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  • The Barrowland Slayers
    4.6K 304 21

    [Wattys 2022 Shortlist] The Elven battlemage Gynefra Caul-Marrel has fought many foes over her two centuries. Humans have proven the most obstinate, yet they have forgotten the lessons that led to the War of the Great Coalition. That short-lived race has now spread into the shattered former battlefields of that confli...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Bane of Light
    515K 12.7K 70

    Eulalia O Fontaine had been plagued with misfortune since the day she was born, her life having a fecundity for consistent unrest and everything nefarious. Being the first ever Shadow Witch in her long family line of Light Practitioning Mages, she had a particular belief that Fate was out to get her. Considering her r...

  • City of Dust
    31.4K 3K 26

    || ✨ 2022 WATTYS WINNER ✨ || || x8 FEATURED || Kill the monsters. Claim the bounty. Escape to Alaska. ------------ Ten years ago, an event known as The Turning upset the balance of Earth's ecosystems. Demons emerged from the depths of Hell, dragging along with them obscure creatures from old myths and legends. In the...

  • Willow Hills
    40.8K 3K 33

    When the sun goes down, the gravestone statues in Willow Hills Cemetery come to life--including Gretta. As a granite guardian of the dead, it's her job to make sure her charge--the snarky, hot-headed, lesbian spirit Quinn Rivera--crosses over and finds spiritual peace. But that's a little hard to do when Quinn's twin...

  • System and Its Cold Host
    400K 11.8K 80

    A woman who lost her memories team up with the System and need to go to 15 worlds with one mission. To make the target fall in love with her or else she will die in her real world. Would this mischievous girl succeed in grabbing the man's heart? Or will she fail? Going through these 15 worlds she's going to go through...

  • Drenched | ✓
    3.6M 80K 15

    [MATURE CONTENT] "He can't make your body feel the way I can," he breathed, proving his point with a simple flick of his finger as I almost came right then and there. I forced myself to say, "I love him." "No, you don't," he said, easily. "And even if you were with him, you wouldn't be able to go a day without my t...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lightrunner
    27.3K 1.9K 21

    An elf enters a street-race tournament to escape a corrupt city trapped in endless night. ***** || Voltyss is one of the last-standing cities caught in the Evernight, an endless night that spread across the land when the moon and stars fell from the sky. The city's magical neon aura is enough to ward off the monsters...

  • Comfort the Wolves
    318K 24.7K 53

    Unlock this story for up to 50% off until March 10th! ***** A snake of a river splits the City of Beltan in two, separating the factories from the ballrooms, the brothels from the Queen's palace, the Royal Wolves from the beasts. Ivan, Beta of his Pac...

    Completed   Mature