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  • Reckless
    796K 21.7K 23

    *currently editing* Two boys. Two different schools. One game. One goal. Life was easy when you were considered high school royalty but when you get rivalry on the field, things get a little interesting. Connor Taylor went to Northshore. Dakota Anderson went to Ridgemount. Both were extremely competitive at everything...

  • Street Fighter and Quiet (BWWM)
    384K 15.9K 39

    "Why are you always hiding behind your hoodie?" He pulls my hood off and laugh, "Stop please. It has nothing to do with you so please stop." He laughs even harder and I put my hood back on. Hazel Miles does not have the best life. She lives with her mom and drunk stepdad. She gets bully at school because she is quiet...

  • Snow and her Seven
    411K 20.6K 31

    Snow Black is a girl built from irony. White hair, black eyes and the palest skin from her albino father, she stands out whether she likes it or not. Far from her fairy tale counterpart- Snow is the frostiest person at her high school, with a blizzard of emotion and anger inside, stemming from more than just a magic...

    Completed   Mature
  • Cuore Mio
    3M 114K 66

    Azalea Martinez is the head of the IT Department at Marc Technologies and a skilled hacker. She might seem like an average 24-year-old on the surface, turns out she is nothing but. After the death of her parents, she learned that she has a brother, and is now determined to find him. To the ordinary people in New Orlea...

  • Jake's Kennedy
    135K 5.1K 71

    He never thought he'd get this interested in a girl who just moved into his house. Kennedy Kinsey, a bubbly and talkative girl, moves to New York to live with her dad's best friend after her parent's death. She never thought she would be this attracted to Jake Knight, her dad's best friend's son. While suffering from...

    Completed   Mature
  • Bad Boy Summer
    7.1M 207K 42

    sequel to bbr. please read that first :) hayden jones has been through a lot. a lot more than someone her age should. now finished her second year of college, hayden needs a break. lucky for her, her fabulous cousin spencer is celebrating his twenty-first birthday in hayden's home town. but as much as she hates i...

  • Password Incorrect
    2.5M 148K 48

    I can't keep the smile off my face as I take my seat on the plane. I slide my bag under the seat and lean back. I close my eyes and let a blissful smile grace my face. He said I wouldn't be able to run. As if. I'm vaguely aware of someone taking the seat next to mine, but I pay no attention to said person. "So where w...

    74.6K 1.3K 35

    The Academy is a school for people who are... different. Their motto is Tua differentia te facit singularem - "Your differences make you unique." It's a shelter for those whose abilities are superior to the common humans and make them outsiders in the world. It's a four year intensive teaching, and this year's new c...

  • I'm back
    338K 6.7K 43

    Violet Knight is a very selfless and strong brave 13 year old even tho she went through such hard times alone.... But what happens when she runs away and bumps into someone that is going to change her life!. But are they changing it to the best or worst? ---------------------------------------------- Read to find out...

    Completed   Mature
  • Yeah I was in Juvie. Get over it.
    49.7K 1.2K 48

    Carmen is screwed up. She's been in and out of juvie all her life and seriously there's no place she'd rather be. Until she gets released from juvie unexpectedly, given a probation officer, and forced to live with a normal family and go to a normal school. Carmen doesn't even know the definition of normal. Much less f...

  • Is This Family?
    1.8M 52.6K 60

    Katherine Jane, a simple and sweet loving girl. Everybody loves her....No. Nobody loves her. She always thought that if she gives love to everyone, everyone will love her. But she couldn't understand the harsh reality of the world. She was depressed and alone. Not to mention the constant verbal abuse from her mother...

  • deadlier
    827K 22K 29

    When Anastasia and Liam Kingsley were taken, they were severely injured but not dead. The French mafia kept them in containment, in a steel room. They were tortured, starved, beat, raped, whipped. They made a plan. It took years. It was fucking worth it. - you have to read the first book, 'intrepid'. thanks for a...

  • Slowly fading.
    215K 4.8K 46

    He turns attention to my arm and gently rolls up my sleeve. I try to get out of his hold but he keeps a strong grip on my wrist. I look at my cuts as he rolls up my sleeve up to my elbow. He seems unfazed, he isn't freaked out. He gently runs a finger across them. "Does this hurt?" "No." He brings my...

  • 7 Bad Boys and Me.
    840K 23.4K 37

    CURRENTLY REWRITING. The story line will remain the same but the writing will be 10 times better ok My life was once a thing of beauty. I wasn't anything different from your next boy-obsessed teenage girl with a strange fondness of peanut butter and jam sandwiches. But that was then, before my parents were ruthlessly...

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  • Broken until HE Came #1 (COMPLETED)
    160K 3.4K 58

    "I can't risk losing you Rosie! Don't you understand that?" He said looking into her eyes that he loved so much. "Is that why you did it?" she said looking up at him with tears in her eyes. He hung his head low and nodded. 簞簞簞簞簞簞簞簞簞簞 Meet Rosie. * Cliche High School Nerd * Shy but does talk back * Abused & Broke...

