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  • Saving Stiles
    1.1K 52 3

    In order to save Stiles from The Wild Hunt, the pack must remember him. Deaton has come up with a solution. He has gathered the pack in Derek's loft, where they can witness each persons memories of Stiles, and eventually bring him back. Stiles has saved them so many times, it's time for them to repay the favour. Takes...

  • Merlin's Suffering
    48.9K 1.2K 12

    Arthur, Gwen, Gaius, and the Knights of the Round Table are all teleported to a room. There they watch all of the suffering Merlin has been through. They finally have to see how much Merlin has done for them.

  • Parallel
    1K 20 3

    Merlin, Arthur and the Knights of the Round Table are transported to a small house in the middle of the woods. There, a woman shows them a parallel world, in which they see another version of Merlin, going through tough times. They can't help but feel guilty. Merlin knows he is immortal, so he can't help but wonder: I...

  • Suicide squad and Birds of Prey: In Front of our Eyes
    101 4 1

    The Suicide Squad are taken from the prison, the Birds of Prey are taken from the streets and Harley Quinn and Cassandra Cane are taken from their latest job. They end up in a dusty old house, with all the doors locked and no one else in sight. The only way of escape is to do whatever the person that did this to them...

  • Doctor Who: The Children of Time
    2.1K 59 11

    All of the doctor's companions find themselves mysteriously transported to a cinema, where they watch the life of their most beloved friend, the Doctor. The Doctor has never opened up about his/her life, and when Graham, Ryan and Yas express an interest in it their wish comes true. However, others have wished this dur...