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  • Crowd pleaser // ONGOING
    987 272 30

    ❝Just don't fall for me,❞ ❝Like I would do that,❞ ❝They all say that,❞ When headstrong band captain, Liane Avila, is forced to compete with the theatre club to stay open, she finds her life being twisted as she navigates a world of new friendships, enemies and terrible nicknames. 16-year-old Liane has just been awarde...

  • The Feelings Dilemma| ✓
    4.7K 764 41

    When a college dropout meets a quiet boy in her new home, her life turns upside down as she navigates a world full of feelings, jobs and maybe even love. 18-year-old Ailani has an apartment in Virginia. Except she doesn't. She has been given her 10-days notice and has been told to either pay the rent or get out. So wh...

  • Play with fire
    46 11 1

    1st PLACE IN BADASS READS CONTEST ❝Don't go against Her. She'll smile as you turn into ash.❞ Callix doesn't know what they're doing here. They just know that they're in Asa del Sin for a reason and that reason has something to do with Her - the new Queen that no one has ever laid eyes on before. As She pulls the final...