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  • Will Solace and the Anonymous Mail Service
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    TWs for dead siblings, swearing, and other PJO onwards canon triggers ---- reposted from my AO3, don't get mad at me it's my AO3 and my choice to post it here ---- Nico di Angelo is having a bad day. Firstly, he got woken up at ass-o-clock by the cleaning harpies. Secondly, he got a little scratch whilst sparring with...

  • Hermits Opinions On Shipping (and evidence!!)
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    Hey hey! This was originally a chapter in my Chaos book, but I decided to make it it's own book with each Hermit having a chapter. As a Hermittpadder, we have to be very aware of the fact that we're writing about real people. Minecraft personas, yes, but still real people. So with this in mind, creators have bounda...

  • [✓] the four of us ~ hc
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    Highschool sucks, but some good close friends can make everything a lot better. When xB learned all three of his closest friends had also had diaries throughout their highschool years, he immediately wanted to make something out of it.... like perhaps a four year, seemingly-shared diary-ish... thing. Join xB Crafted...

  • Reflection (A Sequel To Redemption)
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    Grian died. Mumbo saw it, it was certain. But with a new, powerful book, he's found a way to communicate with the Watcher. And just when he starts believing that he can bring him back, a new problem arises. And Mumbo wonders who he can trust.