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  • Fundy x Reader (UNDER EDITING) (lmao sorry)
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    You're a pretty popular streamer, and during one of your streams you come across a youtuber by the name fundy. This my first Fanfic so im sorry if its bad 💕 --- Edit: Yo, editing this. Dw i will try to actually finish it this time Cover by @Spud_Acious on Insta

  • The Mute Reindeer
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    You're name is y/u/n. You have just joined the dsmp, with your fathers (dream and George). You were immediately taken in by philza Minecraft, and after a couple of hours, was adopted. You soon stumbled across a reindeer boy, stealing from you. Knowing about the war, you let it slide this one time. Little did you two...

    Completed   Mature
  • It's a Challenge [Dream team x Reader] UPDATES PAUSED
    130K 4.6K 23

    Minecraft AU A small streamer who is content and happy in her life goes to sleep one night and wake up in a weirdly familiar world. Not being able to remember anything she starts searching for someone, anyone. She thinks she is all alone going through the challenges presented until one by one she meets three unique fr...

  • Big Q's Little sister (Ranboo x reader)
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    If ranboo changes his mind about people writing fanfics (So far he has said he is fine with anything that DOESN'T have NSFW which will not be included) Someone please tell me and I will take it down. She/Her pronouns. Mostly nice stuff I think, If Tw will need to be placed I will be sure to do that! Y/n Is Twitch stre...

  • Welcome to the Vault (ranboo x fem reader)
    92.2K 3.5K 21

    (fanart on cover by @POGchampRosy on wattpad) Y/n is a prisoner, locked inside the inescapable prison known as Pandora's Vault. She shares this space with one other prisoner, Dream. Who, little does she know, has an outside connection, and is actively working to escape. This "outside connection" may just give y/n the...

  • Kingdom of Cupiditatem {TechnoXReader}
    184K 6.4K 26

    You're attention of the captivating, midnight black horse, whose main you were brushing, gets broken when a soothing monotoned voice speaks out. "Elegant, aren't they." Startled you look over to see a tall man with long, silky, bubble gum pink hair tied into a braid. You gasp, and bow to the prince who was standing o...

  • ~Mcyt x Reader~
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    ✨Request are open✨ (Art in this book is not mine, I got them all from google😂) I might end up misspelling a lot of things without noticing it so please don't be scared to correct me, I need a lil criticism on my writing so I can improve!

  • Girl Next Door [Ranboo x reader]
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    What happens when you move next door to Ranboo your favorite streamer? I don't quite know 😏 read and find out Also if ranboo ever finds this no u didnt

  • "my nerd" | technoblade x reader
    59.5K 1.1K 16

    femxreader y/n is a 20 year old thats had a slight crush on her kindergarten friend, technoblade. they grew up and now live together, what goes on in the house of 6? all art is not mine! all are found in google/Pinterest! first time writing romance so sorry friends to lovers fast burn? i don't know no caps are intende...

  • <°In-Between°>
    182K 6.9K 31

    👉Discontinued [Ranboo x fem!Reader] -This story takes place in the Dreamsmp. However, not everything will be completely acurate- A girl who's spent most of her time in the timeless place called the in-between is finally freed when one man makes a huge mistake. But will she be able to live with the people in the new...

  • Stranded (ranbooxfem!reader)
    71.3K 2.4K 17

    "Please remain calm and in your seats. Your lifejackets are under your chairs, and your seats are buoyant so do not panic." The stewardess smiled prettily at everyone on the plane, hoping to calm down the panicking people. You woke up to people screaming. Wondering what had interrupted your dream, you looked around an...

  • a realistic tommyinnit x reader
    160K 5.4K 11

    y/n never expected this dorky kid from college to change her life, but tommy is full of surprises. ---------------------------- a lot of tommy x reader stories tend to be kinda unrealistic and awkward so i'm here to make one that makes sense and doesn't feel like an invasion of boundaries. pronouns are she/her but fe...

  • Stars || Ranboo ✔
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    "Who knew the Stars would look so beautiful?" *_*_* "Clearly, Techno, you don't fucking understand." *_*_* "I'm sorry..." *_*_* Will delete if any of mcty's sees this. Just ask and I shall deliver. Completed! Update: Currently being rewritten on A03, it's under the same title and will follow roughly the same storyline!

  • Mr. Enderman (Ranboo x reader)
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    "I'm sorry, what?" "I-I-I like you" "wait, really" "y-yes" NO SMUT

  • Loyalty | Ranboo x Reader
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    "What's your allegiance, Ranboo?" "L'manburg." "Good choice." ─── ・ 。゚☆: *.☽ .* :☆゚. ─── If anyone mentioned in this book wants it taken down I will. Ranboo please don't read this, seriously.

  • Chaos | Technoblade x Reader | Dream's SMP AU
    13.3K 616 5

    "Decayed flesh and wrinkled pink are what you wear as your prideful crown. You hide so much as a face but you're arms are spread out falsely. You wish for an unpopular change." "Change is inevitable. It will come whether anyone in this sickened country wants it or not." ---- Mayhem is beautiful in the view of absolute...

  • 3ᴀᴍ
    1.8M 55.6K 42

    while y/n was too busy yelling at her friend angelina for not helping her fight back people in bed wars, ranboo was still considering if he should raid you or not ty for 1M!!!<3