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  • Him: A Spencer Reid Story
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    Prue is the yang to Spencer's yin, but after discovering some unintentional life-altering news, will their relationship survive? This is an original character and Spencer Reid of Criminal Minds story. It's post-season 15, so use this as your first warning for spoilers. The main narrative revolves around a pregnancy...

  • spencer reid one-shots (the fluff & angst collection)
    12.8K 245 23

    Oneshots written for Spencer Reid! Check out my tumblr!

  • she's got you mesmerized
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    Spencer's in love with you, but you're in love with Emily. Follows the events of seasons six and seven, including the Doyle arc. fem!reader

  • Spencer Reid/MGG Oneshots
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    Ayoooooo:) This is gonna be my collection of all the oneshots I post on my tumblr account (also safertokiss) if you guys wanna check that out feel free. We always have a party over there! Enjoy!!! SMUT UP AHEAD;)

  • Spencer Reid Smut
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    Some smutty smut for Boy Wonder. Please, 18+ ONLY. There are content warnings on all my fics!