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  • The Missing Twins
    114K 2.6K 14

    Persephone and Hades were kidnapped from their family at the ripe age of 2 by the Russian Mafia. Their father and six brothers were devastated, and never stopped searching. Hades and Persephone were tossed on the streets at a young age, causing them to grow up quickly. Facing struggles together, always attached...

  • Liliana
    234K 10.2K 57

    //Highest Ranking: #2 in Escape // #1 in new school// #1 in possesive// Liliana is a sweet and kind, 4-year-old little girl who just wants a happy life. She loves everyone and always tries to help everyone. She lives with her father who hates her...

  • His Little Star
    379K 13K 32

    "He is a scary man, Ivy! You should keep your distance from him." "His sons are equally as cruel as him.." "This whole family is actually heartless." Growing up, Ivy's ears are filled with warnings to stay away from this particular Santiago family. The leader of the family, Mr. Lucifer Santiago is a rumoured cruel m...

  • Lost Mafia Princess
    438K 13.5K 64

    #1 in father #1 in introvert #1 in brother-sister. #1 in shygirl #1 in wattpadauthors #1 in father-daughter #3 in babysister #4 in sweet This is a Mafia siblings story. It will have some cliche sweet siblings moments. It's not like other Mafia sibling stories, I will try my best to make it as different as possible. ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Forgotten
    1.3M 30.5K 34

    In the end I just say fuck it and instead of hitting the target, I just waste the bullet. I put the gun down and take the ear muffs off and look at him. "I really suck at this" He smiles while looking at me "with a little practice I'm sure you will get it" I look at his smiling face and for some reason I'm actually...

  • Help
    354K 13.5K 37

    Florence Young was taken by her mother from her brothers when she was five years old. Never forgetting her brothers, she spends everyday longing to go back home to them. She spends everyday remembering the life she used to have. Even ten years later she dreams about going back home to her brothers. Her home life is a...

  • Understand Me
    164K 3.9K 21

    Baylor Jones, a 12 year old girl with Asperger's syndrome (autism), with an abusive life that she doesn't know how to deal with. When the "accident" happens, she gets sent to live with her 6 older brothers who haven't seen her in eleven years. Will they be able to help her? Will they be kinder than her abuser? Will...

  • The estranged family
    259K 8.7K 91

    Skylar, a 15 year old girl who lives with her mother and step father. She gets horrible news about her mother's health and is now living with her step father alone. The step father is involved with some sketchy business she doesn't know about until an estranged man and crew barges into their home "She's not my kid" I...

  • Parks & Moretti
    314K 10.3K 42

    ~ongoing~ After eleven year old Parker is faced with her stepfather's death, she has to move in with her five older brothers. Her newly discovered family has secrets they are hiding from Parker, but Parker is keeping secrets of her own. Will she ever be able to trust them? Her newly discovered family happens to run th...

    493K 11.8K 43

    Antonia, a 3 yr-old girl, left alone and found by a cold, heartless, italian mafia's Capo; Santiago Moretti, a 27 yr-old man with four brothers. Follow Antonia's life journey and discover all the secrets that will be revealed. Sorry for the short description but give this book a try. Date start: December 10, 2021 Dat...

    Completed   Mature
  • Lost, Little Sister
    146K 3.4K 11

    Nine older brothers, nine protective big brothers. Madison, a beautiful twelve year old girl, who is lost. She didn't have the easiest life growing up, as she was abused and ignored. She had an alcoholic-suicidal mother, one who didn't provide any additional love or support. Maddie is deeply traumatised from past even...

  • Winona
    260K 9.4K 46

    Her name is Winona or Winnie for short, she's 10 years old and at early age learned how to work, just to earn money to help her mother. She was the product of her mother's unreciprocated love and because she's the spitting image of her father, Matilda couldn't love her with all her heart, as she reminds her of the pai...

  • I'm not okay
    509K 11.5K 51

    8 year old Alessia never had the best life. From being taken away from her family at a very young age to being diagnosed with cancer while dealing with mental illnesses daily, have been taking a toll on her for years. When she gets word that her captor got put in prison, she's send off to life with her older brother...

    Completed   Mature
  • Mafia Don's Daughter
    1M 24.7K 25

    Lily Black is the only daughter of Mafia Don, Victor Black. Here you will read what it is like being the only girl of five children with a very powerful father. She has four older and overprotective brothers and an overprotective father. Read to find out what happens throughout her life from when she was born to being...

  • Finally Found
    1.1M 29.1K 39

    Gabriella White is a 14 year old girl who's had to face more tragic events then a 14 year old should. At the age of 12 her mother was brutally murdered in a home evasion, which after closer investigation the police closed the case, so now stuck with her abusive stepfather, John for almost 2 what happens when her stepf...

