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  • Music Room | M. Yoongi
    139K 7.7K 24

    "I always come here because I'm lonely." MIN YOONGI + sequel for Room 1997 + contains violence, gore, and dumb characters + read Room 1997 before reading this ※Highest rank: »032518 - #131 in Fanfiction »051118 - #108 in Angst *Started: 10.11.19 *Ended: --/--/-- cover created by @suwubins

  • Little Star || BTS Horror AU
    59.3K 5.1K 27

    "Twinkle twinkle little star How I wonder what you are Up above the world so high Like a diamond in the sky" My dull black and white life was filled with colour again when I met those 7 boys. Everything was going perfect... No. Everything was going the way I wanted it to go... Until that one night where I had a myste...

  • Room 1997 | J. Jungkook ✔
    673K 42.1K 34

    "Would you dare to go inside?" JEON JEONGGUK + contains gore, profanities, and violence + suggested to read during daylight REVIEWED BY @TheBTSWriters AND @regan4life THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!! cover created by @suwubins

    Completed   Mature