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  • Lord Alexander Charles Stuart and Lady Josephine Habsburg
    129 243 13

    This novel will tell about the romance of Lord Alexander Charles Stuart and Lady Josephine Isabella Habsburg.

    Completed   Mature
  • Daughters of Odin
    12 19 1

    This will describe our Sisterhood.

  • The Pursuit of A Heir or Heiress For Norfolk Territory
    837 1.1K 50

    This novel will tell the story in words, songs, and pictures about a Young Lord name Lord Andrew Charles Howard who is in the pursuit of a heir/heiress, but won't marry just any aristocrat woman on Star Base 12.

  • A Duchess To Remember
    1.4K 1.3K 63

    Lord Andrew Charles Howard is caught up in his late grandfather's Competition to become Duke of Norfolk Territory on Star Base 12 but he will only ascend to the Dukedom by providing a great-grandchild to win the title. Just posted My Camp National Novel Writing Month 2021 Winner for A Duchess To Remember. This is my u...

    Completed   Mature
  • Return To Misselthwaite Manor
    182 119 8

    This is a sequel to The Secret Garden written Frances Hodgson Burnett. It takes off where The Secret Garden ends when Lord Colin Craven marries Lady Mary Lennox after World War I in 1920.

  • Lord Andrew Charles Howard Duke of Norfolk Territory
    628 474 22

    Lord Andrew Charles Howard is the youngest son of Lord Charles Andrew Howard and destined to become the fifth Duke of Norfolk Territory, but only if he can provide his great-grandfather with his first great-grandchild. It becomes reality when he meet Cadet Karissa Elizabeth Ann Lowell and they have Lady Elizabeth Vict...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Aristocrats
    302 194 12

    The Aristocrats tells the story about the descendants of Lord John Howard 1st Duke of Norfolk and Lady Katherine Moleyns that arrive on Star Base 12.

  • The Aristocrats Of Star Base 12
    677 396 24

    The Howard's of Star Base 10 and 12 tells the story of The Howard's that are direct descendants of Lord John Howard 1st Duke of Norfolk of England.

  • Lady Josephine Isabella Habsburg
    127 61 4

    Lady Josephine Isabella Habsburg is young woman of mixed heritage from both the Royal Houses of Habsburg and Bourbon. She comes from The Royal Houses of Spain, Portugal. Her mother is from the Royal Africa Tribe of Zulu out of South Africa.

  • The Howard's of Star Base 10 and12
    19 19 1

    Ago Time Go, Lord John Howard married Lady Joan of Cornwall, great-granddaughter, of King John of England and his wife, Queen Isabella of Angoulême and she blessed with children and one was Prince Richard of Cornwall who had a son given his father names, Lord Richard of Cornwall and it was his daughter Lady Joan of Co...

  • The Duke takes a Bride
    566 313 23

    The Duke takes a bride tells the story of Lord Andrew Charles Howard that is looking for his Duchess and he doesn't want to marry an aristocrat or marry a woman that he doesn't love.

  • Lord Alexander Charles Stuart Duke of Lennox Territory
    229 143 9

    Lord Alexander Charles Stuart is the future Heir to the Dukedom of Lennox Territory and he is first cousin to Lord Andrew Charles Howard, Duke of Norfolk Territory and eventually becomes father in law to Lord Andrew Charles Howard son, Lord Anthony Christopher Howard that marries his daughter, Lady Alexandrina Charlen...