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  • Save me
    5.7K 103 19

    Faith Deluca works for SVU as a victims counselor she is called in when she is needed when the detectives find out she needs help can they help her before it's too late

  • Constellations (svu Fanfiction)
    31.4K 823 25

    Olivia's past comes knocking in the form of a set of teenage twins.

  • Army Brat
    112K 2.1K 14

    A nineteen-year-old girl is given the chance of a lifetime. Being pulled from the National Intelligence University to be given the test of how well she would adapt to the environment of the Bureau. Although, someone there is always trying push her buttons, she pulls through.

  • 💫She's Different💫
    61K 1.7K 177

    In the middle of an investigation Olivia and the squad raid an abandoned warehouse. Olivia stumbles upon this sweet girl named Bella. She develops a friendship with Bella, and the two get along very well. But, what will happen when the investigation is finished?

  • Adopted by Olivia Benson
    116K 2.7K 44

    This is an Olivia Benson fan fic. Blake is a 14 year old girl who has had a hard life. One day on duty, Detective Olivia Benson finds her and adopts her. Can Olivia save Blake or will she send her back to the orphanage?

    Completed   Mature
  • Healing
    56.5K 988 17

    As the little sister of a doctor and profiler in the FBI, her life was in danger. He had no idea that anyone would dare bring his little sister into their murdering plans. He hated seeing her suffer the pain she felt and the nightmares she relived in her sleep. He felt helpless as her healing process was only getting...

  • Criminal Minds - Plane Crash
    10.9K 212 18

    When on their way California to catch a serial killer who is on the verge of a psychotic break, The team is left stranded in the middle of an uninhabited island with no idea where they are after the jet crashes. With their limited knowledge and resources, will they be able to survive? Will a certain someone finally ad...

  • Limerence
    46.2K 1.2K 22

    (Y/n) (L/n), the victim of an abusive relationship finds herself in danger and is put under the polices protection, but one attorney by the name of Rafael Barba is assigned to help her case against her ex boyfriend Dustin. With obstacles of safety, trust, and love, (Y/n) will need to figure out what she needs to get t...

    Completed   Mature
  • BONES: Next Generation
    27.3K 820 10

    Christine and Michael have been kidnapped one day after school. With a threatening phone call and only eight hours to save them, can the team find enough evidence to locate their missing children alive?

  • Victory and defeat
    18.6K 381 30

    Amanda Rollins has a gambling addiction. Shes finally become clean. But what happens when she is assaulted she has a baby on the way?. Will this baby be a miracle or will it bring more trouble into her life?. Innocence doesn't last forever

  • What happened to Amanda? A Law & Order SVU Fanfic
    22.7K 244 30

    Amanda seems different, she looks sick and worn down and is becoming more distant. When she suddenly goes missing with little explanation, can the squad get to her in time, or is it too late to save Amanda from her deranged kidnapper? (Set after season 16 and 'Forgiving Rollins' but also before Nick leaves). Enjoy, :)...

    Completed   Mature
  • SVU saves Annabell
    85K 2.3K 68

    Annabell is a 14 year old girl from england who lives in an orphanage in NYC.what will happen when the svu squad shows up to see the children, will they find out annabells secret? Will she end up living with olivia you'll have to find out

  • These are their stories ~ Amanda Rollins
    13.6K 230 23

    When Amanda Rollins falls pregnant how fast will things start to unravel? With unexpected visits from the past and with a troubling future ahead of her, how bad can things get for Amanda? When she finally comes face to face with all of her worst nightmares will things turn out the way they are planned or will everyth...

  • Warriors (Marvel/One Chicago/SVU)
    36.2K 880 20

    "Here we are, don't turn away now. We are the warriors that built this town from dust." In which a paramedic from Firehouse 51, a detective from the Intelligence Unit, a doctor from Chicago Med, and a detective from the Manhattan Special Victims Unit have the same past that returns after five years. Canon divergence d...

  • Amanda's Rape
    19.9K 494 24

    When Amanda Rollins is raped, the never ending road of horror begins. But on the other hand, she's engaged and has a baby on the way. Who's baby is it? Nick's or the rapists? More importantly, who's the rapist? Read to find out.

