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  • REINCARNATED IN Harry Potter ( Golden ERA)
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    reincarnated /ˌriːɪnˈkɑːneɪtɪd,ˌriːɪnkɑːˈneɪtɪd/ having been reborn in another body. "a reincarnated soul" Woke up in another familiar world is something she didn't expect for. That's was mind-blowing thing-before she didn't believe anything about Reincarnation, but now it's hardly not to accept everything happens in...

  • - Her Beautiful Curse - ON HIATUS
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    She walked among them like an angel, with a crooked halo and shattered wings, desperate to remember what it was like to be at peace. Stretching out her arms and remembering what it was like to soar among the Gods. "You know you're too nice for your own good, right?" Sirius chuckled, tucking his arm around her waist. "...