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  • Make You Beautiful - [Jeff the Killer x reader]
    499K 16.3K 41

    [COMPLETED] "There's something I just have to do. Remember that incident with BEN?" I frowned and slowly nodded my head. "Well, I need to make sure something like that never happens. I need to make sure that everyone knows that you're mine." He smirked and took a knife that was on a night table next to the bed. "Ho...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mad House (Jeff the Killer X reader)
    758K 24.4K 28

    Jeff the killer x reader Is it possible for you to fall in love with an insane killer?

    Completed   Mature
  • Trick And Kill~~Jeff The Killer X Reader X Eyeless Jack
    839K 25.8K 77

    How much can a human take before the reality around him snaps? For you it was the most unbearable loss of them all. It was more than enough to drown everything sane inside of you. The monster rose inside of you and everything went up to flames. But you are not alone. Madness knows no limits. The same goes for love.~~...

    Completed   Mature
  • To Live without Fear [Jeff the KillerxReader]
    1M 40.2K 28

    The one thing every living creature has in common is fear. Fear keeps us alive, drives us forward, and makes us still. Jeff the Killer thought he knew everything about fear. He was an artisan, and fear was his craft. Until the day he met the girl who didn't feel fear at all. COVER ART BY KAWACY ON DEVIANTART

  • Chains (Jeff The Killer X Reader)
    363K 13.3K 30

    Fate can be.. twisted. Sometimes to the point where it's too messed up to fix it. But what if.. what if it isn't so bad after all? "The more blood on my hands, the more my sanity slipped away..." ⚠️I DO NOT OWN THE ARTWORK FOR THIS STORY⚠️ ⚠️Slight profanity, bleeped out, though⚠️ ❗️I update throughout the entire week...

    Completed   Mature
  • "Do You Trust Me?" (Jeff the Killer)
    460K 16.5K 38

    Her father died. Her mother is dating someone else. Murder has broken out in her quiet town. Her life is turned upside down. Rose meets someone. A lone stranger who lives in a house of misfits, whereas; he himself, is a misfit. Her town isn't big enough for two...

  • Jeff The Killer X Reader - I'll love you for all eternity
    281K 7.6K 48

    (Y/n) is what people qualify as an average teenager. Going to school, meeting friends and hanging out with her boyfriend. But what makes (Y/n) different is her past. She hasn't told anyone, and everything that happened in the first 13 years of her life are a mystery to all. Until a meet up with a certain someone bring...

  • Just empty eye sockets: Eyeless Jack x Reader *completed*
    978K 28.3K 41

    Someone has recently been leaving notes in your room. Who is your stalker, and why are they stalking you? Is it safe to write back?

  • Laughing Jack X Reader
    222K 8.6K 32

    Is it real? Or is it all just a nightmare? Is the past really coming back to haunt you? Or is it all in your head?

  • Jeff The Killer x reader
    227K 5.9K 83

    Your a normal girl but then you see him.............again. (Jeff x reader!) (Ben x readers daughter!) {WARNING!!! Very Crappy}

  • I Found You {Jeff The Killer X Reader}
    289K 8.4K 17

    『 #8 ɪɴ ᴊᴇғғ ᴛʜᴇ ᴋɪʟʟᴇʀ 』 The blood rushed over my body, heart beating, world spinning. It was a whole new world, I never knew something so bad could feel so good. The blood on my hands, the scream of their voices- I've done it. I've killed my first victims. This was the first murder in 2 years in our small town since...

  • You Can't Escape...(Jeff the Killer x Reader)
    386K 12.9K 69

    (Y/N) is a little girl who loves to make everyone smile. She doesn't have a mother or father but, has a wonderful grandmother who watched after her for years. (y/N) was always smiling until, a certain smile appeared and took (y/n)'s smile away. Will she gain the strength to avenge her grandmother? Or will she hide beh...

  • Jeff the Killer x Reader Unexpected
    207K 6.1K 41

    You go help your mom every night with her job. But what happens when you catch the attention of a certain killer coming home one night.

