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  • Internet Lover boy
    11 0 1

    You will never have to hurt the way I do. This is about the stages of grief, heavily strengthened and more dramatised. DEFINITELY NOT SUPPORTING WHAT I WRITE ABOUT. Wilburs songs (Your new Boyfriend, Internet Ruined Me) AU Major tw for suicidal thoughts, violence, and strong language!!

  • The killer next to me
    358 20 6

    George and Sapnap go on a week camping trip Their camp neighbor seems really friendly but he's really off Their second day there, someone in the campsite is killed, traces of the killer gone Sapnap wants to leave but George wants to stay to find out who the killer is His fist suspect is their odd camp neighbor Little...

  • Unforeseen Romance of the Depths
    386 12 8

    It's been years since Sharks have roamed the sea, rumors spread that the infamous species has returned. Prince George of Caenuvia doesn't believe the rumors, and believes that the sharks wouldn't attack the biggest kingdom But that changes once he's out on his own.... ------------ Warnings! Cursing DnF content Maybe s...

  • Perfect (Dreamnap)
    241 18 3

    Per•fect 1. Having all the required or desirable elements, qualities, or characteristics; as good as it is possible to be. 2. Him. Having the perfect life until he comes and ruins it in the best way possible. Cover by: @_project_X_