    Completed   Mature
  • Fixing Her
    436K 13.2K 55

    Finished; September 13th 2019 #10 abuse #10 teenfiction #8 stepdad #6 hope #3 badboys #3 broken #1 escape #1 goodgirl #1 hate #1 stepbrother #1 youngadult Reading List Featured - Teen Fiction ~ Despite all the fear, panic and the voice inside her, Hayden Kendricks still sent that one message to Parker Graham...

    Completed   Mature
  • Saving Ava Collins
    118K 4.7K 37

    #222 -Teen Fiction 1/22/18 I nodded subconsciously and immediately his lips connected with mine, he passionately kissed me and backed away a few seconds later. "I hope that just told you that I think of you more as just beautiful, Ava." He whispered huskily. TTTTTT Ava Collins was known as the quiet, weird girl th...

    Completed   Mature
  • Tortured heart
    8.9K 235 7

    Octavia and her desire to learn. But will her willingness to find out more about the Barlow brothers cost her more then just heartbreak? Octavia had a very difficult upbringing. Her parents locked her in their basement for her whole life. forced to comply with constant abuse and was fed nothing but scraps was the no...

  • Raven Haired Boy
    197K 7.1K 47

    Meet Kira, a popular girl with a very heavy past that she hides from her friends everyday. Only the new Raven Haired Boy, Caleb knows her secrets. How? She doesn't know. But to him it's a game. A game she's not willing to play. She's scared of how he's the only person who's able past her charade. She has a reput...

    Completed   Mature
  • Saviour of a Different Kind
    501K 16.1K 29

    Depression is like a war; you either win or you die trying. Sixteen-year-old Lacey Lawless wants to die. The bullying has gone on for too long, and it's getting harder to hide the bruises she receives from the abuse at home. Living doesn't seem worth it anymore, and breathing feels like a chore. When Alex, the myste...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Bet
    1.5M 33K 53

    |HIGHEST RANKING| #1 in freeyourbody on 06/15/19 #9 in love on 09/02/19 #1 in bodypositivity on 11/09/19 #1 in betrayal on 01/11/20 "How much Tyler?" I whispered almost timidly. His head shot up and his tearful eyes met mine "How much what?" he whispered back. I shrugged and held my arms around my body, almost to c...

    Completed   Mature
  • Thin Lines
    144K 3.1K 39

    Xela Smith has a far from perfect life, with a father who left her with her addict mother, and barely any money. Things seemingly couldn't get any worse until Xela's mother gets remarried to a monster. What happens when Xela goes to a new school and runs into none other than Ryder Hernandez, aka an arrogant boy who tr...

  • True Feelings
    125K 1.9K 54

    "Love, you could run down the street in a cow onesie screaming bullshit at the top of your lungs and I still wouldn't judge you." -------------------------- After a life changing accident, Bea definitely didn't expect one of the people she disliked most to be the one that helps her through it. From strangers to frie...

  • 劾h攻 劾 攻
    2M 59K 50

    Sloan. 17 years old. Billionaire. Mafia Queen. At the age of 2 Sloan was kidnapped from her family by her father's second in command and taken to Spain. He was psychotic and was obsessed with Sloan from birth. Till the age of 10 she experienced constant physical and verbal abuse. Sloan knew he was never her father...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Quiet One
    186K 5.7K 28

    COMPLETED I was so sad this night was going to end, and I'll have to go back to being myself again. But if I only get to have this kind of night once, I was going to end with a bang, My blue eyes moved up to meet his beautiful green eyes. I leaned in and he followed me slowly than before I knew it my lips were touch...

  • The Caramel Hair Nerd
    2.3M 58.9K 31

    As soon as I entered my room I was slammed against a wall beside my door. A whimper escaped my lips due to pain in my back. There was no need to look who it was I knew his cologne it smells like fresh soil in forest after rain. His smell just hypnotises me. His hands were on either sides of my head,trapp...

  • 劾休♀♀ h拎
    281K 4.3K 32

    嚗g憧嚗∴撐 嚗剁慼嚗哨摯嚗湛摩嚗 A totally beautiful, yet completely tragic mess. She's the daughter of an entrepreneur - world famous and business owner Micheal Hampton. Growing up she had everything she could have ever wanted: From toys to technology, new homes and private jets, Beau really had it all. Until one day, her world came...

  • Elementals
    135K 6.6K 20

    Kaylee Tiltner is just a normal girl. Or was. Elementals were the guardians of the Earth until the Elite arrived. They died, but they were able to trap the Elite. Now, 2534 years later, the Elementals are reborn. Kaylee, the only one who does not know who or what she is, is going to find out the hard way. The El...

  • A thousand nights
    3.1K 157 41

    Grief. The proof of the unseen layer of human in you. When you get too deep with the cuts it spills over and all that remains is blood and a mess. The simple proof that you are alive. These are the thoughts of Parker Mitchell as he reflects on life: Indifference, late night existential crisis, and well, love. Not as...

  • Axel
    156K 3.3K 39

    Axel Brown was not particularly approachable. With a cold interior and a deadly stare he'd scare those who get to close away. So what was so different about Isabella June? She was everything he hated in a person. Chatty, loud, full of energy. A walking, talking ball of sunshine. The polar opposite. Well, his first mis...