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  • Tujsey Sab Kuch (Book 2)
    240K 19.9K 34

    Sequel of Ytkk..!! Join the journey again with monstu and his nanhi baby..!! Hope you guys love it!!

  • Be-panah
    119K 10.7K 42

    Book two of the Hussain-Zaidi Saga ▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪ It is a tale of two people who are caught up in the cruel games that destiny had played with them. Their life was supposed to be normal, but an unintentional mistake changes everything. Now they have to decide which path they want to take, that would determine the...

    Completed   Mature
  • ✓In Trouble With The Mafia Brother (Completed)
    207K 11.5K 35

    Two men came forward pointing thier guns on Daddy and Bhai. Seeing that, Mom screamed loudly in horror. I wanted to scream too but I had lost my voice with fear especially, when that man's dark orbs were dagered on me. "Wh...what do you all want?! Money? Gold? Anything else....take it...just take it! B....but please...

  • My companion | میرےہمدم
    653K 45.8K 65

    #3 in Pakistan ( 4-1-2021) #1 in Pakistan (19-1-2021) What will happen when two opposite souls are betrothed to each other? *But both are stubborn in their own ways, one doesn't want to hold on, while the other doesn't want to walk away. Faryal Ismail Khan is 21 years old; a kind, pure, and bubbly girl...

  • Be-shumaar
    207K 16K 45

    Book one of the Hussain-Zaidi Saga ▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪▪ She had grown up loving him, praying for a happy forever with him. But what her naive heart never acknowledged was that to have a forever together, he must also love her back. Coming from a rich and elite family, she was used to having every luxury at her disposal...

    Completed   Mature
  • In love with my CEO Cousin
    175K 10.9K 80

    Aaliya Siddique: Definition of strong-willed, Confident, Sharp minded businesswoman. She has quite immediately made her name in the corporate world with her sharp mind, intelligence and some credit can also be given to her family reputation as she belongs to The Popular Siddique Family, a big name in the corporate wor...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Addiction of Love
    311K 23.5K 82

    Welcome to the world of short romantic stories. This book is a collection of cute love stories. So hold on tight, and dive right in this journey with a lot of protagonists and their beautiful tales of love. ◾◾◾◾◾◾◾◾ CONTENTS ▪ Aayat and Kaif ✔ ▪ Inaya and Zain ✔ ▪ Zara and Shayaan ✔ ▪ Avira and Ashar ✔ ▪ Misha and...

    Completed   Mature
  • Our hidden Marriage{Completed}
    1.6M 84.2K 35

    Ranking #12. (15 july 2018) A story of two strangers. How they met and how their first meeting ended on marriage? Shahyan Hasham malik was a son of billionaire. He himself was a successful businessman. He was the boy that every girl dream of but what happened when at mid night a girl asked him to marry her?? And if he...

  • Mine Crazy Wife
    34.3K 1.8K 14

    This story base on two most unique couples Meet hanan and Arzoo A crazy fan turned to crazy wife He rude but kind She beautiful but broken He rich but alone She humble but alone He arrogant but honest She innocent but crazy Both are broken their place what happen when broken pieces come together become heart Mee...

  • My baby's Father
    17.3K 1.2K 13

    a story not only about couple but a story of father daughter love for love is important to have blood relationship is it possible a step father love more then real father?? is everything only about blood ?? no it's not the story is about pure love of father daughter and the princess will tie them with love is this...

    Completed   Mature
  • His Heartbeat
    308K 20K 57

    ~ Zindagi or kuch nahi.. Bas! Teri meri kahani hai..~ (life is nothing! But! A story of yours and mine!) ☆☆☆☆☆☆☆ (OFFICIAL SPIN OFF Of "She Was Made For Him" but can be read as stand alone) _______________ He never knew that his small prank will turn up like this. All he wanted was to satisfy his ego but now when he w...

  • She Was Made For Him✔
    854K 43.4K 71

    Stood Third place winner in romance category of STARLIGHT AWARDS! Previously known as "Making her mine" "Get ready . You have only 20 mins". He ordered with dominance in his voice. " for what?" she asked in a low voice . "for nikkah.." "whose nikkah?" "your nikkah" he said casually. "my nikkah? what are you saying I c...

  • Ishq-e-khairaat ✔️
    119K 7.6K 48

    Kyu meri mohabbat ko dosti ka Naam de gye? In alfaazon ko kyu Khamoshi karaar kar gye? Tere khatir khud ko bhula baithe hum Tu na jaane teri raah pe chale hum Kyu bezubaan ke lafz na sune tu Kyu meri mohabbat ko undekha kare tu Ab dekar apne jazbaaton ki qurbani In aankho ki nami ko chupa baithe hum Mujhe Ishq ki...

  • Blind By Love
    1.2M 62.6K 67

    "This is Rumaan's child" I heard mama said. I didn't look up at her. I keep my head lowered. because I didn't have the courage to face her. "This is not my child," he said abruptly. I looked at him with wide eyes. I was beyond shocked. What he just said. Did I hear him right? No, he can't say that. How can he? But as...

