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  • Straw Hat Ninja
    172K 3K 16

    Neglected for his sister, Naruto learns that the Nine-Tailed Fox's soul is passing on due to lack of chakra. In his last moments, Kurama asked the Shinigami to repleace him with nine other souls so that Naruto can have a family that will always be there for him. With the help of his new family, watch as Naruto becomes...

  • the new demon hunting sparda
    56.8K 556 21

    after 1 year after the battle against Trihexa and the khaos brigade a old childhood love of rias came back most of his harem have ignored him and moved away only a few still talk do him but one day when he was going do the orc club room early he overheard something that broke him most of the leaders and most of his h...

  • Naruto the third son of sparda.
    32.5K 390 6

    What if Naruto is the third son of Sparda? Minato Namekaze or Sparda in his past life. Sparda was turned into a six year old boy with no memorys of his past life. He finds the leaf village and meets Kushina Uzumake and falls for her not knowing she holds the kyuubi or kurama. Flash forward 20 years Minato and Kushina...

  • Red Hood Deku
    54.2K 1.5K 27

    This is a Izuku Yagi story, after being diagnosed quirkless at the age of 4 his mother had given all of her time and attention to his twin sister Izumi, while his father knowing what it's like to be quirkless decides to make Izuku his successor. Awesome right? no because along the way Toshinori stops seeing izuku as a...

  • Izuku: the red hood.
    66.3K 785 6

    Izuku was pronounced dead after being brutally beaten by the league and to make it worse the hero's thought he was a traitor. But that was the day the worlds greatest vigilante was born.

  • the Harem King! (izuku x harem)
    112K 849 4

    when the girls from 1-A and 1-B start playing a game they decide to pick one boy and thst boy is...... izuku what happens when each of them start falling for the green haired boy? well izuku becomes the Harem King!

  • Eternal Masturbation
    28.1K 749 6

    'This wasn't suppose to happen!!!' thought Itsuka During a camping trip between both classes, Itsuka Kendo is discovered "letting off some stream" by Izuku Midoriya... How will this end?

  • No Such Thing As Peace And No Such Thing As Hope ( Izuku Uchiha)
    28.3K 290 17

    Izuku yagi is the son of all might and Inko Yagi and sibling if Izumi. After being claimed quirkless he was bullied by his friends , the todorokis and the Bakugous. After being on a brick of death in a forest he was saved by obito

  • The Rise Of The Uchiha Clan: Izuku Uchiha
    191K 2.9K 23

    Izuku Yagi a bright child who had a young sister whose name is Izumi Yagi always dreamt of being a hero he had both loving parents who made it there personal mission to make Izuku and Izumi life better, he was well aware that his father Toshinori Yagi was not his biological father but he was happy that he had a father...

  • Daisuke Uchiha (Naruto's Fanfic)
    55.1K 828 23

    Sasuke Uchiha is happily married to Sakura Haruno. She gave him an elder daughter and a son; Sarada Uchiha and Daisuke Uchiha. Sarada felt as if she's not really noticed by her father but Daisuke on the other hand, is always gushed over by Sasuke. What happens when Karin proclaims that Sarada is her daughter and her v...

  • The Elementals: HarryXSusan
    130 3 2

    All throughout history is the story of the elementals. Fearless heroes that saved 1000s of lives. Everybody thought it was 1 immortal person per elemental. They're wrong. It was 6 Wizarding families that originated from Britain. These families were as follows: The Potters, The Johnsons, The Hunters, The Jacobsons, The...

  • A Badgers Love
    25.8K 897 15

    On Hannah's 16th birthday, she gets the surprise of her life when she finds out she is betrothed to none other than the Boy-Who-Lived. DISCLAIMER: J.K. Rowling owns Harry Potter. Since I am American and a guy, I'm obviously not her, and thus don't have any claims to the rights to the Boy-Who-Lived. By: the dork knight

    Completed   Mature
  • Creature inheritance (On Pause)
    169K 3.2K 24

    Harry Potter always thought he knew who he was. This changed one night when he came into a creature inheritance. Harry Potter characters are not mine I do not own harry Potter

  • Killer Singers
    27.7K 884 12

    Luna and Harry have a weird dream and face the truth. Dumbledore has a weekly talent show and Luna and Harry take that to their advantage. Harry meets his red dad and gets to do his one only wish, kill people. A/N In this book Luna is in the same year as Harry. I wrote this in two hours from 2 am to 4 am so it has a l...

  • True Love's Heart
    77.4K 2.3K 40

    On the evening of her death, Lilly Potter casted an ancient charm on baby Harry, which would help lead him to finding his soul mate once he became sixteen. Now sporting the charm as a magical heart tattoo on his chest, Harry does indeed find his mate, in an unusual and dangerous place. Racing against time and angry Da...

