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  • Percy x nico smut
    9.3K 71 2

    hi guys I'm back with a new story that I hope you like!

  • Back to Goode
    4.3K 119 1

    This is a oneshot. Percy goes back to Goode after the gods revealed themselves to be real, how will people react?

  • Nicknames for Merlin characters (And Other Stuff)
    740 74 10

    Clues in the title - based off the characters, I have given them nicknames

  • The Love Of The Sun God ( redo )
    7.5K 150 5

    The sun and the sea God son will unite as one, They most fight for their love against time and earth, If the should not win, Means the end of the Gods When wisdom leave behind the sea, The sea Gods son is heartbroken, When the sun is in love with the son of the sea, He hates to see him like that, What will happen Suic...

  • Eternal (Percico/Pernico)
    15.9K 539 18

    In a world of angels and demons, one lives to eradicate the other. The Archangel of Water, Perseus Jackson, tires of the immaculate Paradise that is Heaven, desiring imperfection, but scorns demons. The son of the Devil, Nico di Angelo, an Incubus who tempts mortals into homosexuality, is given the task of harvestin...

    Completed   Mature
  • Jasico and Pertavian- Cupids Game
    73.3K 2.7K 16

    Cupid is playing a dangerous game, meddling in the lives of the demigods abroad the Argo II. Following defeating Gaea (alternate ending after House of Hades) Percy returns to Camp Jupiter without purpose, and is comforted by an unlikely person-Octavian- but can he trust him? Meanwhile, Nico and Jason explore their fee...

  • Godly Avengers: Percy Jackson
    53.9K 1.6K 18

    In the war that even fates have to interfere with, Percy Jackson has to leave his temporary tranquility and join the odd group of super heroes, with a certain god of sun.

  • Percollo: the first kiss
    14.5K 280 4

    Percy and Annabeth just broke up because the relise that they don't truly love each other. Annabeth starts dating Piper and Percy is happy for them but what about his love. Sorry in advance for the spelling and grammar mistakes. And this is my first story so don't judge. *warning* VERY SLOW UPDATES All rights go to R...

  • Alternate Timeline: Sequel to Tortured Hearts
    23.9K 600 14

    After the war with Gaea in this new timeline, Apollo wishes for Percy to love him as he did before the incident, but does a shift in time also shift Percy's view of Apollo? Will Percy ever reciprocate Apollo's feelings or is Apollo destined to be rejected? (Takes place towards the end of Blood of Olympus and is differ...

  • Percy Jackson A Second Chance
    147K 2.1K 18

    Percy gets betrayed by nearly everyone he loves. With Annabeth cheating on him he realises his love for a certain black haired blue eyed cousin. He finds out who his real parents are and they give him a chance to go back to the start of his demigod days. This time he sets out to save all the friends he couldn't save l...

  • Greek mythology: pick up lines
    250K 3.6K 24

    Ok so it came to my conclusion that there is no book about greek mythology pick up lines So I decided to make one Warning This pick up lines are smooth af

  • Take Me Back (Percico) {Collab}
    4.3K 246 11

    Everyone assumed they'd get some breathing time after Gaea was defeated. No one expected Percy Jackson would lose all of his breathing time. No one expected that to change the way Percy and Annabeth felt about each other. But things can become broken beyond repair. And everyone should've known to expect the unexpec...

  • The Torn Son of Poseidon
    114K 3.5K 18

    Tartarus has finally taken its toll on the sea god's son. Now that the giant war is over how will the sea green eyed demigod recover from the nightmares caused by Tartarus. Will the daughter of Athena be able to save him or is it another of his friends and admirer to help him out. Specifically a dark eyed, black h...

  • Lose Yourself _percico_
    22.8K 597 10

    First, it was the hair dye. Maybe it was more than that. Maybe it was just supposed to be reckless fun. Or maybe... It was always more than that.

  • You Can Trust Us
    42.6K 1.1K 21

    Percy Jackson mortal au. Posiden and Sally were dateing in collage, until Posiden found out Sally was just using him fo his money. He promptly broke up with her, unknowingly abandoning his unborn son. Sally latter married a wealthy man named Gabriel, Gabe for short. She held no love for her first born, subjecting him...

