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  • How You Should Love (Completed)
    194K 6.5K 28

    After being divorce with her wife for a year Chaeyoung seeks new meaning with her life.Mina got to move on with her life with her new boyfriend while Chaeyoung stayed sulking nursing the hurt from their divorce.She was confronted with a very big dillemma;should she shatter the illusion of herself believing that she co...

  • From the Bottom of My Heart, I Love You (gxg) (AU)
    5.4K 143 35

    Originally published on the archive of our own. . . . PLOT: Ava and Beatrice spent their childhood days together, became close, did activities together, and enjoyed each other's company until something happened one day that caused them to lose touch for years. Ava, who is now in her freshman year of college, has ma...