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  • Cruel Intentions
    55.2K 2.1K 22

    After battling the Dark Elves with Thor, to continue his punishment, Odin has Loki thrown back into his cell with his lips seen shut and special gloves over his hands so he can't recite or cast spells. Two years later, a maid named Asta becomes curious to see the prince that everyone talks about. She is able to get th...

    Completed   Mature
  • Loki's Mortal Gift
    115K 3K 13

    Gifted to Loki by the grandmaster, you serve him in exhange for protection. You perform at one of the grandmasters parties. It's very sensual, everyone is aroused including Loki. Angry and full of lust he drags you back to your rooms to show you who you belong to.

  • Loki Laufeyson Oneshots
    254K 5.5K 105

    Just a book to feed your obsession over the God of Mischief and Lies. Includes angst, smut, smut, fluff and smut. President, Lady and Jotun Loki included! 11/10/2021 - I didn't expect my oneshot book to be so successful, thank you to everyone <3 ! Image for the cover doesn't belong to me.

    Completed   Mature
  • Cat and mouse (part 1)
    106K 3.5K 55

    Anna Briggs is a secretary for SHEILD, she's always wanted to be an agent like her big brother but after his tragic death in the struggle for the Teseract, Fury has kept her on the sidelines. Imagine her surprise when Fury asks her to work undercover, visiting the imprisoned Asgardian to try and gain information about...

  • Dirty Thoughts
    774K 8.7K 4

    [Preview] Loki lives at Stark Tower with the Avengers. They've hired a telepath to keep tabs on him to make sure his intentions are good--but can she resist falling for the God of Mischief? COMPLETE STORY IS AVAILABLE FOR FREE ON MY PATREON: (Direct Link in bio)

    Completed   Mature
  • Loki and the Witchling
    4.4M 131K 77

    You are a healer working with the Avengers when Loki comes to join the team! Previous #1 in Fanfiction

  • My Midgardian Toy
    122K 3.2K 36

    Tony's ex wife, Diana Blodgett, is hired by Tony to work closely with Bruce Banner to see what the tesseract is capable of. But during that time Loki begins to play games with her, driving her wild and waking up all her inner desires. She knows she shouldn't be attracted to the God of Mischief but she can't help herse...

    Completed   Mature
  • Heart of a Mortal (Loki Romance)
    1.1M 28.7K 36

    Ebony Gray hasn't had the nicest life but she can't complain. All she wants is a little adventure. When she finds Loki, god of mischief, passed out in a crater, she gets all that and more. When Loki disappears, only to attempt to take over Earth, can Ebony save him from himself before he becomes the monster he's so af...

  • Sentiment
    121K 4K 12

    Rosabelle Stark is Tony Stark and Pepper Potts' nineteen year old daughter. When Loki was in New York trying to take over the world, Rosabelle was in London finishing university. While Thor was defeating Malekith in London, Rosabelle had returned to New York to help her parents rebuild Stark Towers. What happens when...

  • The Sound of Silence
    2M 67.8K 47

    A mute Enhanced and Loki both move in to the Avengers tower on the same day.

  • Found - Loki
    150K 6.4K 35

    After Loki supposedly gave up his life to save Thor from Thanos, the God of Mischief transported himself somewhere where he could escape Thanos's wrath. Ending up back on Earth, Loki realizes he is still mortally wounded from his bought with Thanos, and he is not healing like he should. Wounded, alone, and afraid of...

  • Guardian
    68.8K 3.2K 60

    Olivia Davis enjoys a normal life, despite living in New York City, the epicenter for Avengers-level disasters. A steady job, a steady boyfriend, that's all Liv really needed. But that is all threatened when Loki tricks her into bringing him back to her apartment for medical attention after he escaped his prison on As...

  • Lies (A Loki/Avengers fanfiction)
    196K 9.8K 14

    My whole life is a lie. Everything you know about me is trick; every story I tell is one of fiction. I will deceive you. And I will draw you into the fantasy that is my life. My name is Ash. And that was my first lie. Copyright @Jadewritesastory

  • commitments of the heart | loki x reader
    39K 66 2

    not discontinued but on hiatus for rewrite/reconstruction. "Your dreams are always the same. The same black hair and ocean eyes and the pain of loss that follows. After so many years of searching for those ocean eyes that haunt your dreams, you've given up looking for them. That still doesn't stop your mind from thin...

  • Unbroken (Loki x Reader)
    840K 31.1K 65

    'If we are fated, my Valkyrie, it matters not the path we choose, our destination will remain unchanged.' If you and Loki are to remain together, you must make a choice - and it will cost one of you everything. And when an unexpected gift is believed to threaten the sanctity of Asgard, friend turns to foe and you are...

    Completed   Mature
  • Unfettered (Loki x Reader)
    1.6M 53.3K 52

    'You are my Valkyrie. And I would follow you across the nine realms and into eternity.' Tortured by HYDRA and liberated by S.H.I.E.L.D, you join the Avengers to use your newfound abilities to interrogate The God of Mischief who started it all. But when you find yourself tangled up in his memories and his bedsheets, yo...

    Completed   Mature
  • Undaunted (Loki x Reader)
    790K 29.6K 97

    'The end may justify the means, my Valkyrie - but only if there is something out there that justifies the end itself.' With the nine realms now facing a threat far greater than you could have imagined, you and Loki are sought by those once considered enemies, and your aid is petitioned. But will such a fragile peace h...

    Completed   Mature