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  • Biofun
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    I decided to write what I will be studying this year in biology in rhymes.

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    [Featured in @StoriesUndiscovered & @WattpadBookshelves] It's not just mere pieces of writing; it's a journey of love, betrayal, pain, and hatred. Because it is love that betrays; betrayal that pains; pain that imbibes hatred. This book is a collection of poetries and short write-ups about- What does it feel to be in...

  • stars • poetry
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    {stars} "she was carried to land from the stars up above where heavenly angels learn about love and although she was grateful her wings began growing a dark faded color that was in its last brewing she had turned on the good and made peace with the devils the madness that she held had reached ultimate levels so in her...

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    Welcome to my midnight thoughts and poems written in different poetic forms. Started: December 21, 2021 Completed: March 30, 2022 P.s. I don't own the pictures use in this book 🥇 in newpoetry 1/6/2022 🥇in midnightthoughts 1/6/2022 🥇in mypoems 1/13/2022 🥇 In Wattpadpoetry 2/12/2022

  • Atypical
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    A collection of flash fiction stories that depicts strange events and horrors of reality.

  • Life Begins Again 🥀🌸
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    It's a mix contents full of poems and quotes. Enjoy reading this book. 🥀🌸

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  • The Realm Of Melancholy
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    Howdy lovely people. Welcome to the realm of melancholy. I hope you all read this sorrowful poetry by me. -------------------------------------------------------------- This kingdom consists of people with lost hearts and lonely souls. This kingdom is filled with gloomy thoughts and lost souls. This kingdom has no ki...

  • Tears and Pain My Testimony
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    The title should explain it enough it's my testimony! I hope y'all enjoy it ❤❤❤ My dad's testimony is in here too!

  • Whispers Of The Past
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    A trip down memory lane... Once again, thank you @AlphaKelly for everything and always being there for me... Thank you @RaveHaynes for taking time from your busy schedule to make this beautiful cover. Your friendship and thoughtfulness are a special gift I will always treasure. You are the best. Thanks a lot! © 2021 1...

  • Dua A Day
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    A few treasures from paradise! Your daily Ramadan quota, a collection of short Dhikr and Dua's for the precious month of Ramadan. Permission to copy and spread.

  • Perfect Imperfections
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    |UNDER HEAVY EDITING | 1 of 27 parts fully edited Eight years ago, a twenty year old girl vanished from her best friend's birthday party at a seemingly luxurious hotel. The whole town of Mattapan looked for her for three weeks but after that.... nothing. They just stopped. No more posters, no more news interviews. Dr...

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  • Frozen Heartstrings
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    || ᴘᴏᴇᴛʀʏ || We go through struggles but come out intact we haven't shattered coz we still stand high But our hearts seem frozen Frozen from the pain, it went through and battles it fought, the wounds it stitched and those scars that were added to the warrior's heart

  • Skeletal Words Of A Dead Heart
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    A needed love to quench the thirsty feeling of a sore soul for 22,000 years.The heart is pale and dead yet the gene it possesses, is still longing for a love like oxygen; the gin to awaken this heart from death's dungeon and put it back to its lively origin. To know how it started, flip the pages of this heart and...

  • Nightfall ✓
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    "But there has to be a way! You are the only one who can help me. Please," I pleaded, feeling desperate. "I can't help you. This curse can't be broken, Hazel. I'm afraid there is no other way," she said sadly, shaking her head. "One of you has to die." ∞ One rainy September night, four friends entered th...

  • eunoia | poetry
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    ❝eunoia❞ • beautiful thinking ❝Sometimes all we need to do is shift gears Into beautiful thinking Shake ourselves free of fear And follow the happiness string❞ Highest rankings- First place in Wattys India Poetry 2021. #29 in POETRY out of 270,000 stories. FEATURED on WattpadPoetryIN. © 2021 Manya

  • wild words
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    some writings born within my soul and my deepest dreams.

