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  • Animated › S. Wilson
    67 5 2

    ❝This is crazy, and the longer I live, I'm becoming more and more convinced we all live in a simulation. And I'd like to send a big F-U to the person controlling my life; you suck.❞ Arline Varas was stripped from the possibility of a normal childhood when she was three-years-old, and the stuffed bear she had been play...

  • Reconcile › P. Parker [2]
    13.8K 796 24

    ❝So many people around me have died and I don't know how much more of that I can take.❞ After being snapped out of existence and ceasing to exist, Raleigh Ridley is back. Thanos and his army were finally wiped away at the expense of Iron Man's life and the world now has to recover from losing their number one hero. Ye...

  • Starlight › Marvel [1] ✓
    66.6K 3.1K 49

    ❝I don't know anything about where I come from and that could make me dangerous, but I haven't let that affect me and because of that, I'm now doing some good.❞ After his parent's death, twelve-year-old Raleigh Ridley was taken in by a woman. She gave him a home and despite taking the role of a parent, she remained re...

  • Human ▹ Stiles Stilinski [2] [SU]
    21.4K 834 11

    ❝Breath in, breath out, let the human in❞ Taryn Brooks is back to living in society like a normal human being. She thought the hardest thing was going to be to fit in; but when a list with her friend's names on it appears and people start trying to assassinate them, Taryn realizes she has more problems than she origin...

  • Silhouettes ▹ Stiles Stilinski [1] ✓
    187K 6.1K 18

    ❝No matter where I sleep, you are haunting me❞ Taryn Brooks was put into the mental institution after claiming she had been possessed by an evil spirit. She was put in the institution by a women who understood what Taryn had gone through. Years later, the women is back with the news that the spirit is back, and the da...

  • Lonely Hearts ▹ Scott McCall ✓
    351K 9.2K 25

    ❝Fear makes the wolf bigger than he is❞ Darren Johnson will never understand why her only parent decided to move to a small town that is known for its deadly-unsolvable murders. Somehow she thought her father had a death wish coming to the mad part of California. Beacon Hills, the town with many, many, secrets and lie...