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  • The life i live...
    101 2 4

    The life I live is about a girl named Lauren but she hates her name so she calls herself crystal. She's 12 going on 13 and she's dealing with not your everyday problems...zombies. Her and her best friend have had this plans for years. To go to her best friends grandpas farm. They might meet up of they may not after t...

  • Clouds 2: My life's Ending
    15.1K 657 42

  • Stay By My Side ||Carl Grimes
    75.4K 1.7K 46

    Veronica is one of a kind and is living in a world where the dead walk. When Veronica ends up joining the group, will she stay by her lover's side, or will she survive the rest of her life alone? ((CURRENTLY BEING EDITED)) Created: 4-26-14 Ended: 1-10-15

    Completed   Mature
  • The Only Savior (The Walking Dead/Carl Grimes)
    7.7K 309 3

    Ivy McNeil. She was a prodigy at psychology and medicine so she worked beside her father. Her father was a head scientist for the U.S. Government and he had some suspicions a couple months before the outbreak started. A month before the apocalypse he injected her with a special medicine he created. It makes her have s...