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  • Sharks
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    So this is only 1 page long but it is facts and things about sharks i do not think I will gain anything from this but this is good for people who like sharks and/or want to learn more about them :) This is only about 3 min btw (by the way). :)

  • A sharks tail!
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    A brave adventurous girl named Amelia goes for a swim, makes friends with a shark and turns into a mermaid with a shark tail!!

  • A sharks tail part 2
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    This is a part 2 of a sharks tail!!!

  • Sharks
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    This book will tell you all about sharks. It will tell you how many die and everything, even Megalodon sharks!

  • Shark Girl
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    Sarah Urban had just survived a shark attack, but instead of returning to her life of being ignored by her parents in Los Angeles, California she goes to the sea. After, the attack she discovers she has been mutated and meets some of her new species. She soon makes friends with Mako Pierce after a rough encounter and...

  • The Mermaid and the Shark
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    Juvia is a mermaid who decides that she wants to see the humans. So she decides to go ahead and go up to the surface. As she gets closer she sees a boat; and is immediately drawn to the boat. She swims up to the boat to see more of it. Then suddenly someone smacks into her; and gets her away from the boat. She is im...

  • The Girl and the Shark
    17.4K 492 53

    Ember Baine leads a normal life, in a normal Florida town, and likes it that way. Daughter to the Chief of the Police Department, an only child with a one and only interest; the sea. And when little Ben Moore is found dead in the salty water, not only Ember is looking out at the waves, but the whole town is too. De...

  • The Shark And The Mermaid
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    A shark prince gets injured in a fight, and the most unlikely creature finds and heals him.

  • Facts About Sharks
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    Sharks are amazing and mysterious creatures. Unfortunately, because they are highly misunderstood they are then feared. Shark Guardian hopes to share with you some amazing shark facts that will help you learn a whole world more about sharks. *Edit* guys I wrote this years ago so some of these facts are not correct any...

  • Sharks!
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    This is the same story a my previous account has on it and I AM THE SAME PERSON AND I WROTE ALL OF THIS SO THERE IS NO COPY WRITE or PLAGIARISM. All made by Ashley Dukes

  • Sharks
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    Sharks are creatures mistaken by their look and actions of mistake. I'm writing an informational text on sharks to show how wonderful they really are.

  • Sharktopus
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    A very powerful Shark like-Octopus Hybrid with a cross between a Great White Shark and a Octopus created by Master Joben, with a Powerful Appendages 8 Tentacles that can grab anything and constrict them very strong and powerful. And also He has a Razer Sharp Serrated Teeth that can be useful cutting prey such as Large...