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  • Slangin' Love (Daveed Diggs X Reader) || Complete ✔️
    20.7K 441 16

    ~Complete~ - Slangin': /slaNG/ Usually refering to street sales. Mainly drugs but can mean selling any item. - When your bestfriend Skylar gains fame and leaves you behind in the dust, you meet Daveed and fall in love. Turns out he's involved in some pretty dangerous stuff and when that stuff gets both of you locked...

  • It All Started With A Pillow Fort
    13.4K 357 19

    Daveed Diggs was always the platonic love of your life. But what happens when things become not so platonic?

  • The Theatre: Daveed Diggs
    194K 5.2K 58

    Annabella Ramos had an addiction to the theatre. She had never met another person who loved the theatre as much as she did until her older brother and caretaker, Anthony Ramos, takes her to rehearsal for an upcoming musical, 'Hamilton: An American Musical'. There she meets Daveed Diggs, a man with an obsession with th...

  • by your side [daveed diggs]
    81.2K 1.8K 43

    Adelaide Stuart moves to New York to live with her childhood friend Daphne Brook, a professional dancer and vocalist working at Broadway. Daphne introduces Adelaide to her coworkers and quick sparks fly but Adelaide isn't sure in which direction. Daveed Diggs Fan-Fiction | August 2016 THE EVENTS ARE ALL PURE FICTI...

    Completed   Mature
  • One and Only {A Daveed Diggs x Reader}
    236K 8.5K 35

    FADE IN: A distraught Daveed comes into view. His eyes are glassy and he looks worn down to a frazzle. PRODUCER: How ya feelin', Daveed? DAVEED: How am I feeling? I'm feeling a little disappointed in everyone. Your show is a joke. He begins to take off his microphone. PRODUCER: Hold on for just a- DAVEED: No. I'm off...

  • Faith {A Daveed Diggs x Reader}
    101K 3.7K 26

    As the girlfriend of rap icon Daveed Diggs, things aren't exactly easy for you. Keeping up a good image while living your life takes a toll on you, especially when your private life is available to the entire world. You two vow to tell each other everything to maintain trust. One day, rumors begin to swirl about somet...