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  • Kaiju Hero: Bnha X Male Godzilla reader oc
    104K 1.5K 48

    Kaiju, one of the greatest terror of man kind one of the greatest terrors was the king of the monsters Godzilla, however all seemed to have vanished, many decades later in the world of quirks, a boy was born with the eyes of a monsters (inspiration was from puppet198463 one to rule all)

  • Infinity (BNHA x Villain Male Reader)
    808K 40.9K 48

    (There is no romance in this story) It all comes down to the day, when heroes realize they can't win. Y/N is a 14 year old who will do anything to achieve his plan, his promise he made. He never dreamed to become a hero, because they're the ones who wronged him. And there was no way in hell, that he wouldn't get back...

  • The Wildcard Of Terra
    61.3K 901 42

    "I've been called many things, but so help me, "polite" will never be one of them"- Operator Spade, upon being hired by Rhodes Island. The Ace of Spades traditionally the highest and most valued card in the deck of playing cards. One would know when to turn the tide.

    38.2K 262 47

    Clash is a nergigante who, while escaping hunters comes across a portal. The portal takes him to Pyrhhia. A world completely different from his own. Will he learn to live, fight and love in a world oh so different from his own? Or will he change this new world forever?

  • Fate/Grand Shenanigans: Fog of London
    40.6K 1.2K 10

    The Chaldea crew return for the fourth singularity. This time they're dropped in London 1888. New faces and an old ally will be revealed as Y/n becomes more belligerent than ever.

    Completed   Mature
  • Accidentally ( OP! male reader x Arknight )
    221K 4.7K 48

    Y/n a human. That will Isekai. To the random world. That's it. And this is about op y/n and harem. Have 18+ scene too. So be aware. Author: All pictures aren't mine, it belongs to their artist. P/S: Y/n will go to another universe. Higher Rankin:- #1 bored #1 operator #1 Rhode island #1 ursus #1 infected #2 multiverse...

  • A Blade to Sever Destiny (Fate/Stay Night x Male Reader)
    137K 3.9K 22

    "I shall sever the thread of destiny with this boundless light." Words that ring out in the void and now shall echo upon the battlefield of the fifth holy grail war. Y/n L/n now finds himself in an extremely fatal grail war and his only hope of salvation will be to gain the grail and right what was wronged.

    Completed   Mature
  • The One That Rises (MHA x Male Reader)
    164K 5K 22

    Fury, Hate, Sorrow. Such cliche motives, don't ya think? Well, this guy's motive is one thing and one thing only. To piss off as many people as humanly possible be they hero or villain. There will always be those that are strong. ???: "And I'll be waiting to bring them crashing down!"

  • The Rise of Donnerkönig (Male Reader)
    192K 3.3K 39

    This will not follow the Story of Azur lane and the Anime this will be my Own plot and I don't own Azur lane they belong to Yostar, Yongshi and Manjuu and thats it.

  • Scorched Twilight
    13.9K 483 30

    As Y/n now hunts for the Third of the Seven Sins, he finds himself posing as the "Y/n" of this world, his Codename: Sathariel. From clones of himself, a ragtag group of infected, and a ghost of the past that wasn't his own, Y/n discovers secrets hidden under his secret-filled childhood, secrets only the other inhabita...

  • The Ursusian Sniper \/Arknights Story\/
    14.5K 348 10

    "Lay a finger on them...and you're dead." a rifle clocked against the back of the soldier's head, who was about to strike the Ursusian students. The hatred and dread that in the voice, was enough to leave a scar on everyone around. The soldier slowly turned around and was met with the barrel of a Mosin-Nagant. Howeve...

  • Red vs Blue (Male OC Insert)
    277K 6.1K 194

    You were one of the first freelancers and one of the best you could never fill a mission no matter what happens you always succeed no matter who you fight you always come out on top. You've lost a lot of people you care about in your life along with Losing your memory on top of all. What will happen when you get your...

