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  • My Mafia Boss
    102K 6.1K 52

    Sana is 25 she's struggling to keep up with her two jobs. she's an orphan and she has a 2 year old daughter named Hyori, her ex boyfriend left her when she was pregnant. She's also a great painter. Tzuyu is 23, she's a billionaire. She has hotels, casinos, night clubs...etc. She likes to fool around with girls, specia...

    Completed   Mature
  • My Boyfriend's Sister
    21.1K 962 16

    Sana, a young and beautiful girl from Japan, is engaged to the love of her life, Jun. The two have been together for many years and everything seems to be going as planned... until Sana learns some unsettling information about her "perfect" fiancé After confronting her fiancé and finding the accusations to be true, sh...

  • The popular girl is my lover while I am a loner (SATZU)
    119K 5.1K 33

    Tzuyu and Sana's secret love at school.

  • Train To Busan (TTB) || [SaTzu] [TWICE] (COMPLETED)
    43.2K 1.9K 6

    Train To Busan, Twice version but the main characters are Sana and Tzuyu. -- To end, To start over again, To fight together, To die (Inspired by: Train to Busan and some random love stories) Disclaimer: This is just a work of fiction. All the incidents, businesses, places and events are either the product of the auth...

  • She's a Princess ∥SaTzu ∥ [COMPLETED]
    276K 10.3K 48

    When Tzuyu fell for an anti social girl not knowing she's a princess. - Highest rank: #1 sapphire #1 satzu

  • she's a vampire » satzu (completed)
    287K 11.4K 33

    Tzuyu is a vampire. She transferred to a high school in Korea, where she met Sana. What would happen between the vampire and the clumsy girl book published: june 20, 2019 ended: august 09, 2019 Originally written by @cafeaulaitzu

  • Notebook • SaTzu [COMPLETED]
    66.4K 3.7K 19

    "Everytime you smile, I love you more♡" A secret admirer leaves small compliments in Tzuyu's notebooks whenever she lend her notebooks to her classmates. ©sadmuseum

  • Yours Truly ➳ SaTzu
    242K 8.7K 62

    ❝In which Tzuyu wrote letters for her love.❞ SaTzu// completed Hra: #18 in Short Story #685 in Fanfiction

  • Backfired | SaTzu
    134K 5.3K 25

    Minatozaki Sana, the campus' heartbreaker. Yup, that's me. My friends used to lecture me about how the girls should be treated blah blah blah. They were also the ones who told me that a girl is crushing on me. But she's not just a girl though, she's Chou Tzuyu. They described her as a 'tall and savage girl who doesn't...

  • The Bully's Choice// SaTzu
    468K 17.6K 110

    [ COMPLETED ] WARNING: G!P I. Chou Tzuyu, a quiet girl who think school is hell. She gets bullied because she never speak, she never communicate to anyone. She just loves to be alone because she thinks, she is different from them. She find herself weird since she's a girl with a penis, it was her deepest secret and sh...

  • Married To My Ex • SaTzu
    1.8M 68.1K 186

    In which Sana and Tzuyu are ex lovers but their parents involve them in an arranged marriage Started : Feb 10,2019 Ended : Soon #1 Narrative Credits to for the pics that I'm using for this fanfic

  • Instagram 2.0 ➺ satzu (completed)
    2.2M 77.5K 201

    "It's you, it's been you for too long" Date started : September 09, 2018 Date ended : March 26, 2019 Contains Matured Content #1 English Tag #2 epistolary Tag

    Completed   Mature
  • Instagram ➺ satzu (completed)
    1.8M 73.9K 154

    @choutzuyu followed you "She's so pretty and famous. I'm insecure" #1 satzu tag #1 sana tag #1 tzuyu tag #1 epistolary tag Date Started : July 15, 2018 Date Ended : September 09,2018 CONTAINS MATURED CONTENT

