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  • Till The Clock Strikes Gone
    169K 15.1K 62

    ❝In class, you said I reminded you of someone. Who is she?❞ ❝My wife. You remind me of my wife.❞ ━━━━━━━━━━ When an accidental time travel brings twenty-seven-year-old William eight years back to the past, he gets a chance to change his future and undo his marriage to the...

  • Dead Boy Bewitched
    15.8K 1.4K 33

    whatever our souls are made of, his and hers are the same ••• When seventeen-year-old Nancy attends the funeral of her infamous bully, Kai Jones, it's not to mourn him but to steal back her grandmother's locket which he snatched from her. What she do...

  • Darkling
    379K 18.8K 52

    Clara is restarting life. Unwillingly, when her father decides to move from good old New York City to isolated Ilea. Clara is Ethereal Ilea is a kingdom. And 'Arcane High' is her new school. Except... that school isn't quite for humans. It has some students that are supernatural. Then comes Callum. The mystery no one...

  • Love Me Never
    726K 27K 35

    Hate surrounded us. Why wouldn't it after everything that happened in the past? Rhys Archer had already ruined my life once, and he was about to do it all over again. Breaking my heart once wasn't enough. The cold and brutal prince wanted to do it again. It wasn't meant to be me. I wasn't supposed to end up with him...

  • Tell Me You Love Me
    1.4M 54.6K 45

    Brielle is the beloved daughter of the town's Pastor. The perfect church girl. The angel child. To the world. River is the prince of Ashbourne. The devious bastard. The devil himself. To everyone. Once upon a time, the two were childhood best friends. That friendship morphed into hatred. And now... Now the two are de...

  • Sinner
    548K 20.3K 42

    The Princetons and the Lockes. It's an enmity of decades. And so the tradition continues when it comes to Venus and Caden. A prince and a leader's daughter. Two hearts. Two minds. Two bodies. Attraction. Hate. Love. But above all, lust. Unfortunately, feeling anything but hate for the other, is a sin. And Venus and C...

  • Insurrection [On Hold]
    284K 17.3K 59

    Raksana is running from her father's army when she is captured by her country's most feared group of rebels. Their leader, Nate, was prepared to kill her, until she starts insulting him. But are they doomed from the start? Because when royals clash fairy tales fall. After all who said fairy tales had to have happy en...