  • Poetry - A Sound Of Silent Verses
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    Just an attempt to put my poetry out there for the world to see... " I hate this emptiness I feel; But I know that this is my ordeal; Although the shackle's caging me are, Wrought with love, and bound with hate; They do seal a special fate; So come meet me at my hiding place. " Venture forth, beloved...

  • A Piece of poetry
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    The collection of all the endless feelings and senses in this world.

  • Deeply Written
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    A writer only begins a book . A reader finishes it . 🥇#thoughtsandfeelings (4/12/21) 🥇#poetrycollection (5/12/21) 🥇#poesia (5/12/21) 🥇#shortpoem (5/12/21) 🥇#lovepoem (14/1/22) 🥇#rhyming (30/1/22) 🥇#poembook (6/7/22) 🥈#poembook (5/12/21) 🥈#lovepoem (5/12/21) 🥈#rhyming (5/12/21) 🥈#lifequotes (5/12/21) 🥈#thou...

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    ❝ ...and like the moon she had a side of her so dark, that even the stars couldn't shine on it; she had a side of her so cold, that even the sun couldn't burn on it... ❞ - Abigail J. A bunch of poems soaked in the moonlight Some are mysterious while others are bright Some birds die here while others take flight Some l...

  • The Throne of the Four Realms ✔
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    ➜11X featured ●Featured by @magic● ●Featured by @mythandlegend● ●Featured by @Ambassadors ● ●Featured by @SecretTreasures● ●Featured by @WattpadGoT● ●Featured by @Watt-Dragons● ●Featured by @TheWarriorGoddess● ●Featured by @SpeculativeFiction● ●Featured by @YARomance● ●Featured by @StoriesUndiscovered● ●Featured by @W...

  • Poetry
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    Poems that I have written. I have fixed some grammar mistakes but some are still untouched. I hope you guys like it and can tell me your opinions. Picture does not belong to me. Credits go to rightful owner.

  • YOU ARE NOT ALONE -[Poetry]
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    Hey guys, this is just a collection of simple relatable poems which expresses feelings into words. I have a keen interest in poetry, so any suggestions and ideas are always welcome. I'm no poet but I hope these poems will make you feel that you are not alone and it's absolutely okay to feel the way you are feeling. I'...

  • Trapped
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    Hewo guys! I wrote another piece of shit story soooo...... I.B~ Stranger things

  • Last Words of a Killer [Fictional Poetry]
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    [COMPLETED] "And to taste death my soul awaits, the ultimate end for a twisted fate..." Ten hours into the day and ten minutes to be spared before death seizes control, the twenty-year-old killer's got ten poetic confessions to be announced as the last words of his departing soul... *featured twice on @storiesundisc...

  • Sixteen Letters From The Killer [Fictional Poetry]
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    "But when one has no way of exceeding the limit of sixteen, Is death not the ideal medicine?..." ... On the night of my sixteenth birthday, my killer made me write sixteen letters to myself, vocalized words of hers that I wrote. Sixteen minutes later, I was killed. And my killer claims to be the best friend I've...

  • Keh dein hum...?
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    Zubaan zariya bane, hamari dil ke alfaaz ka. keh dein hum? jo na keh paye hamare lab. kabhi ankhe jhukhi hamari, kabhi dil diwana hua... keh dein hum...? poori duniya toh gawah bane, Hum bhi aur hamari duniya ban gayee aapki kab. ****** collection of Shayaries. from the depth of my heart 💝 ****** If you are rea...

  • The Bad Boy is A Muslim ✓
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    ❥ [#1 british out of 11k stories - 22092021] - My name is Leeyah Ahmed, and this is my story; my story with Noah Ryan. x © 2018| -r @neck-kisses [#1 shy girl out of 3.7k stories - 13092021] [#2 popular - 11012022] [#12 badboynextdoor - 20042022]

  • Whispers And Scribbles ☆ Original Poetry
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    Original poetry book #2 Cover art isn't mine.