    Completed   Mature
  • Building Blocks || SaTzu
    127K 5K 46

    [book 2] After Tzuyu's whole life crashed down, she's been desperate to build it up again. It's taking some time, but she knows she's getting close. But when Sana comes back, will her walls crash down again? - ~ sequel to 'Why Can't You Say It?' ~

  • 6:49 ••• SaTzu
    97K 4.7K 25

    "today, on January 15th, at 6:49 PM, I saw a beautiful girl." -satzu os ••• credits to @princeofakielos on tumblr

    Completed   Mature
  • Scent ➳ SaTzu
    5.3K 341 2

    In which Tzuyu loved Sana's scent, until he noticed that she changed it everytime they meet. genderbend || male!tzuyu x sana

  • Reasons Not To Die With Me
    30.4K 1.8K 13

    Chou Tzuyu, a orphanage girl wanting to end her life because no one wants to adopt her. In short she doesn't feel loved or important to anyone. But what if someone is there to show her reasons not to die? Will she go and see it? Or she would just ignore and shut down everybody from her dull world. 10 days for her to...

  • Soulmates (SaTzu)
    10.9K 577 3

    Two souls met in a hospital. Fell in love. A kiss happened and they woken up, then forgotten. Will they ever still remember each other? Well, no.

  • Time Slip (SaTzu)
    14.1K 583 2

    Sana was cleaning their family's basement when she stumbled upon a star wars plushie Yoda. A dusty plushie that had a silly punch-in code to play with. She punched in a random 4-digit number playfully because of the button-tone that entertained her. Suddenly, a bright light came to blind her. "What the-" Her mouth han...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ghost Hunting (SaTzu)
    8.5K 372 2

    Ghost hunting can be fun, but sometimes it takes a dark turn...

    Completed   Mature
  • Aiding the Beautiful You (SaTzu)
    13.8K 851 2

    Minatozaki Sana was blind when she was still a child and her parents died in an unfortunate event leaving her alone. She lives alone and is only receiving pensions from her parents' as a beneficiary. Technically, she's not worried about money. But little did she know that for her everyday life to work, she needs const...

    Completed   Mature
  • Anything for you (SaTzu)
    6.3K 280 1

    Have you ever love someone whom you know they can't be yours from the start? You'll still do anything for that person, don't you? Even if it means breaking your friendship.

  • Signs • SaTzu (Completed)
    105K 5.7K 28

    When she was 12 years old, Sana was in a car accident that killed both of her parents. Since that day she hasn't spoken a word. Working as a librarian in National City, Sana meets Tzuyu Chou, and as much as she wants to talk to her, she still can't make her voice work.

    Completed   Mature
  • Just SaTzu
    776K 31.7K 183

    Incorrect SaTzu

  • SaTzu Vlogs
    93.6K 4.8K 19

    Imagine SaTzu filming a vlog together

  • SANA (Completed)
    57.6K 1.7K 26

    Highest Ranking is #51 in Short Story Minatozaki Sana

  • Inlove With A Perverted Girl!? || Satzu
    319K 7.2K 61

    || Highest ranking in Fanfiction #48 || "I'll never fall for her!"

  • More & No more (SaTzu)
    15.8K 506 2

    This story is part of the 'Fuck Shots' collection, but then I decided to create a separate book. Summary: This story revolves around Sana and Tzuyu, and how they will overcome their journey, as a couple, towards their future along with some homophobic netizens across the world.

    Completed   Mature
  • 𝐿𝑖𝑣𝑖𝑛𝑔 𝑤𝑖𝑡ℎ 𝐻𝑒𝑟|Sᴀɪᴅᴀ
    38.7K 1.2K 44

    Kim Dahyun an average girl who falls in love with her popular best friend Minatozaki Sana, their relationship is decent until she decided to confess her feelings for her.Since the day she confesses they haven't talked. Best friends became strangers. Happy memories became regretted remembrances. First love became the f...