UNDER EDITING AND ON HIATUS (The chapters that have been edited will have -edited- in the chapter name) Izuku Midoriya, is a teacher at U.A. Of course he isnt normal like every other teacher there. He has an immortality quirk, which means he can't really die. He stopped aging at the age of 15 but he's re...

  • I love the teacher (Aideku) +DISCONTINUED+
    105K 1.6K 11

    aisawa has a little secret that no one knows he has a lover. Who is it? Is it a girl? FIND OUT IN THE NEXT EPISODE OF DRAGON BAL- wrong anime XD Owo deku teacher au owo

  • Our story (serodeku)
    44.3K 1.2K 20

    This is a seroxdeku story. Idrk what else to any so enjoy!! Also the characters aren't mine. Sorry for the cliche weird name lmao

  • Izuku The Mad Hatter (Finished)
    48.8K 971 17

    What if Izuku was bullied because of his quirk a Quirk that drove people mad what if even All Might said he'd be Better as a Villain than a hero what if his favorite book was Alice in Wonderland What if... Izuku was Mad as a Hatter This is my first story so forgive the punctuation and spelling problems

  • Shiketsu's Secret Ace
    46.5K 1.7K 5

    Midoriya takes the Provisional License Exam as a a first year from Shiketsu instead of U.A. Cover Credit: lesbianalluka (Tumblr)