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  • We Meet Once More -- Sucrose x Albedo
    26.6K 1.2K 41

    Sucrose, the daughter and part of the royal bloodline is the next in line of ruling The Kingdom of Mondstadt. Even though she's royalty indeed, she had trouble making friends in her childhood because not many people can relate to alchemy. But then she stumbled upon a boy, who's named Albedo. The two became friends...

  • Xingyun Oneshots ᵎᵎ
    148K 3.8K 32

    Bunch of stuff I wrote on long roadtrips :)

  • Der Prinz and Prinzessin adventure team
    1.3K 70 11

    Fischl joins Bennett in one of his adventures, but things don't go as Bennett expected at first.

  • [DISCONTINUED]Dandelions •*• Diluc x Jean
    79.7K 1.7K 16

    hello, yes, here i am. i ship this solely because of dilucs lines about jean bc hOLY crap it makes it sound like they're in a relationship. i will literally show them if you want me too- anyways, happy reading ^^

  • Icey Cold Feelings II Chongyun x Xingqiu fluff!
    76.8K 2.3K 11

    《GENSHIN IMPACT X HIGHSCHOOL AU》 ➪ CHONGYUN X XINGQIU Two bestfriends and one love story. - - ❥ get a load of this fluff lol. totally not me writing this because I am touch starved uH- Anyways, from Chapter 5 onwards my writing style might seem different :) !!!Made by @Bluuen on Watt-pad! Please do not reupload! ty!

  • Love amongst souls
    362 21 4

    Fischl and Bennett cross paths one night. Just friends they say, what do you think will happen when these two "friends" Develop feelings?

  • Poor lovers
    6.9K 159 10

    Fischl, a self absorbed girl who is the princess of a place called Venurtilung, is getting forced to marry a prince by her mother. On the other hand there's Bennett, a free spirited but homeless boy who has the worst of luck and barely surviving until one day fate brought them together.. Cover art credit: solreiu on...

  • Bennett x Fischl
    792 7 1

    Short fanfic stories of Bennett and Fischl!

  • A small fortune with a chance of fate
    491 17 3

    The unlucky boy and the Prinzessin der Verurteilung, on a heartfelt adventure of emotions. Finding fortune and misfortunes along the way. Walking along side one another to see the true colours of each other.

  • - Little Adventure -
    498 7 2

    Fischl and Bennett are set out to go to Dragonspine for a Commission Little do they know danger is coming their way. Read this to find out!! THESE ARE NOT MY CHARACTERS ALL CHARACTERS BELONG TO MIHOYO