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  • In Search of Him!
    63.1K 3.9K 37

    A new enemy appeared when Boboiboy was resting after his fight with Retak'ka. In the middle of the battle, Boboiboy made a foolish decision and now it's up to his friends and elementals to search for him. . . Follow the elemental brothers to search for their owner! New adventures is waiting for them! with problems kee...

  • BBB Elemental Problems -Side Stories (HIATUS)
    9.3K 524 7

    A companion to Boboiboy Elemental Problems . Want to know the hidden scenes between the chapters?

  • Boboiboy Elemental Problem [COMPLETED]
    113K 4.6K 24

    Boboiboy finally can rest at TEMPUR-A Base after Captain Vargoba incident. Do you really think it will be that easy? Note: Several chapters have been edited though the plot remains unchanged. [Watty Award 2020 entry]

  • Trouble Battle 2: The Consequences!
    26.4K 1K 8

    This fanfiction take place after Boboiboy Movie 2! Already saved by his friends from his enemies but now the consequences is getting into Boboiboy and his elementals. Can Boboiboy and his elementals survive the consequences?

  • Reverse...My enemy or lover?(Discontinued)
    1.8K 120 9

    (THIS FF IS BEING DISCONTINUED BCS I THINK IT'S WRONG AND I GROWN OUT OF THAT WEIRD PHASE OF MINE) Siapa tak kenal Boboiboy? Budak paling baik,penyayang,sopan dan comel. Semua orang termasuk lelaki suka dengan dia kerana rupanya yang seakan² perempuan dengan kulit putihnya, bibirnya yang pink,sopan santun sehingga mem...

  • Just a Weapon [Completed]
    40.3K 2K 26

    ❝Who are you, Boboiboy? A friend? A foe? Our saviour? Our death?❞ ❝No, Fang.❞ ❝Then what are you?❞ ❝I am a monster.❞

  • Difference [ Boboiboy and Ejen Ali Fanfiction ]
    57.4K 4.6K 41

    Ali adalah anak dari peneraju Cyberaya dan Boboiboy anak dari duta besar dimana mereka masing-masing masuk ke organisasi. Suatu saat, masing-masing dari organisasi itu bekerjasama sehingga Ali dan Boboiboy akan bertemu lagi dalam keadaan yang berbeda . . Publish :perkiraan tanggal 1-12 September 2020 Boboiboy milik Mo...

  • Heroic (BBB x BNHA AU)
    654 61 2

    Due to a certain childhood trauma, Boboiboy gave up on his dream to become a hero on the age of 10. Even then, he still received an invitation to enroll in Rintis academy; a top academy dedicated to train young heroes in Malaysia. Before he was able to sent back a reply to turn down the invitation, he met a young blon...

  • BBB Galaxy With Healing Power
    439 30 5

    mengisahkan Boboiboy dan kawannya yang perlu menjalan misi baru mereka untuk mencari kuasa healing daripada kuasa spera kuasa healibot yang berada di planet healika, dan mereka dikejutkan oleh datangnya kakak boboiboy iaitu Fara, Fara telah sertai TAPOPS serta fara juga akan tolong boboiboy dan kawannya dalam misi men...

  • Boboiboy elemental's secret past
    20K 832 25

    This story is about Boboiboy hide a secret from his friend, is he a true 'Boboiboy' or someone else...? Fang and others searching for the answer that bring them to unexpected answer... Meanwhile that, their friend relationship getting worse... What happening between them?? " the elemental crystal... " " Save us... " (...

  • Another world? Boboiboy and Bnha crossover
    13.9K 488 7

    During their summer vacation at earth ( lets pretend that he already beated you-know-who) an accident occurred resulting Boboiboy teleporting to another dimension where powers or 'quirks' are received at a certain age. As time passes back in his dimension his friends, acquaintances and family are slowly forgetting him...

  • Sosmed on Boboiboy
    2K 97 2

    Boboiboy dah punya sosmed lo... Hihihi mari tengok.. Boboiboy 8 Bersaudara dari Boboiboy original,Hali,Taufan,Gempa,Blaze, Ice,Thorn,dan yang terakhir Solar. . . Ini khusus Fujo dan Fudan yah.. Yang gak suka jangan dibaca, Saye tak nak mulai konflik. . . Rank# 81 (01042018) Rank# 60 (05042018) Mari dibaca :)

  • 『Be safe』
    20.6K 738 17

    Boboiboy was sent to another world when he was testing his teleportation machine.He end up in a world that full of heroes. He doesn't has any other choice but to join the school that full of future heroes.How he will survive this craziness?? How he want to control ' 𝗶𝘁 '. Will he be able to back home?? Can he protec...

  • Alola Kalos!!!
    2.1K 25 5

    Ash has been at the Pokemon School for 2 years now. The Pokemon School has decided that every other year the students at the Pokemon School will travel to different regions to participate in gym battles and Pokemon Leagues. Destination: The Kalos Region. Ash can use Aura in this fanfic. DISCLAMIER I DO NOT OWN POKEMO...

  • Pokemon Journey
    29.2K 326 20

    I was dared by my cousins to make a Pokémon story. So as a quick disclaimer I don't own Pokémon I'm also just going to have fun with this also some of the characters are going to be a little different like Ash turning into a girl, betrayal and well just stay tuned and I being a huge fan of Hetalia they may appear here...