  • Our Love Story (rolivia)
    31K 556 35

    Sort of a smutty story but with an unexpected twist

    Completed   Mature
  • Saving Rollins
    18K 423 16

    This takes place after the trial of Patton, Amanda gets kidnapped by some of pattons friends can the rest of her squad save her before its to late?

  • Saving Grace
    1.5K 21 8

    Grace Wellington a twelve year old girl, is found raped behind a dumpster in an alleyway behind a unit. With no family, no friends, nobody. She has no one and is forced to face and fight off her demons alone. Amanda Rollins, a SVU detective becomes attached to the young thirteen year old taking an interest in her and...

  • euphoria
    19K 476 17

    Olivia Benson starts noticing her daughter acting strange. Jude Benson is just trying to get through the day. Both Bensons learn some lessons along the way.

  • A Course of Passion
    62.6K 1.5K 58

    PLEASE READ BOOK 1 FIRST: A Path to Love. Detective Grey takes some time to work at the BAU when she needs to go back to the city. When she gets there, things aren't as simple as they used to be between her and Sonny. Will their passion for one another out weigh the drama that unfolds?

  • Saving Emmy (Law and Order SVU) CURRENTLY EDITING.
    15.1K 511 19

    When Olivia Benson finds little Emmy alone, in New York City she takes the girl under her wing. But as the girls past unfolds, can Olivia keep the girl safe and save her from her own demons?

  • Recovery (Completed)
    22.2K 676 18

    Hattie Stevens has been working as a victim advocate with Manhattan SVU for two years, denying her feelings for a certain ADA for nearly as long. When the guy she's seeing takes her from victim advocate to victim she'll have to rely on those closest to her to find herself again. Rafael Barba/Original female character...

    Completed   Mature
  • Saving Bradley (An SVU Fanfiction)
    83.4K 2K 37

    Sergeant Olivia Benson goes to a high school with the SVU squad for a presentation. What happens when she crosses paths with Bradley Collins? There is smut in this, its not very graphic, though..mostly. You'll be warned if it is. There is talk of self harm and other things that may be triggering.

  • Last Defense (Sequel to Drastic Measures)
    43.6K 936 12

    "Never thought I'd see you again." "Ditto." After leaving Manhattan SVU and joining the Chicago Intelligence Unit, Eliza Chapman is back at her old department again to help out with a new case. Much to her surprise, seeing her old flame, Sonny Carisi, isn't going to be as easy as she thought it would.

  • Barba A Law & Order SVU Fanfiction
    18.6K 644 14

    Ashlynn found herself in the elevator of the Police Station that housed the SVU , She didn't want to be there but if she didn't turn him in now she might not get a chance to do so. She could have turned to her " Father " But it didn't seem right to go to him even though he worked in this same building years ago . "...

    Completed   Mature
  • Detective Reynolds
    21.2K 398 15

    -Law and order SVU- Detective Alex Reynolds, was a new comer. She was transferred to Manhattan SVU from Brooklyn SVU. They were over staffed and her captain requested that She go to manhattan. Her life and job was pretty crazy in Brooklyn. But it gets even crazier in Manhattan. She meets new people, People who bec...

    Completed   Mature
  • Thoughts In His Head (An SVU Fanfiction)
    7.3K 234 6

    Olivia becomes pregnant and the father is abusive. Elliot tries to save her and her unborn child. The two end up falling for each other. But this isn't through their eyes. It's through the noises being heard and the shadows seen by Charley. - I've never written anything like this before. This is completely spur of th...

  • Don't tell
    17.1K 295 30

    Amanda falls for a man at one of her gamblers anonymous meetings. Pretty soon she finds he's not the gentleman she originally thought he was. Will any of her co workers come to her aid? Or do they just turn a blind eye the way Amanda thinks they will *Some parts contain violence, cursing, sexual assault, etc.*

    Completed   Mature
  • Hush
    11.5K 160 14

    A female detective has a past that she refused to tell, until she has to because her life depends on it

  • Don't Let Him Take Me
    236K 5.4K 63

    Maya is a 12 year old girl who is in the 7th grade. She is abused by her father. One day she goes to school where the SVU detectives are putting on a presentation. They soon become interested in her and discover some horrible secrets she had been keeping from everyone. What will they do to save her life? How can they...