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  • Little Reid
    43.9K 853 21

    One car crash is all it takes to flip a girl's life upside down. Left with no one else Shea goes to live with her cousin Spencer. Spencer may be a genius but he definitely doesn't know how to raise a teenager. ⚠️Spoilers for Criminal Minds⚠️ placed 26 in #Adoption

  • Fucked Up Gallagher (Book Two)
    24.9K 534 26

    Its been a few years that Amanda has been in the Gallagher family. They've overcome so much together, But nothing can prepare them for what the next chapter of their lives has instore for them. placed 52 in #Ian

    113K 2K 18

    Frank has another daughter. And no, it isn't one the family knows about. After Ian, Before Debbie Monica and Frank had a baby girl. Frank didn't want another child and Monica did, resulting in Monica raising her by herself. Amanda is a strong, independent, troubled teen who meets her family in a very unconventional...