  • Fairytale ✨
    51.8K 2.3K 15

    Fairytales doesn't only belong to princesse Prince it can for anyone everyone have own fairytale story so let's read their short stories 1 to 5 short max hope you enjoy keep loving supporting and reading Please vote and comment for your favourite book ALLAHUMDUALLH @WATTYS 2020 BEST SHORT STORIES

  • The Bachelor
    142K 13.2K 31

    Manik Malhotra-the only son of India's leading business tycoon, is famous for his short temper and numerous flings. His name makes regular headlines in the tabloids for all the wrong reasons! What happens when his family's plan to do some damage control about his image becomes more than he can handle? Curious? Read t...

  • Manan_Tera Ban Jaunga [COMPLETED✔️]
    442K 48.3K 54

    He told me I'm crazy. He told me I'm irresponsible. He told me I'm clumsy. He told me I'm a M I S T A K E And I always told him that ~ ~ I L O V E YOU. I'm Nandini Sharma, a girl with above mentioned qualities, who is insanely in love with a guy who doesn't let any chance go miss to demean her. This is my story. My...

    Completed   Mature
  • Heir To The Empire (VERY SLOW UPDATES)
    224K 20.4K 40

    Cafe. "There's this deal I'll get what i want and you can have whatever you want after this." He told her. "Why me?" She asked. "Well I don't feel like answering you." "So, like I am supposed to carry your heir in me and give birth to them." "Exactly" "And why do you think I'll agree to it?" " Because I can give y...

  • Humsafar ~ Arranged by Fate
    413K 43.4K 27

    An Unexpected Alliance.... A journey from Husband and Wife to Humsafar..... Manik and Nandini's Dastaan-e-Mohabaat...!!

  • Manan ff:Yeh Tune Kya Kiya
    2M 116K 147

    ⚠⚠WARNING⚠⚠ Highly emotional fiction on manan. Grab your tissues before reading.. I assure you will cry in almost every chapter.. UNDER HIGHLY EDITING PROCESS SO SOME CHAPTERS ARE DELETED! NEW EDITED VERSION IS IN PROCESSING AND THE PARTS WHICH ARE EDITED ARE PUBLISHED AS A NEW BOOK! CHECK MY PROFILE! Cute,emotional l...

  • Love Or Sin ✅
    158K 11.1K 43

    Falling In love being a married Women , Is Love Or Sin ? Falling In love with a married Women , Is Love Or Sin ? What If You fall in love with your best friend's wife ? What If You fall in love with your husband's best friend? To get the answer of these questions seek inside. Complete book available on my site. Lin...

  • RAABTA : A collection of short stories
    1.7M 102K 108

    A bunch of stories ready to tickle your funny bones with nothing but LOVE😊😊 All rights reserved!!!!

  • MaNan- Love given to test
    149K 8.3K 41

    What happens when your Love is given for test, by none other than, but the God Himself? Would you be able to live through it? What if the very same Love had given birth to a small bud, that belongs to you? How agonizing could it be?! Peep in to join Manik Malhotra and Nandini Dhawan's life journey!M

  • Romance Series (One shots)
    517K 20.7K 17

    A series of romance that you'll love. Ranking 21 in spiritual(10 March 2018) A lot of different stories of romance that will bound you to the world of imagination which will be filled with love,romance, emotions,tears and drama. So be with me to read a lot of love stories.

  • Manan ff:Reason Behind My Existence
    454K 36.9K 78

    Hii guys...Moon very new to Wattpad and this is my first story am quite nervous...I want your support guys... All I can say that this is totally a different manan story...some characters and incidents are inspired by real-life... the rest of it is my the story and let me know how i...

  • Flames Of Desires
    563K 39.4K 38

    Ranking: #7 in hotness on 30 Sep 2019 #6 in fanfiction on 30 May 2017 #9 in fanfiction on 9 April 2017 Warning : mature content! ..kindly stay away if you aren't comfortable.. Desires! ..a very small word yet so meaningful.. "You think you can go away from me?".. a boy with dark brown eyes ..held a girl tightly an...

  • Legally unwanted
    1.7M 122K 82

    What happens when you are legally bonded with someone who doesn't wanna tell the world that you are his legally wedded wife?? What happens when you have to be a stranger to you own husband?? What happens when you get treated as a daughter more than a daughter-in-law by his family yet unwanted by him?? Do peep into th...

  • WedLock ~ Union of Two Souls
    360K 36.2K 32

    Story revolves around 2 individuals with shattered hearts,both lost the one they loved! Both don't even want to move-on ,they are still stuck over past! What happens when they are tied in a sacred bond calling Marriage? Starring Parth Samthaan as Manik Malhotra And Niti Taylor as Nandini Murthy. - Cover credits: Fabih...

  • Manjha ~ Souls Entwined
    110K 1.7K 2

    Dr.Manik Malhotra, a happy go lucky guy, truly contend with his life...looking forward to getting married to the love of his life, Alia Saxena in next 6 months. But it just took a moment for his dreams to lead a perfect life with his fiance to crumple down... when he got to know he is already a father of 4 year old ba...

  • MANAN-Fated but was it in DESTINY??✓
    1.6M 82.3K 91

    *Completed* Thank you for dropping here, Happy reading Prologue 'Fated But Was It In Destiny'. Love is a beautiful feeling, one to cherish, but what happens when you are betrayed by your love. She loved him above everything, He loved her as his life, She believed in her love and never doubted it, He betrayed her when...

    Completed   Mature