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  • Frostbite
    289K 7.1K 145

    A Captain America Romance. 🥀 Melanie has a dark, unknown void in her past. It ultimately leads her into a position with S.H.I.E.L.D. As a new threat emerges in New York, she'll have a front row seat to all the chaos. This story follows events in Marvel's: The Avengers, Iron Man 3, The Winter Soldier, Age of Ultron...

  • Heroine ϟ Marvel [3]
    600K 22.4K 64

    ❝She was half human... half universe.❞ [across the marvel cinematic universe] [defenders - endgame] [book three of ?]

  • Alone
    216K 3.9K 68

    Elizabeth Maximoff is the younger sibling of Wanda and Pietro. Her life had been one bad thing after another until she met Peter Parker. (Sorry I'm bad at descriptions but um I start at the post credit scene in Winter Soldier so you know yeah! Also infinity war is included so spoilers!! Enjoy!!) All characters are no...

  • The mortal guardian (Loki x Reader)
    90K 3K 19

    "Shut up." He paced in his small prison. "...Make me..." I mumble to myself. His footsteps ceased and all I could do was smile to myself. That is...until I found him in front of me. You weren't quite sure how you ended up here. The day was normal. Everything was fine...until a trip to the store went wrong, and you...

  • Converto - Marvel Studios [8]
    45.1K 1.4K 39

    This is the EIGHTH book in the RED ROOM series ! Just when Ally and the rest of the team had come to terms with the consequences of Thanos' snap a whole new spanner is thrown into the works. Time travel is something that Ally thought would never be possible being someone from the 1920s, but her life has never exactl...

  • Bucky Barnes fanfic// We're all broken that's how the light gets in
    89.3K 1.9K 29

    A young girl with traumatic past is the best assassin for the New York mafia that is run by a guy called Daniel pierce. After a mission she is kidnapped again she soon finds out that it was the avengers. What did they really want? Includes -murder -violence -sexual activity/references -self harm -bad bitch syndr...

    Completed   Mature