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  • After Midnight
    179K 5.8K 34

    Two twenty-somethings find themselves at a 24-hour cafe after midnight. The two bond over day-old coffee and late-night inspiration, finding ways to give the forgotten things in life a little more attention. --- Scarlett Lee is a 21-year-old college senior scrambling to find her footing in the adult world. With her da...

    Completed   Mature
  • platonic t.chalamet
    576K 13.8K 67

    when "platonic" doesn't go to plan. t.chalamet | socialmedia started | december first, 2020 finished | ??? highest ranking !! :) #1 in female ( as of 12/15/21 ) #3 in media ( as of 12/22/21 ) #1 in tchalamet ( idk i forgot the date lol )

  • The Mighty Ducks~Adam Banks
    34.6K 301 32

    It all goes down at..... You have to read it for yourself Sorry not sorry

  • Where Do I Begin?
    311K 6.1K 102

    Courtney Jane is one of those "never give up" kind of girls. Jane has gone through a lot in life too and the only two things that soothes her is hockey and her friends. Courtney has always wanted to play for pro hockey. One day, she gets offered to play for Pee Wee, then later on, Team USA. But, on the way, she runs...

  • Make you mine-Adam Banks
    63.2K 879 28

    Lexi Riley is a freshman at Eden Hall, her brother is Rick Riley who plays on the varsity hockey team. She isn't too excited about the upcoming school year because all she's heard about for the past few weeks from her brother is how some hockey team called the "ducks" is coming to her school. She isn't too happy about...

    24.6K 556 7

    DISCONTINUED quest /kwest/ noun a search or pursuit made in order to find or obtain something [D2: Mighty Ducks]

  • • happy endings •
    86.3K 1.4K 27

    so focus on your goals baby girl , these boys aren't going anywhere . • adam banks fanfiction •

  • Atleophobia | Adam Banks (1)
    52.9K 882 16

    Atelophobia: The fear of not doing something right or the fear of not being good enough. The fear of imperfection. Alexis Summer is a girl who just wants to be loved. Growing up with a rocky childhood alongside her brother Isaac and her cousin Charlie Conway has left a deadly imprint on her heart. She is broken beyond...

  • Daniel LaRusso x Reader ~Just Beachy~
    68.7K 996 9

    This story is kind of based off of my OC, but she's you, the reader. Thanks is just a little idea I had and I hope you enjoy it. This story is told in first person. #1 in - #thekaratekid!!! #1 in - #daniellarusso!!!

  • Benny Rodriguez (the sandlot)
    220K 1.9K 13

    Decided to make a new story:)

  • 80/90s Imagines & Smut (Requests are open but slow)
    103K 480 9

    Hello there! This book will contain imagines and smut. Please enjoy! - Requests are open but very slow, please be patient, thank you! - Please be kind and do not leave any rude or mean comments, it's not cute. - This book will continue to be made, very slowly though. - Enjoy and thank you for the support! - This book...

  • The love triangle Daniel larusso and Johnny Lawrence
    109K 1.7K 20

    Daniel larusso and Johnny both love y/n but who will win her?🙊 1# RalphMacchio 25/02/21

  • Daniel LaRusso fanfic| I love you (Daniel x Reader)
    72.9K 521 14

    This is a fanfic of the 80s babe Daniel LaRusso ⚠️SMUT IS INCLUDED⚠️(from Karate kid)💓I made this cuz im bored but yea hope you enjoy :) don't be afraid to vote💕I will try to post as much as I can☺️