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  • Height [Lashton AU]
    366K 18.3K 13

    "I may be shorter than you, but I most certainly do not bottom." WARNING: Smut Dom!Ashton © 2014 iCheeseYou

  • Boys Will Be Boys
    2.8M 121K 34

    Luke Adams is everything your girlfriend wants you to be. He's smooth, charming, insanely attractive, and undoubtedly the best guy on the basketball team. He treats dating almost like another homework assignment he's required to complete. Until Emery Scott comes along. A transfer student from Indiana, Emery is quiet...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ghost (Ziall)
    343K 15.8K 18

    As Zayn find his boyfriend cheating on him once again, he leaves him. He leaves the flat but realizes too late he has nowhere to go. As Zayn arrives in a part of town with abandoned houses, he decides to stay in one of them, but during the night, strange things start to happen.

  • Finding Max (boyxboy)
    994K 34.3K 30

    Gunnar is the Beta of the Hemmingway Pack when their territory is threatened. At the same time the Marrok Pack is in desperate need of an Alpha. They decide to move their pack and combine the two. While visiting the Marrok Pack for the first time, Gunnar meets his mate, a human boy named Max. Gunnar is relentless in h...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Bad [Lashton AU]
    1.4M 55.9K 48

    "What if I have a tiny crush on a guy who doesn't even know I exist? How do I get his attention?" Ashton finally gets it, but not in a way he thought he'd get it. WARNING: Anorexia, One Direction Other pairing(s): Larry, Malum Cover: kaitlin_ida_maree Dom!Luke © 2014 iCheeseYou

  • Easy [boyxboy]
    120K 5.7K 9

    Nat and Mason have been friends with Mary for years, but never talked. When the attractive and outgoing Mason finally strikes up conversation with awkward Nat, the two quickly begin to grow closer. But Mason begins to realize that Nat is full of secrets, and nothing is ever as easy as it seems.

  • Ziall-They Don't Know About Us
    200K 6.6K 20

  • A sneeze a cough and undying love
    8.9K 93 11

    Ziall: While on one of their shows Zayn falls ill. Niall offers to help him until he gets better. With the help of Evie will they finally admit their feelings for each other. Larry: Luois is as gay as it gets and is head over heals in love with harry. Will he ever convince Harry that gender doesn't matter aslong as t...

  • Being With A Jock
    479K 8.9K 28

    Important Note: This is an old version. A new version to fit my series, Final Reckoning will be uploaded, but still enjoy this one :D Thomas Haynes, a 17 year old teenager in his last year of high school. He's the average teenager. You know, the agile yet non athletic guy, and this is his last time moving. When he was...

  • Who I Am [boyxboy]
    685K 19.9K 27

    Jamie Fold is a 16 year old boy who is secretly gay. Jamie crushes on his long time, straight best friend Ryland. Jamie finds himself struggling to keep his secret from the world as his friends and family become suspicious. But one mistake may shatter Jamie's world and introduce him to hate and homophobia. And Jamie...

  • The Transfer (Ziam AU) A small portion of Larry
    65.3K 2.1K 29

    Zayn moves to a new school. He wasn't aware of what would happen there and he felt that no one was going to notice him. However, he finds a person from his old and harsh past. Will this be a good or bad thing only Zayn can tell you?

  • Just A Spark [boyxboy]
    1M 49.5K 27

    Rio Snyder believes in love- he just doesn't believe it fixes anything. It certainly didn't fix his drug addicted brother, or his heartbroken parents. Ezra Carelli is a happy-go-luck guy with secrets lurking just beyond his smile. When Rio and Ezra meet and began to grow closer, their anger and secrets began to collid...

    Completed   Mature
  • Good Boy (Lashton)
    651K 28.2K 39

    Luke is a nerdy straight A student by day, but when night comes he looses the nerd act and turns into his real self. *Completed!*

  • Ziall- Words I Couldn't Say
    343K 8.6K 23

    How can you fall inlove with your bully and not even know it? Let's just say the internet can be a funny place.

  • Afraid ϟ hoodings
    391K 14.4K 35

    It all started from a rumour. 'Calum is gay' they said. That mortifying rumour managed to spread throughout the whole school. Even though Calum protested against it, the rumour was entirely true. Whilst Calum does that, his bully - and to add, true love, only just started to figure out what it's like, to develop feeli...