  • Once Lost Hard to gain back
    14.5K 317 20

    Harry Potter isn't known as the boy who lived. His older brother is though. Harry grows up Neglected and abused. lets see how different his life is with his parents. warning mention of abuse, suicide and suicidal thoughts if sensitive to any of these topics then you have been warned. I will not warn when they are ment...

  • A Harry Potter Fan Fiction || Riddle Twins
    4K 51 4

    What happens when Harry Potter figures out he was making friends with the wrong sort? What happens when Harry Potter goes to the dark? What happens when Harry Potter realizes his mistake? What happens when Hermione Granger follows her brother's footsteps. I DO NOT OWN HARRY POTTER. J.K. ROWLING DOES.

  • Musuko No Mahō
    3.8K 100 5

    Its a Harry Potter fanfiction with the wrong girl who lived and Harry Potter is born as the son james Potter and Lily Evans but in truth was the son of magic and earth Please Support Ignore mistakes Please comment

  • Harry Potter the Hufflepuff (Harry Harem)
    18.2K 550 5

    What if Harry was Half Veela? What if Aunt Petunia was Nice? What if Harry wasn't in the Tri-wizard tournament? What if everyone had a crush on him? And what if he didn't have shitty eye sight? what if he was super Oblivious? What if he had a feminine figure? Read to Fing out!

  • Harry Potter and the Potter Grimoire
    112K 3.5K 40

    AU 4th Year on. After Sirius sends Harry a book for his birthday, his world changes. When the TriWizard Tournament is opened at Hogwarts, he must make the choice of if he would continue as he was, or honor his roots. Will Harry show the world why the Potters were one of the most Respected families? Or will he buckle u...

  • Harry Potter and the second life
    566K 20.8K 146

    what if in his past life Harry was Salazar Slytherin's younger brother, known as Aquila Slytherin, but dew to certain health issues he was kept secret from the world. Now he is reborn as Harry Potter, but thanks to the spell gone wrong, from Voldemort he now remembers his past life and everything he used to know about...

  • Harry Potter and the Copy Wheel Eye
    10.1K 170 8

    Sentenced to Azkaban for helping his Godfather.Tortured, beaten and betray at the point of no return. Harry Potter unlocks the weapon of the Peverell House, The house that controls the Deathly Hallows and a long lost weapon the Sharingan.

  • The Lost Prince
    134K 4.5K 27

    The great Harry Potter received a letter from Gringotts saying that he just received his creature inheritance. It's just that he thought he didn't have any creature bloodline from his parents. Harry felt something wrong with his bloodlines and he wanted to reveal the truth. *Highest Ranking* #3 - sixthyear 05/12/22 #3...

  • My Roommate is a Kitsune.
    16.6K 262 18

    John is a normal eighteen-year-old guy who lives in a world where anthropomorphic animals exist (called Humanimals) and gets a rarer species, a Kitsune, as his roommate after he puts up a poster needing a new roommate. The Kitsune named Unomi hates her life, being a rarer species she is constantly being noticed in pub...

    Completed   Mature
  • Engaged since birth a Harry and Daphne story
    18.1K 239 19

    Lily and James Potter live a normal life except with magic and there 11 year old son they've been keeping a secret from Harry for 11 years now they made a deal with the greengrass's to have there kids marry at 11 now what will Hogwarts think of that.

  • The Wand (Harry Potter Fanfic)
    30.8K 649 17

    This story is based on Harry Potter. The characters belongs to J. K. Rowling. It's the twisted version of what happened in the book. It's main characters are Bad Dumbledore. Good Gellert. Good Tom. And of course elder wand. No hp facts just my weird mind😜. I am very bad in description so read it to know more😉.

  • Fallout monster girls x male survivor.
    71.1K 601 4

    Calem, a survivor of almost vault known as Vault 222. He was put into cryostasis along with several of his girlfriends. This guy had a real life harem. But it was taken from when some scientists kidnapped them and tried to kill him. Unfortunately for them, it ended waking him up. Filled with rage, Calem promptly...

  • Harry's Frozen Heart
    15.2K 406 10

    Harry Potter's childhood was an unloving one. His aunt tolerated him and gave him the necessities but nothing else and his uncle despised his existence. Harry grew distant and cold he froze his heart so he would never be hurt again. one day a someone with silver/white hair much like his decided to thaw it out.

  • Izuku lemons 🍋 🍋🍋
    147K 1K 14

    This is my first story ever please don't be mean with the comments 😅 These are one-shot stories Izuku x any girl

  • Harry Potter Smuts
    5.6M 50.8K 90

    Updates are currently on hold! For translations, check my reading list titled 'Translations'. If you'd like to translate my stories, DM me and I'll get back to you! The chapters are organized by character, and all of them include a plot rather than just mature scenes. All of these are X Female!Reader. So far, I have...