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  • Playmaker [ongoing]
    871K 51.7K 33

    Pro hockey superstar Gabriel Carter has everything: a thriving professional hockey career, an MVP trophy from last season-and has an infant daughter he didn't know existed. Summer Crawford isn't a fan of the cocky playmaker/heartbreaker she remembers from years ago. And working as his daughter's nanny? Not a chance...

  • Gaslight
    18.3M 792K 107

    Gaslight is now published as a Wattpad Book! As a Wattpad reader, you can access both the Original Edition and Books Edition upon purchase. ***** Studious seventeen-year-old Maddie must learn self-defense while trying not to fall for her womanizing trainer. ...

    59.2K 4.6K 74

    Sierra becomes the mom of six months old Leone, her deceased best friend's son. The baby's grandparents want his custody and conspire. Who else has more rights than Leone's father, but Mr. Potsmann has a plan of his own. Sierra finds herself whisked into the most unlikely situation, and perhaps a change for the bette...

  • Belltower | ONC 2021 Longlist | ✔
    2K 497 17

    Fear preys on people's minds when the living no longer outnumber the dead. The city of Old Saint Boniface has a ghost problem. The ghosts have never harmed anyone, but paranoia's economic toll has brought the city to its knees and gotten a succession of mayors elected on promises to control the spread. Janine lives...

  • Behind Her Hijab | ✓
    7.3K 1K 28

    Immigrating across the ocean wasn't too hard. It's what comes after the move that can either give you amazing opportunities, or give you a kick in the stomach, even if your already down. ****************** ✰ FEATURED ON @ContemporaryLit ✰ ✰ RISING GEM AWARDS 1ST PLACE WINNER ✰ ✰ SASSY AWARDS 1ST PLACE WINNER ✰ **Firs...

  • You Must Remember This
    20K 5K 44

    Frank can think of no better way to prove his classmates have no moral compass than to write a manifesto satirically arguing for the virtues of selfishness; when this attempt at shining a light on his classmates' behavior is taken at face value, he creates a club to spread his teachings, hoping his ironies will be mor...

  • Not a Friend ✔│short story
    1.3K 232 7

    ︳Featured by @WattpadShortStory & Wattpad @YA list︳ Wattpad India Awards-Winner Allie Von prides herself on being a loner. Socializing with her classmates is not only unnecessary, but it is also weird and tiring. So when she's forced to attend their school's last summer trip, to 'make a friend' or to 'socialize' she t...

    28.3K 3.6K 40

    Lee Cook is heartbroken; his wife left him for another woman after twelve years of marriage. He vows to never fall in love again until his dying day. Sana Gulati is befuddled; her boyfriend left her for a woman ten years younger than her. She vows nothing; she's just pissed and consoling herself with anything sweet an...

  • All I Want
    515K 22.3K 28

    When Lauren goes to Paradise Beach to stop her best friend's wedding, she comes to a screeching halt at the sight of a naked guy in her hotel room. He's the best man at the wedding. And he's gorgeous. Lauren doesn't do relationships, but maybe a wedding fling with a hot guy is just what she needs... ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Between the Lines - Vol. I
    1.7M 80.8K 90

    When computer programmer Andy starts a complex and steamy love affair with her new boss, she discovers there's more to his arrogant facade than she originally thought. ***** Having secured her dream job at Kelex, a company she's long admired, Andrea...

    Completed   Mature
  • When The Sun Sets In The East
    232K 33.8K 38

    37-year-old Genevieve Ukaji has never been the one to play outside the rules but one mistake of a one night stand with a younger man puts her on the rails and consequences come faster than she'd ever expected. * * * ☆ FEATURED ON @WattpadStars reading list (stars did NaNo), @Romance (Roman...

  • Knowing Xavier Hunt ✓
    8.7M 459K 43

    || Featured FREE story with exclusive paid chapters - previously a paid story || When Haley discovers the truth behind Xavier, whose silence holds a deeper meaning, she sets her mind on making his life better one small step at a time. ***** Haley Ro...

  • Love In Twenty And Five
    139K 10.5K 25

    Keeping a date with death might prove impossible for Mike Stacks when a nosy, hot doctor keeps getting in his way. * After losing his only daughter to cancer a year ago, Mike Stacks is too devastated to go on with life. And so, he formulates a plan to kill himself on the exact same day his daughter died. But as the...

  • The Benefits of Sexting
    14.9M 508K 53

    Danny's life gets turned upside down when she receives a mysterious sext from the school's notorious bad boy. ***** Danny Ashmore never imagined starting her senior year off with a broken heart and a pregnant sixteen-year-old sister. As her sister's...

  • The Asher Complex
    886K 45.8K 40

    After an embarrassing night out, ambitious college student Poppy finds herself assigned to tutor New York's most infamous bad boy heir. ***** Asher Prescott didn't want to come back to New York. But when a family scandal makes him the new heir to th...

