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  • The Hybrid
    19.5M 653K 60

    Book 1 of The Alpha Series. Highest Rank: #2 in Werewolf. He growled darkly, making me uneasy at the sound. A weak whimper escaped my lips when he slammed his hands on the wall behind me and leaned closer to my face. "If I have to tie you to the f*cking bed I will do just that but you are never leaving me." "V-Vulcan...

  • Kaden's Luna
    3.4M 144K 56

    Book 2 of The Alpha Series - Sequel to my first book, The Hybrid. Kaden's Luna cannot be read as a stand alone book! Kaden Reid is known as a rogue who was banished from his pack. He longs for his mate but thinks she's better off without him. Imagine his surprise when he finds her one day. One thing is for sure, he i...

  • Asher's Beloved
    1.1M 47.8K 32

    Book 3 of The Alpha Series! Cannot be read as a standalone book! Ayla Romanov is a hybrid just like her father. Struggling to control the beasts that reside within her, more pressure is added when her father decides to step down from the throne. Now, her and Ivan Romanov must decide who will take over the kingdom. Bu...

  • Ivan's Queen
    1M 42.3K 31

    Book 4 of The Alpha Series! Cannot be read as a standalone book! Highest rank: #1 in Werewolf genre on 06/11/2019! Amelia Reid and Ivan Romanov were once childhood friends that would see each other every summer. But that all changes when Ivan stops visiting. A few years later, they meet again. But this time, they don'...

  • His Nightingale
    359K 17.8K 30

    Book 1 of the Jackson Series! Ella finally gets an opportunity to escape the clutches of her cruel tormentor before fate leads her to Ryder Jackson. Broken and bruised, she soon finds comfort in Ryder who is equally as hesitant to wear his heart on his sleeve. Both have pasts that they just want to forget and souls...

  • His Dreamer
    195K 11.2K 30

    Book 2 of the Jackson Series! With a family that wants nothing to do with her and nobody by her side to pick her up when she falls, Zoe Miller is struggling to make her dreams a reality. But things change when she runs into Hunter Jackson. Both hate each other with a burning passion from the start but that quickly ch...

  • His Daredevil
    142K 8.3K 29

    Book 3 of the Jackson Series! Elena Moretti is a journalist...but more importantly, a troublemaker. So, it's no surprise when she gets involved in a chase for a serial killer targeting young girls. Her only distraction? The ever serious and reserved, Roman Jackson. He's leading the case and can't help but be infuriat...

  • His Sunshine
    114K 6.7K 30

    Book 4 of the Jackson Series! Charlotte Davidson was dealt the wrong cards in her youth but when an opportunity to start anew presents itself she grabs it with both hands. She leaves her old life behind and makes the move to Dallas, Texas with her daughter Aria. It's not long before she bumps into Theodore Jackson and...

  • His Dove
    57.8K 3.2K 32

    Book 5 of the Jackson Series! Marcella is struggling to break free from all she has ever known. Brought up in a world where she's been caged in with rules, violence and pain she longs for a better life full of freedom. But when you're in a gang escaping the life of crime is easier said than done. Deciding to let go of...

  • Rejected Lovers
    679K 26K 28

    Atticus and Olivia have a past...and share the same fate. But as they're trying to move on from the cruel cards they've been dealt with in life a presence with evil intentions looms over them like a bad omen. When they're finally given a chance at happiness will fate smile down on them or are they doomed forever? ***...

  • The Forbidden Diaries
    1.7M 21.5K 24

    The Forbidden Diaries contains RESTRICTED CHAPTERS from my original books. Meant for mature audiences only; OVER 18! Please do not read if you are uncomfortable with explicit scenes!! Published: 3/07/2017 Cover: WYLD_ROSE © 2017 - 2021 WYLD_ROSE ALL RIGHTS RESERVED!