  • The Betrayed Earth(Betrayed Earth Godzilla x Highschool DxD)
    109K 1.3K 8

    (Y/n) was a part lizard man, and he used to be part of Rias's peerage. Used to. Rias, deeming him weak because of HER inadequate training, attempted to kill him and take back her Evil Piece. She manages to extract the evil piece, but in doing so awakens the Sacred Gear lying dormant within (Y/n). The Kaiju born of Ear...

  • Fate/Grand Shenanigans: Pirates of Chaldea
    53.3K 1.5K 11

    It's time for Singularity numero tres! Y/n and the crew are buckling up for some bullshit on the high seas. This is about to get really scuffed really quickly, so buckle up bumblecunts, we're headin' to Okeanos!

    Completed   Mature
  • Lost Spirit (Male Reader X RWBY)
    14.2K 257 15

    I wander...the night streets....... Why am I here? The strange creature of the Dark...are afraid of I drain their life.. I wander thru the cold streets...all I remember of two thing My name...Y/n...and feeling cold...

  • Broken Willow: (DepressedBrokenBulliedTorturedMaleReaderXRwby)
    57.2K 863 12

    Y/n Yanagi was a 16 year old huntsman in training at Beacon Academy. In the beginning he showed so much promise. But everything changed when he revealed he was a faunus. Soon Team CRDL, Team RWY, and Team NPR, started to poor Y/n. With everyone bullying him and the recent death of his father, he was growing depressed...

  • [Discontinued] Arknights: Connections
    9.3K 344 9

    Reunion is known for their terrifyingly strong leaders, W, Patriot, Talulah, and Raven. Raven is a weird case when it comes to being a leader of Reunion, he doesn't have a squad to command, and while he seems to have deep ties with the organization of reunion, he has never been seen next to none on the battlefield. Hi...

  • Sword Art Online; Sheik's Story
    39.4K 966 24

    Story of Sheik in Sword Art Online. My name is Asuka. I go by Sheik in this story, however. I'm a gaming trap who got himself stuck in a game called Sword Art Online. If you're reading this, you mostly know what happened. 20,000 players get trapped in a floating castle called Aincard, and if you die in the game, you d...

  • Arknights: My Special Investigator Partner Can't Be This Cute [OC X Ch'en]
    60.7K 1.1K 30

    Though i am just lowkey journalist, i was tasked to head towards Lungmen City to conduct a special interview to a investigator. But i didn't realize that this is the start of my messy life

  • Yandere Impact (Honkai Impact 3 x Male Reader)
    187K 4K 19

    What if the girls were crazy over one man, and that man was Y/N L/N? Let's find out! Lemons in this story

    Completed   Mature
  • Arknights x Reader【One Shots】✵Arknights✵
    95.3K 1.1K 16

    This book is all about the reader being in various relationships with the operators of Arknights. Either it being an operator x operator or doctor x operator (there's also lewdness in the mix with the wholesomeness). Let your imagination run wild, and see what your alternate incarnations are doing with the operators w...

  • A Masters Word (Fate/Stay Night x Male Reader)
    207K 3.8K 15

    The Holy Grail wars. An intense battle to defeat other masters with your own servants. This Story centres around one human in particular. Y/n L/n. A relatively normal young man who gets thrown into the Holy Grail war against his will. I don't own the Fate Series or any of the pics used. All rights go to their respect...

    Completed   Mature
  • I am Reborn!
    311K 4.4K 39

    Crossover Harem x Male Abused and Neglected OP reader Y/n L/n, A nobody. He doesn't have a Quirk, A Semblance, An Imperial Arm, Nothing. He is a 2nd Year in Union Academy, A Place for All kinds from around the World. He is like a nobody, Many says that "He cheated his way into Union", or "He's just a Bloody pervert". ...

    Completed   Mature
  • Sinnoh Shenanigans! (Pokémon x Male Reader)
    133K 2.1K 22

    I got bored and decided to make a Pokémon story. Obviously it's in the Sinnoh Region, because that's where ya boi started! Oh and if you guys want, once this book's finished, we can move onto different Regions.