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  • My Mate
    6.9M 281K 34

    BxB --------- Torin Frey has a crush. With his eighteenth birthday right around the corner, he'll soon be able to identify his Mate. Hopefully it's the male he's always had his eyes on.

  • Reyr the Gold (Dragonwall Series # 2)
    2.4M 199K 60

    After fulfilling an Unbreakable Promise, Claire finally accepts her new life in Dragonwall. She has discovered a new purpose--one she created for herself to save Dragonwall. It is her destiny to defeat Kane, that much is certain. What isn't certain, is how she will achieve this end. Powerful magic courses through her...

  • Verath the Red (Dragonwall Series #3)
    1.6M 128K 55

    Claire fights to prepare herself to fulfill an Unbreakable Promise made in the heat of the moment. A spontaneous adventure north, a catastrophic attack upon Dragonwall, and a surprising realization, all culminate into the perfect storm, bringing Claire and Talon together under unexpected circumstances. When Claire an...

  • Koldis the Green (DRAGONWALL SERIES 4)
    689K 63.7K 51

    Claire understand that to defeat Kane, she must master her magic. That means journeying deep within the forest, all the way to Esterpine, to study with the Sprites. But the forest isn't what it once was. A sickness is spreading, twisting all that it touches. With it, unrest grows among the prominent bloodlines under Q...