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  • The Siren's Curse ✓
    2M 136K 60

    [ PARK JIMIN ] "Are you sure it's just empathy? Are you sure you're not feeling... attracted to me?" There was a shift in his voice as it became more silky, pleasing to listen to. I could feel my muscles relax in response to the soothing sound. "Don't you feel the need to get closer to me? To touch me?" he continued...

  • Hearteater | kth
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    "While he was falling from Heaven, I was crawling out of Hell. This love was doomed from its very beginning." No one is immune to Kim Taehyung's charms. Not even the devil's daughter... Highest rankings: #kimtaehyung #1 in #btssmut #1 in #taehyungff #2 in #taehyungsmut #4 in #heartbreaker

  • The Slytherin King || KTH✔
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    "No queen, you can't faint now. The real fun has just begun." [Historical AU] Beautiful cover by @LUVMISUMI COMPLETED!! Highest ranking so far #3 agustd (Out of 4.09K)

    Completed   Mature