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  • His Mortal(Loki x reader)
    125K 4.2K 49

    Loki's been hiding a secret. He won't share it with anyone. Thor is determined to find out why Loki hates him. There's so many questions floating in the air and the only person who has the answer is you. Too bad you're dead.

  • Enemies to Lovers - gxg
    272K 5.3K 30

    [COMPLETE] Elle and Aurora absolutely hate each other but once forced to spend time with each other for a school project, will that all change?? Just to clarify in the story Elle is a lesbian and Aurora is bisexual and they are both out from the beginning of the story :) ⚠️WARNING⚠️ This book will contain: •Heavy smut...

  • The Christmas Party
    456K 25.4K 34

    Louise has been lying about having a girlfriend to avoid hanging out with her coworkers outside of work hours. This lie has worked flawlessly until Louise is forced to attend the company Christmas party and everyone is expecting to meet her girlfriend. The only problem is her girlfriend doesn't exist. Louise suddenly...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ember : Merlin's Sister
    29.8K 592 13

    This is the story of Merlin's twin sister, Ember. What will Camelot hold for her? Set in the 3 year time gap, and series 5. There won't be that many chapters per episode, though. *I, sadly, own none of the Merlin storyline, only Ember.*

  • Bad Boys
    1.8K 24 2

    "At the rate your walking your gonna fall..." he chuckled,fake worry hinting in his voice. I scoffed,he couldn't possibly be more an asshole than he is right now. "Can you just leave me alone?!" "Why would I want to" "Just go!" "Fine!"

  • Ocean's Eleven
    2.7K 57 3

    18 year old Marianna Ryan a.k.a. Baby Rusty has had it with sitting on the sidelines. Marianna and her brother Rusty have been in the thieving game since she could write her name, when Rusty's old friend Danny Ocean gets out of jail her life gets more interesting.