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  • Malice dixon
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    BOOK 1 Being a Dixon is hard but being Merle Dixon's daughter is harder. Malice Dixon was born 17 years before the outbreak to a woman who didn't want her so she gave the baby to merle. But merle knows he's not the father. Everything belongs to the creators of The Walking Dead other than my OC I'm writ...

  • In The Dark [yelenaxoc]
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    ❝𝐈𝐍 𝐖𝐇𝐈𝐂𝐇 a child is trapped in the dark ❞ no one saw what was in the dark; no one knew what was in the dark; and no one could understand what the 8-year-old was going through. started Aug 17, 2021. [black widow movie & hawkeye season one] [yelena x little sister] !kid] ⚠TW: LANGUAGE, VIOLENCE, ABUSE⚠

  • The Daughter of Evil
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    Bellatrix has a young daughter by the name of Alexia. In the same year as Harry, she becomes a Slytherin and every boy is quickly falling for her. As she grows into her sixth year Alexia wishes to prove her worth to her mother and becomes a Death Eater to serve the Dark Lord. "What is your name, child?" "Alexia LeStr...

  • The Devil Within (The conjuring Ed and Lorraine Warren fan fic )
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    Lexie Warren was your average 14 year old girl. Well, not really. So what if her parents were none other than Ed and Lorraine Warren famous leading Demonologists in America.That wouldn't change anything, right? Wrong. Living with a dark secret and constantly being compared to them or her sister Judy wasn't exactly a l...

  • Coco: Miguel and Micaela in the Land of the Dead
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    Miguel and his mute twin sister journey to the Land of the Dead to uncover a family mystery nearly a century old. MAJOR MAJOR SPOILERS IF YOU HAVE NOT SEEN COCO DO NOT READ!!! This fanfic was written for my own pleasure, I present it to you because I put a lot of time and work into it. Things may not be accurate, but...