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  • serenity | h.s | ON HOLD
    10.5K 683 20

    se·ren·i·ty /səˈrenədē/ the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled. That's what she was to him. That's what he was to her. When all felt chaotic, they brought serenity to each other. *This book will contain some mature content. Read at your own disrecretion. Started in June 2021.

  • waves [h.s] ON HOLD
    23K 867 12

    Harry Styles has been in the public eye since the day he was born, however not for the reasons you're probably expecting. Harry's father Dean Styles was one of the most profound Boat Racers of the 90's and was killed in an accident at sea in 2009, his body and boat never to be found. Harry just wants to live in seren...

  • Dulcet [H.S]
    1.4K 95 5

    *In the oh so beautiful island of Kauai, Hawaii. An overly-optimistic girl crosses paths with the most closed-off boy in town. Charlotta Lua, casually known as Lottie, is intrigued when finds herself slumped on the LifeGuard towers through the blistering summer, alongside her partner; the curly-haired boy with a myste...

  • Personal Assistant ➵ H.S.
    164K 5.4K 52

    In which an ambitious, but lonely heart meets her match in the equally ambitious and lonely heart of none other than famous record label manager Harry Styles, who she tries so hard not to fall for. ◆ "You didn't think to mention to me that the man I had a one night stand with was potentially going to be my new boss?!"...

    Completed   Mature
    600K 13.9K 44

    Virulence: Toxic, Dangerous, and Unpredictable. Who will be the most virulent within this troubling tale? Toxicity simply runs through the bones of so many people....It is too soon to tell. But at a private, university-based boarding school, off of the coast of Northern Scotland, there houses an elite academy which...

  • The Fence || h. s.
    356K 13.3K 47

    "Cherry, is that you?" She loves late-night jogging, and his beach house happens to be on the way. Separated by a six feet tall fence, they both have no idea who the other is. Will their chance encounter grow into something bigger? Or was this bizarre relationship doomed from the start? Harry is famous in this story...

  • Magnolia in May [H.S]
    225K 6.9K 92

    *Set in the mid nineties, in a small skiing town near Portland Oregon. Magnolia is an twenty-year-old high-rank ice skater. Her whole life is stationed around the stupefying world of ice skating, and she good at it too; unimaginably gifted. Her fame and future are set in stone, that is until she crosses paths with a c...

    Completed   Mature
  • Venom // H.S.
    12K 396 18

    Their love was epic, the type of relationship you only see in movies. She protected him with her life. He was 1/5 of the biggest boyband in the world. In order to save him and his band, she had to leave. Now, 5 years later she's back to protect him again. Memories will haunt them, danger will strike, but at the end...

  • Moonstruck ⟡ HS
    359K 13.4K 30

    ⟡ The year is 1989 when Harry moves into the house across the street from Josephine, who lets her intrigue and fascination grow about the handsome, yet mysterious man every day--that is, until her days left to live are compromised. ⟡ ⟡ THIS IS A DARK, TWISTED STORY ⟡ ⟡ Hateful and hurtful comments will be deleted if s...

    181K 4.9K 33

    ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ The Marigold flower represents a passion, a creativity, but underneath the beauty of such an alluring flower, it is difficult to ignore the cruelty, the jealousy and the grief. ~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~ A new Fashion Designer and Photographer Harry...

  • Ever Since New York // H.S. - ON HOLD
    44.9K 1.7K 39

    ~THIS STORY IS ON HOLD!~ . . . Oh, tell me something I don't already know... Leaving her life behind without a second glance, she escapes her haunting past. Evelyn Winters-better known as Amber Hampton-shields herself, and her daughter, from the world. What happens when a cheeky smile and a pair of emerald eyes dare t...

  • Oath |H.S|
    421K 11K 63

    [COMPLETED] *STORY CONTAINS MATURE AND EXPLICIT CONTENT* !! Disclaimer: Harry Styles is used as a face and name claim, these characters DO NOT represent who he is as a person, this is purely fiction and not tied to Harry Styles in ANY WAY. !! - oath a solemn promise. - Purple, it's a strange thing to call someone yo...

    Completed   Mature