  • The Locker Exchange
    26.4M 1M 71

    The Locker Exchange is now published as a Paperback and E-book by Wattpad Books! As a Wattpad reader, you can access both the Wattpad Original Edition and Wattpad Books Published Edition here upon purchase. Thank you so much for your support! ***** ...

  • Kiss the Sky
    438K 25.9K 34

    Cora, a sexual-assault survivor who doesn't trust men, and Pace, the firefighter who rescues her, grapple with the consequences of the attraction between them as strange events threaten their sanity-and their lives. *** Coralina doesn't trust men as far as she can throw them. She also wants to prove she can do things...

  • Bending the Rules (The Rules, #1)
    1.1M 45.6K 75

    WATTYS 2020 WINNER THIS IS NOT A PAID STORY. ONLY THE BONUS CHAPTERS ARE. YOU CAN READ THE MAIN STORY FOR FREE! When Brenna and Shea, two rival hockey players, have to collaborate to take down a common enemy, they soon discover love is a ruthless game. ******* Brenna Harrison, a gifted hockey player, wants to prove...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bloodlust
    431K 26.2K 35

    [18+] *THIS STORY IS FREE WITH PAID BONUS CHAPTERS * When volatile mafia queen Camilla Bianco gets sentenced to anger management, she finds herself falling for the mysteriously dark Dr. Hayden Malcolm, and soon discovers not everything is as it seems. *** I can have anything I want. Anything. Diamonds. Cars. Sex...

    Completed   Mature
  • One Moment
    1.5M 70.1K 59

    Two years after a horrible accident, Kinsley's determined to make it through vet school, but she didn't expect to meet country boy Noel McLean who's just as mysterious as he is charming. *** Kinsley Hastings suffers from PTSD. After surviving a fatal car accident that killed her family, she's barely living. Everything...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Girl He Never Noticed
    224M 6.9M 93

    Releasing soon as a SERIES on 20th September only on MeWatch! - When billionaire bad boy Eros meets shy, nerdy Jade, he doesn't recognize her from his past. Will they be able to look past their secrets and fall in love again? ...

  • Perfect Illusion (PUBLISHED ON KINDLE)
    76.9M 3M 63

    When college student Alex Woods agrees to a fake engagement plot to save her parents' company from bankruptcy, the last thing she expects is to fall for the illusion herself. ***** Alex Woods thinks college will be a fresh start, but when...

    Completed   Mature
  • Darlin'
    44.3K 3K 13

    When Savannah Kingsley's runaway little brother joins the notorious Sons of Sorrow Motorcycle Club, she is hellbent on bringing him home. Leaving the comforts of her Alabama estate behind, Savannah travels across the country only to come face to face with Jesse Paxton, the Vice-President of the SoCal Chapter. JP only...

  • Touching The Forbidden
    2.8M 212K 53

    Deceitful Jessica is the last person brash billionaire Aaron should be falling for. But after a plane crash wipes her memory, can they resist their attraction? ***** Though he's never met her face to face, Aaron Latsis can't stand his brother's wido...

    Completed   Mature
  • Burning Soul
    869K 51.2K 34

    Donovan (Blaze) Hill is a mystery. He rarely talks and when he does, it's only short answers. The man doesn't know what a smile is and no one knows where he's come from because he only existed five years ago. But we all know one thing about Blaze: he's exceptional at his job - which is protecting his clients. Especial...

  • The Boy She Loves To Hate
    2M 201K 54

    All Crystal wants is to have her happily ever after, but it proves to be next to impossible with Liam Brooks always there to block her path to finding true love. ***** As teenagers, Crystal and Liam hated one another, and not because they were truly...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Billionaire's Rebellious Bride
    938K 89.2K 33

    Elena will do anything to save her terminally ill mother from dying. She has no choice but to plead for help from her wealthy ruthless grandfather, who brutally disowned her mother for marrying a poor man. Her grandfather agreed to help. In one cruel condition - she has to marry the powerful Greek tycoon, Adonis Stavr...

  • The Writer's Assistant (ManxMan)
    59.2K 5.4K 11

    Rule Number 1: Never Date Your Boss Rule Number 2: Never Forget Rule #1 Oliver Carlson is a bestselling author, but he was nothing Daniel had imagined to be. He wore oversized T-shirts with funny cartoons, had so much facial hair that you couldn't tell the color of his eyes, and left his house as messy as a college st...

  • Godspeed
    27.8K 2.7K 22

    The moment Marley Mason moved to the United States of America he stopped speaking. Dislocated from his mother, friends, and culture, Marley found it impossible to voice his thoughts to anyone but his father. Thereafter, he gave up on himself and his happiness. What else was an alien to do? Until he meets Ava DeLougher...

  • Taming The Bitch
    8.7M 342K 22

    Meet Stella. Beautiful, rich and smart, a pampered daughter with royal blood. At an early age, she was arranged by her parents to marry Eros Petrakis - at the right time. As an obedient daughter, she agreed into this. But when she met Eros' cousin, Tristan Latsis, she had a change of mind. She fell in love with Trista...