  • Obey My Words ( yandere Jeff the killer X reader) (under construction)
    158K 3.8K 23

    (Y/n) just moved out of her parents house, after turning 18 and then having her parents give her the final nudge out of the best she hit hard, bills, money, food..... And a psychopathic killer at her door

  • His To Keep (Jeff the Killer)
    148K 4.1K 23

    That creeping feeling when he watches me... It makes my skin crawl and my body shake in fear as I take cover in my room. The nonstop text messages and threats... They never cease to stop! He's always watching and stalking me, and I don't know... what to do...

  • A Heart With No Beat (Yandere Jeff The Killer Fan Fiction)
    222K 5.5K 31

    Y/N Is A Friendly Girl. She Always Stays Positive & Has An Over Protective Mother. She Never Has A Doubt In A World! Well, Until A Serial Killer By The Name Of Jeff The Killer That's Been Gossiped Around School. When Jeff The Killer Murders Y/N's Mother, He Starts To Take An Obsessive Liking To The Girl... Cover Not...

  • Scars Aren't Meant To Be Hidden (jeffxreader)
    213K 6.1K 13

    Slenderman found (Y/N) as a baby and raised her. She's younger than the CreepyPasta's being about 6 years younger than all of them (except slender of course). When her 15th birthday comes she gets a present she wasn't quite expecting.

  • Eyeless Jack X Reader
    2.8M 84.7K 64

    You manage to escape a facility where you had been experimented on. But will you be forever free? Will things go as smoothly as you hoped?

  • Laughing Jack X Reader
    402K 14K 31

    (Y/N) is just an innocent girl who wanted to live a normal, carefree life. That's all she cares about, well, that and her candies. With low blood sugar, she needs to keep her energy up with something sugary, so what better way than to befriend a psychotic clown with a sweet tooth. Wait... What? Suddenly, (Y/N) finds h...

    Completed   Mature
  • Wolf & Pig (Eyeless Jack x Reader)
    517K 18.1K 30

    "That's right. I am the big bad wolf. You are the little piggy" He licked his lips "I can eat you up whenever I want..." ---------------------- I met him at McDonalds. He order a lot of food that he claimed was for his friends, but I didn't believe a word he said I fell hopelessly in love with him. Then he tried to k...

    Completed   Mature
  • Slenderman x Reader
    206K 5.2K 32

    A female creature lives in the woods with her three other sisters. She was worried that they would hate her but they love her. She is oldest sister out of the four and she is not human as well as her sisters. She and her sisters are named after the famous Slender Brothers. She has many abilities and her human form is...

  • (Slenderman x Reader) Started With A Dare
    349K 9.5K 63

    You and your friends has known about the famous or infamous 'Slenderman'. You had a party and your friends played truth or dare. Let Us see your fate.

  • Slenderman x reader - Experiment Breach
    468K 12.5K 19

    You saved me, so now I will protect you, my dear human, Those words were kept a promise by the entity you saved, And now you will stay by his side for the rest of your days.

  • In love with you ~slenderman x reader ❤
    123K 2.3K 14

    AHHH! I AM SO EXCITED TO START THIS BOOK! I HOPE YOU ENJOY IT!❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤❤ Might include some smut...MIGHT! I dont own pic.

  • Slenderman X Reader
    189K 3.9K 15

    Here is a Slenderman X Reader fan fiction I do not own any characters in this book and I do not mean to offend any one in this book all the characters that Slendy or any of the creepypastas kill are not me making fun of any one. Thank you that is all!

  • I Only Want You, Slenderman X Reader
    266K 5.2K 14

    Slenderman x reader

  • Slenderman X reader [rewritten/edited]
    38.9K 890 17

    You move to a different state, a different school and now you cant shake the feeling that you're being watched but by what? Will you even find out? Will you find out in time before 'he' gets to you first? Or will you give in? I wrote this when I was 12..I know its awful and very rough lol [non-romantic]