  • Their Innocent Angelina
    678K 14.4K 57

    "Who are you" she asked scared "Your brothers" they said "Will you hurt me" She asked sobbing "Never in million years" One of them said Siblings- the definition that comprises love,strife, competition and forever friends

    Completed   Mature
  • Sofia's Secret Mafia Brothers
    3M 116K 78

    Sofia is a 17 years old high school student under the guardianship of her step-father. Several weeks after her mother's death Sofia discovers the horrible truth. It wasn't an accident, it was a murder. And she's living under the same roof with her mother's killer. Without any backup plan or money, Sofia escapes to It...

  • Princesses of their heart's ✔
    620K 15K 80

    Angelina is a 16 years old girl. She is just like her name a little angle. She is kind and innocent. She always smile. She lived with her abusive father. In which age, Girls haves boyfriends, went to parties and all that. She lives at home and read books. But one day, her life changed when her father murdered by a ga...

    Completed   Mature
  • Their Broken Sister✔
    958K 25.9K 61

    Oralbella Matt a sweet and an innocent girl who had a loving mother and a once loving step-father. All her life she thinks that she is the only child of her mother but after her abusive step-fathers sudden death. Oralbella's life disastrously changed. She is put under the care of her 6 disgustingly rich, over prote...

    Completed   Mature
  • The innocent lost daughter
    505K 10.3K 68

    Catanya Celestia Romano is her name, or is it? Catanya was kidnapped by her mother, Audrey, at a very young age. Audrey took Catanya away from her father and brothers because she though that she was taking away all the attention that she used to have. Years after years, Catanya gree up abused by her mother and stepfa...

  • Until We Meet Again
    463K 8.9K 38

    Mia Bianchi, the first girl born in the Bianchi family in generations. She is their happiness and light. Unfortunately, a year after her birth she is taken to live her life in cruelty. Four years later she is reunited with her parents and 6 brothers. How will she cope? Will everything be the same? Will she remember t...

  • Viola
    227K 4.5K 30

    Their Principessa, - - The pride and joy of the Calvetti family, - - Is dragged away. By whom? None other than Leah Calvetti, her mother. - - - In the middle of the night, a little girl is snatched by her mother and taken away from her favorite people in the world... her father and 5 older brothers. - Thirteen years...

  • Strength
    150K 4.9K 23

    Sophia is a shy 16 years old girl. The Wilson's adopted her after foster parents were arrested due to several reasons. She thought that she would never escape her foster home, but she did. She thought that she will never get real friends, but she did. She thought she could never get her Step-Brothers to accept her as...

  • Their Little Princess [ NEW VERSION ]
    1M 10K 10

    Isabella Delilah Giordano A little six year old the definition of innocent and kind. She was taken away when she was one by a maid that was obsessed with the little girls father. Out of jealousy she handed the girl to her fathers rival mafia group. For three years the girl did not see even one ray of sunshine. She...

  • The World That Was Mine (Part I & II)
    736K 25K 44

    "I was sick of letting the world run me so I decided to run the world." ~~~ Isabelle Cane was taken from her family at 6 months old, leaving behind 7 older brothers and a twin sister. In the 12 years she's been away, Izzy has faced hardships no child should have to deal with. A drug addict mom, the never ending need...

  • Their Only Bambina
    421K 6.6K 18

    𝙅𝙖𝙙𝙚𝙡𝙮𝙣𝙣 was born into a family with 8 sons. One being her older twin brother, James. One night after her dad came home from a business trip Jadelynn was kidnapped from the family home by someone they were very close too. She was than placed into an orphanage and has been to many foster homes. Some good so...

  • Saving Belle
    620K 14.3K 59

    Abuse is all Belle has ever known, Her mother had 5 other children before Belle was born. When she had Belle she didn't want to have her grow up in that environment, so she fled with her. only her. things took a turn for the worse when Belle's Mom Sarah met a new man Belle's step father Mark. Sarah got into drugs bec...

  • Bambina
    131K 2.5K 15

    Cute little 4yr old Daliah was just sitting on the street when a man went up to her What happens when that man turns out to be her father? What happens when she finds out she has 7 Brothers What will the brothers think when they find out their sorellina has been found? Read to find out!! (Bad at descriptions,please...

  • Mafia's Principessa
    844K 14.3K 20

    Valencia is a shy 3 year old girl, She lives with her abusive dad, who has been hurting her since she was a baby... One day Valencia runs away... only to be found by the most feared Mafia Don, who takes a interest in the little girl. Will his sons like her? Will the family like her? Will she be a happy girl? Or will...