  • You and Me
    17.7K 1.8K 31

    Di sini akan ku ceritakan lima kisah dalam satu cerita tentang dua buah kerajaan bernama Lightning Kingdom dan Darkness Kingdom. Kisah ini bermula dengan seorang lelaki berumur 18 tahun bernama Boboiboy. Apakah yang akan terjadi jika Boboiboy tanpa sengaja telah membuka sebuah kotak misteri yang Tok Aba melarangnya bu...

  • Fusion
    33.5K 2.5K 11

    Bagaiamana jadinya jika Elemental Boboiboy bertemu dengan Fusion mereka sendiri? Apa tanggapan mereka? Atau malah kekacauan terjadi? "Mama, nggak kenal aku?" "Berbagi itu tanda sayang~" "APAKAH INI!?" Warning! Fusion yang akan tampil bukan milik Author semua, mereka milik pemilik kreator mereka Fanart juga bukan milik...

  • The Shadow Hero - Book 2- (Fangboy)
    13.2K 862 7

    "Cover by google" Disclaimer © Animonsta Studio Genre : Adventure, Friendship, Romance . BoBoiBoy kembali ke Pulau Rintis setelah 6 bulan kembali ke Kuala Lumpur. Kali ini, BoBoiBoy tidak berlibur tetapi akan menetap disana. Adu Du tetap mengincar BoBoiBoy saudara dan ketiga BoBoiBoy telah memutuskan. Musuh baru ak...

  • Ash of Aura
    24.4K 500 11

    Ash and Gou are headed to Rota for the festival. However, Gou has no idea what Ash knows about the place. Now what is in store for our heroes? (If it's not obvious yet, then I own pokemon and while we're at it, I own the world cuz I'm Arceus.)

  • Ability [ Boboiboy Fanfiction ]
    10.8K 1K 12

    Suatu hari, Gopal menyadari bahwa Boboiboy berbeda dari biasanya dan ternyata ada suatu hal yang membuat Boboiboy jatuh dalam kegelapan sehingga para Elemental pun ikut membantu menyelesaikan masalah ini dan melindungi Boboiboy

    18.5K 273 9

    one day while playing with his pal on the forest he found 3 eggs laying on the forest what will he do? how will it effect his journey?read to find out

  • 'My lovely master :D'
    313 49 2

    apakah kalian tahu boboiboy? pasti kalian tahu kan siapa juga yang tidak kenal akan super hero bumi serta rekan rekannya yang memeliki kuasa dari antara semua kuasa kuasa boboiboylah yang paling kuat kalian tahu? boboiboy amat menyayangi kuasanya seperti saudaranya sendiri :3 tapi... suatu hari semua kuasa boboiboy...

  • Distance
    6.8K 288 10

    *this story takes place after Boboiboy movie 2* Everything was fine until Amato came into his life will this father son relationship devlop ? why does boboiboy hates Amato ? on the other hand Fang and kaizo are having a hard time will these two relationship be able to heal ? read to find out

    391K 21.8K 37

    Where am I? After being hit by Wishbot powers, Boboiboy suddenly found himself in a world where currently most of the human population possess superpowers called quiks and hero had become a main profession there. He also finds himself facing a villain along with a group of students called Class 1-A. So, this is Boboib...

  • You Matter Too! | Elemental story | 💖
    16.4K 697 18

    after another success mission boboiboy watch was hit by a machine gun and his watch suddenly glowed and all the elementals where out and but then a mysterious person came and took boboiboy and got away now the elements need to find him and find a way to get back Will they succeed?

  • Being a baby( continution)
    1.5K 124 4

    this the continution of old story ( being a baby)

    15.7K 929 4

    This book is mainly about side stories from my BOBOIBOY X BNHA main book. Also, this will be filled with various stories related to Boboiboy's life in the hero world. I hope you'll enjoy reading the second book as well! And don't forget to add this to your reading list, please! q(≧▽≦q) ART BY: Darkhana ♥

  • A Loving Sister And Strong Trainer
    90.8K 1.7K 42

    "You will recognize the survivors of abuse through their courage. When silence is inviting, they move forward and share their truth so that others know they are not alone." This story is about a girl that loved her father very much but when he was killed she started experiencing abuse at the hands of her own mother. M...

  • ♠The Owner Of 7 Elemental Cards♠
    213 21 1

    TUJUH DALAM SATU Putera Makhota Elemental.Seorang putera yang berani.Penguasa 7 elemental dan seorang putera bertopeng.Putera yang telah menghilang semasa pertempuran antara Elemental Kingdom dan Darkness Kingdom.Dia mempunyai 7 kad elemental.Mengikut lagenda,kad-kad tersebut hanya digunakan kepada seseorang yang laya...

  • (Boboiboy) Prince Of The Galaxy
    6.2K 358 5

    Sebuah Organisasi Jahat yg ingin menguasai Galaxy. Tapi, mereka membutuhkan sebuah kunci. Dan kunci itu hanya diketahui oleh satu orang saja. Orang itu sering dipanggil Prince Of The Galaxy