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  • Reverse Rivalry (BoyxBoy)
    1.1M 42.9K 73

    Skylar Lain was a menace. Jale Kierson was a dumb jock. They butted heads like two dogs in heat fighting over a female. Throw in fights, anger and visceral hate for each other. There's no doubt about it. They loathe each other with every ounce of their being but when they both end up having to endure a punishment they...

  • Wicked Curse
    5.3K 253 13

    Dead Centuries ago despite being a vampire, King Sinclair's son was bitten by something in the woods. In their dire efforts to save him, the Royal Sinclairs kidnapped a virgin. From the all-powerful and unforgiving Coven of Aries Witches. However, everything that could have gone wrong, went wrong. The virgin witch d...

  • Rivals [BXB]
    69.8K 1.2K 11

    Two Boys , One Summer , & A Big Mistake . Tyler Parrish and Gregory White have never been friends, they've always had to compete with each other for everything. But on one summer night everything is going change.

  • rivals in the sheets
    520K 10.2K 22

    Ethan and Lucas are rivals of opposite football teams who hate each other. What not many people know is that the two used to be very close when they were younger and it seems as if that common past might come back to haunt them, or even worse, reunite them again.

  • Just You and I
    440K 13K 32

    Jake Miller and Alex Moody have been in an unspoken rivalry since middle school --popularity and talent driving one away from the other. But being locked up in the school's equipment room with a drunk-as-hell rival can make things a little complicated in their relationship. One struggles to contain his feelings. Whi...

  • Falling
    1.3M 77.7K 61

    COMPLETED [boyxboy] Carson Hughes is a bright light. Vinny Taylor is an enigma. ** After spending his summer away as a camp counselor, Carson Hughes comes back to his home town for his senior year. Things seem to be just as he left them until he finds out his best friend's brother came out of the closet and cut ever...

  • A Guy's Best friend
    372K 10.1K 29

    Brandon and Nick have been best friends since they could remember but could one night erode away years of friendship or make it even stronger? ********** "Is this what's been bothering you? Was it because of me?" My child hood friend eyed my erection and I buried my face in his chest. "N-n-no, let me go" I said hiding...

  • Between the Lines | ✓
    586K 44.4K 37

    [BxB] Alexander Smith has a love-hate relationship with trashy online novels, scoffing at the problematic main leads, clueless protagonists and the rampant use of cliches. He never understood why the kind protagonist always chose the abusive 'badboy' main lead in every inane love-triangle, especially when there was a...

    Completed   Mature
  • Just Friends [✓]
    6.4M 146K 18

    Everyone knows that Spencer and Ethan are definitely, irrefutably, wholeheartedly, totally, unconditionally, unquestionably, completely, entirely, utterly in love. Well, Everyone except Spencer and Ethan. Because if you ask them....they're just friends

    376K 19.4K 26

    Dawson is- most people who don't know him would say- as straight as they come. And senior year away from home promises to be a big year for him: no parents in sight, a whole new set of friends, he just seems to have it all. Not to mention that all the pretty girls of the very private Wharton High are dying to get a ta...