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  • Rikara Tales
    26.1K 1.7K 22

    This is a book where I will pen down all my thoughts in the form of one shots. It will be a rikara collection.

  • Secret Lover 💖 ✔
    3.9K 369 3

    It's a short story of rikara . Cover credit goes to @silent_reader_02.

  • RiKara TS : Tied By Affection(Completed)
    17.6K 912 5

    Being Separated From Their Soulmates to Suffering though pain to Being Single Parents to their Child ! They are entangle in a bond called marriage - Will This Single Parents Fall in Love with each other? To know Have a Look :) Winner of Favorite Baby / Pregnancy Story Held by @IBFanficCommunity

  • Rikara- Cuddling Night (2 Shots)
    7.4K 404 4

    Hi, This is happening after Pari track, where Omkara struggles to give life for his ArtistKara and Gauri being taunted by Pinky for being uneducated and low standard girl. Let's see how Rikara mould their relationship with trust and love and over come their barriers, how they help each other and become their support s...

  • Fated Soulmates [Completed] Under Slow Editing
    33K 154 3

    ############# Taken down for editing #############

  • Misunderstanding Makes Them Close... [Completed]✔️✔️✅
    6.7K 391 4

    #17 IN SHORT STORY 30/01/2018 Three shots about Rikara...

  • The Apocalyptic Flames
    3K 262 4

    I don't think that this story will be requiring any sort of prologue or something...I m glad that a television show had put up such an important and impactful issue to light...the story will be an TS...I just can't right anything more to it...#metoo

  • || Humsafar ||
    2.7K 278 4

    A Rikara Story.

  • Life has both sorrows and joys.... [COMPLETED✅✅]
    2.3K 174 3

    Sort story about Rikara... #794 IN FANTASY - 19/04/2018 #541 IN FANTASY - 24/04/2018 #447 IN FANTASY - 27/04/2018 #78 IN FANTASY - 25/09/2018

  • Traces Of You - RiKara TS
    22.6K 1.1K 5

    Omkara wakes up from coma to find his memories blank about the last few months of his life. Around him the world has changed and he finds himself intrigued by a beautiful yet mysterious woman who the family introduces him as his wife. Is she a fatal mistake or his soul mate in disguise? Cover credits to lucky03m

  • Stay with me - Forever ✔
    4.2K 368 5

    A Rikara story showing their struggle after marriage. How they file divorce and then overcome that! To know more click the read button. But there after don't forget to click on vote button.

  • Jaan, I'm here.
    5.4K 523 5

    Healing her due to the pain he has caused her.

  • Rikara - laal ishq
    3.3K 227 3

    Shivika fans, mujhe ko bash maat karo please. A two shot story on rikara making love

  • Kal Kya Patah, Mile Na Mile, Nazdeekiyan... O' Saathiya - RiKara TS
    4.7K 265 4

    Based on Gauri's disappearance and Omkara's renewed MU. Everything is on track until Shivika's marriage and Om going to the cheap' hotel. After that we detour - No Shivika separation and no memory loss. It's been two weeks and Gauri has not returned. I know this won't happen - and I don't even want it to... because th...

  • You are my New Dream(Rikara - Three Shots) COMPLETED
    7K 709 4

    Just got an idea so thought to write it down. Omkara... a talented singer, who have only one dream in life, To make his own identity by his music. Gauri... his assistant, who is always focused on her work, believed that there's no place for feelings in professional life. Will destiny bind them together?

    Completed   Mature
  • RiKara - She Changed Me [✔️]
    14.6K 846 5

    Gauri & Omkara - RiKara A few shots on RiKara and how they fall in love amid the chaos. There is a SwaSan version of this FS however this is rewritten, edited and changed through dialogues. • Read to know more • ___________ Status: Completed Parts: * Shot 1. Shot 2. Shot 3. Shot 4*

  • #MeToo
    2.3K 279 5

    Metoo track in ishqbaaz rewritten

  • Anything For You ❤💔 ✅✔
    2.5K 150 3

    My First Rikara TS

    31.1K 1.2K 5

    Omkara is gauri's first love.But Omkara loves Ishana. Gauri had lost the hope that she will marry Om. But what will happen when gauri get themarriage proposal of Om.Will gauri agree for the will be their marriage life?Take a look

    Completed   Mature
    14.8K 858 4

    Whats there in store for Gauri surrogate mother of Shivaay and Anika's baby and Omkara. To know read this

  • Hey Buddy!! (Three shot) ✅
    7.7K 620 5

    Omkara Singh Oberoi and Gauri Trivedi are best buddies since they know each other. They belong to the same social circle, know each other's likes, dislikes, plus points and minuses. They understand each other inside out, supported each other in ups and downs of life. In other words, they love each other for what they...

    3.6K 212 5

    This is a four shot on the couple Rikara from the show Ishqbaaz. An attempt to provide a closure to their story, while at the same time addressing matters that were never touched in the show.

  • Why only us?
    2.2K 143 4

    Short story - When Ishana re-enters Om's life after his marriage with Gauri. What would have happened if Ishana had returned in Om's life after his marriage with Gauri? How Omkara would handle things? How would Ishana feel knowing Om is married? How would Gauri feel knowing the bond Ishkara share? How would their liv...

  • RIKARA FS:My next door girl~
    3.3K 308 5

    Four shots short story!! Author:sakhalifa~ Story:My next door girl~ Cover by:sakhalifa~ Character:Kunal jaisingh as omkara~ Shrenu parikh as gauri~ About story: True love cannot be found where it doesn't exist, nor can it be denied where it does. This st...

  • Cupid Lawyer
    4.1K 510 4

    Omkara Singh Oberoi, the only heir of Oberoi group and his wife is going to get divorced. What happens when Om decides to meet the lawyer specialized in divorce, more like a lawyer who love to play cupid role for the couples. Whether he will be able to keep his wife. What's going to be the cupid lawyer's role in...

  • Saathiya - A Rikara OS/TS Book
    5.7K 660 6

    A collection of one shots and two shots on my favourite ITV couple #rikara

  • Her Crazy Mission ✔️
    1.9K 191 3

    Naive and cute Gauri is in a mission to make her sisters rude and arrogant ex boyfriend Omkara to fall for her. Will Omkara be able maintain the rudeness infront of Gauris innocence!? Cover credits: @welcom2myworld

  • Rikara os collection
    549 34 1

    This is a collection of short stories

  • Love - Rikara
    243 16 1

    A Valentine's special 😘

  • Rikara- One Shot❤️
    306 29 1

    No description. Go and read the story😁