  • Because Nothing Lasts Forever
    106K 2.8K 18

    This is a Percy Jackson fanfiction. It is a Thercy (Thanatos/Percy) story. I am just trying this out. Tell me what thou think and I'll continue it. It probably won't be as good as my other stories though. Percy is betrayed by everyone. I'm not going to go over how he was betrayed, not in the summary nor in the story...

  • Dimitri's Point of View in Frostbite (Vampire Academy) (Book 2)
    385K 7.3K 19

    THE POWERFUL BLEND OF HUMAN AND VAMPIRE BLOOD THAT FLOWS THROUGH DIMITRI BELIKOV MAKES HIM A DHAMPIR. HE IS DEDICATED TO A DANGEROUS LIFE OF PROTECTING THE MOROI FROM THE STRIGOI. Now Dimitri has his eyes on someone else, who distracts him from his ongoing struggles with Rose. When a nearby Strigoi attack puts St. Vl...

  • When the Sun Goes Down
    10.2K 365 5

    Daphne, Cypress, Cassandre, Hyacinthus... Apollo was never happy in love, and he will not start today. Or maybe ? -------------------------- I don't own the characters, of course.

  • Queen of Magic (Book 1)
    83.8K 1.7K 15

    How Merlins story would be if he were a girl.

  • Merthur - How to court a servant
    120K 4.9K 13

    Arthur is madly in love with his manservant, Merlin. Of course, he sucks at love in general, and have to ask his friends 6900 words

  • [✔] Sides (a merthur soulmate au fanfiction)
    76.3K 3.3K 9

    COMPLETED. Merlin thought his Soulpoetry, a "two sides" inscription on his sternum, was about his life, trying to hide his magic all the time. Arthur thought that his Soulpoetry, an "of the same coin" scrawl on the base of his fingers, referred to the fact that he led a very dull Pendragon life. Merthur, reveal fic, s...

  • A Little Morning Lust (merthur)
    347K 7.3K 8

    Merthur . Cute smutty/fluffy merthur

  • Percy Jackson Fan-Art
    22.4K 534 69

    I own none of the pictures unless said otherwise. If you don't like it, dont read it. Dedicated to @Trap_House_Boys

  • A New Frost
    237K 4.7K 16

    When the gods are in danger they decide to get help. They search for their long-gone hero Perseus Jackson only to come up with a icy seventeen year old of the myths.

  • Black Magic // Percico
    144K 8.8K 31

    ✓~ Nico Di Angelo wasn't much for humans. So pesky with their small minds and lack of flare. But Nico was big on bets. Though he has an annoying tendency to lose those, much to his friends enjoyment. Make a human fall in love with you. Seems easy enough. Wrong. Cover made by: @LordoftheRabbits

  • Omega, The Commander of Chaos (Nicercy/ Percico)
    34.9K 924 11

    So we have Chaos fanfics and Takara Phoenix ' fanfics. They are both amazing concepts. And I'll try to use both. And other things. .. hehehe... But really. Go read some of Takara Phoenix ' works if you ship Percico/ Nicercy. If you don't, read them anyway. They are fucking amazing. Percy Jackson. They said he was the...

  • Poseidon's Secret or Secrets
    55.1K 993 5

    Athena and Poseidon, the bitterest rivals on Olympus. Know why? Find out in this story revealing secrets Poseidon ar——WAS keeping for the last few millenniums. Why was Zeus the King of Gods when Hades was the oldest one? Why did Artemis hate males? And Why Poseidon offended Athena by bringing Medusa and fighting with...

  • Olympians confess
    31.4K 374 5

    Hestia decides to make all the Olympians confess their problems to each other. The amazing Rick Riordan owns Percy Jackson and everything

  • SpellBound
    21.6K 400 18

    Magic has never been good, especially when it's magic from the goddess of love

  • Hunter
    384K 3K 30

    Percy was betrayed by people who he thought were family and friends. He goes and lived by himself for 5 years until he is discovered. What will happen when he is forced out of hiding by everyone? Who will he turn to? Find out in Hunter. Disclaimer inside.