  • I Have to Have Him (BoyxBoy)
    2.8M 98.2K 38

    Dominic Valentine, sexy, wealthy author. Sold thousands of copies of his last novel. To celebrate this big number, his best friend since grammar school, blindfolded him and dragged him into a gay strip club. He was furious because if someone saw him in a place like this it could be bad for his career. People are quick...

    Completed   Mature
  • oreo // lashton
    2.9M 113K 41

    5 Seconds of Summer & One Direction -crossover- Multiple Ships. warnings: triggering. anorexia, self-harm, depression, bullying, swearing. Disclaimer: I do not own anyone in this story. ~ "Want an oreo?" Who knew one sentence could change someone's life so much?

  • The Ghost Counselor [Ziall] [MAJOR EDITING]
    820K 27.7K 48

    [COMPLETED] [MAJOR EDITING i am re-writing some of the characters and taking out parts and re-writing them, so this may seem confusing to read right now. as of today, chapters 13/42 have been edited] ❝ It's the unexpected that changes us. ❞ The one where a not so normal teenager discovers he's inherited his family's u...

  • Crumbled Paper: Ziall
    307K 6.8K 33

    A crumbled piece of paper: deteriorated, useless to the average person, and full of imperfections. From Niall's perspective, there wasn't much of a difference between him and that of a crumbled up piece of paper. Life under his parents' roof went smoothly. At least, most of the time. Like most parents, they were a bit...

  • Ours - Ziall Horlik ✅
    192K 7.6K 22

    Finding a friend feels like a profound step beyond becoming lovers.

  • falling for him // ziall
    1.4M 31.1K 30

    Life in an university is full of ups and downs and twists and turns. But, even with so many ups and downs it's full of fun parties and precious memories that will always be cherished. Zayn Malik is your typical bad boy, while Niall Horan is your shy guy. When Zayn's roommate is transferred to another college Zayn is f...

  • Alpha Male (Boy x Boy)
    1.5M 42.9K 33

    For some wolves it is easy to find their other half. The other part of them that makes their life complete. But as for Josiph it is not. For years he has been searching for his other half but to no avail, and just as he was about to give up it hits him. That moment when he finally figures out who he is suppose to spen...

  • Us (boyxboy) ✧Book 1✧
    148K 4.4K 35

    - book 1 - Newly engaged Damon and Jamie are moving into their own home and are planning their wedding. Jamie longs to be a father soon after their marriage while Damon is hiding a secret from the love of his life. This secret will change everything for the two; bringing them closer while causing a rift. Will Jamie ge...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Stable Boy (BoyxBoy) (Completed)
    1.7M 65.9K 29

    When Captain Jacob Cope, the fair haired hero with eyes resembling a Caribbean sea, is welcomed into the residence of Lord Winters and his companion, he is quite taken with the boy who sleeps in the stables. Kit is content to brawl and chase skirts, doing little to contribute to his work but sleep in the hay, his inst...

  • My Angel Alex [Complete, Mpreg, BoyxBoy]
    38.3K 973 1

    Thank you to MrCookieMonster20 for making the amazing cover. Thank you to @lassinlove and @11thedoctor11for answering my ad. Your book covers were beautiful.

  • The Royal Baby [Undergoing Editing] [BoyxBoy,Mpreg] [Completed]
    752K 23.9K 27

    Haylen Gray was a servant that fell in love with Jonathan,the prince of Molasia after fighting their feelings they finally gave in.What happens when they discover that Haylen is pregnant,will it be happy times or Times of despair.

  • Our Rebellious Son (boyxboy,mpreg)
    21.2K 509 1

    Levi Campbell use to be the perfect little Angel until he turned 14.He started to hang out with the wrong crowd,getting bad grades and getting tattoos.Is there any one who can stop him before he destroys himself and his family.

  • captivated → lashton ✓
    271K 12.6K 27

    Luke receives notes in his locker on an almost daily basis from 'x', and he has hopes they could be from his crush, Ashton. However, what happens when Luke founds out who the sender is? Will he be shocked or happy? // tw for stalking, rape/non-con elements, abuse // cover template © lottesgraphics pictures © pinterest

  • All Around The World (boyxboy,mpreg)
    10.7K 174 1

    Jackson and Taylor field have been together for years,Jackson's a famous football player and Taylor is a famous singer.They've been through so much together now their about to go through one of the biggest things,Taylor giving birth to their first child. Bad at summaries,please read the story