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  • Theurgy: The Journey's Dawn (Book One)
    54.4K 4K 70

    #1 THEURGY SERIES "I give my life to the Empire, for it is worth giving, and it shall be the weapon of my people. May Fate judge me worthy, for in our grim future, few are. And may my sword and shield never be surrendered to disgrace." Lyse Opal, a born simple farmer who grew up in a small village of one of the most...

  • The Cursewright's Vow
    186K 17.6K 186

    [THIS STORY WILL BECOME FREE ON MAY 27, 2021] Ammas Mourthia is a cursewright: an outlawed magician sworn to break curses. Contracted by the Emperor's daughter, he's pursuing a curse he may never break. ***** Ammas Mourthia is a cursewright -- an ou...

    Completed   Mature
  • Luminous
    1.3M 73.4K 124

    Born with glowing green eyes. Destined for rotten luck. Peasant girl Meya Hild was "given" the opportunity to become a Lady. At swordpoint. By mercenaries. Engaged to a dying nobleman. Poisoned with one month to live. Tasked to loot a castle. In a kingdom running out of resources. Little did Meya know this shenanigan...

  • The Moonlight Boy | Ferry's Tale # 1
    2.1M 143K 66

    * The Fiction Awards 2020 Winner * In Goodharts, the small town beyond the hills, nobody knows how Ferry Donovan looks. His mother has been keeping him out of sight for over nine years. When the boy finally begins school, the people are not only intrigued by his appearance but also by the strange things taking place a...

  • Half-Demon's Revenge (Legends of Radenor #1)
    100K 2.3K 13

    The land of Radenor is in need of salvation: the royal family and court are corrupt to their very core and full of vipers and backstabbers, the church is malevolent, people are starving, death has become a frequent guest of the mendicant people. A betrayed princess sacrifices herself to get vengeance for her ruined m...