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  • Crenshaw's Princess
    33.9K 978 12

    " Don't mess with the princess unless you wanna get stabbed " Olivia Baker x Fem OC All American S1-S2

  • •Crenshaws Queen• | All American
    61.8K 1.3K 36

    Jaaliyah Moore is a puzzle. She's super hard to figure out yet somehow Spencer James reads her every time. Is she just like her brother or does she want to be something else other than queen of Crenshaw? Started: July 18, 2021 Published:July 19, 2021 Finished: tbd (Slow updates) (UNDER CONSTRUCTION)

  • To Be Announced ⟡ All American
    38.4K 652 21

    { 𝒇𝒂𝒏𝒇𝒊𝒄 } Sage Carter, your average California girl living her greatest life with the distractions of her responsibilities. Her past with a Beverly Eagle QB resurfaces during a tournament but only after she crashes into a familiar face- the two famed QB's of L.A have worked their way into the Top All American p...

  • Nova Baker
    41.9K 594 26

    I am Billy Bakers younger daughter, the manager for the football team and Spencer James Beverly Hills best friend

  • Past to present. All American
    112K 1K 16

    Lexi, the Beverly Hills cheerleader, best friends with Jordan and Olivia well before the incident. Will their past effect their present? Read and find out. Season one book complete, season two's is out, 'beyond All American.'

  • Worlds Divided | j. baker
    537K 19.2K 71

    Alondra Cisneros, a Crenshaw cheerleader, soccer player, and close friend of Spencer James, catches the eye of a Beverly High Eagle. published: jun. 17, 2020 completed:

  • Beyond. All American
    59.8K 597 21

    Alexis and Jordan face challenges after the state championship game. With new people coming into their lives they no longer need each other. Sequel to 'past to present all american'

  • Rivals - Jordan Baker (All American)
    69.1K 775 16

    Jordan Baker is just your average Beverly Hills guy. Except that he is QB1 for Beverly High, is super attractive, and he just won a state championship with his football team. Lottie Caruso is just your average Long Beach girl. Except that she is the star player for Santa Monica Academy's basketball team, was voted ho...