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  • WINTER OF OUR YOUTH ─ haikyū!!
    1.4K 67 2

    through the mud and the downpour we may walk yet still, we will be golden. MIYA ATSUMU / OC. COMMON PEOPLE series.

  • SUPERMARKET FLOWERS ( t. oikawa )
    133K 7.2K 27

    SUPERMARKET FLOWERS. for those flowers filled with neverending sorrow, happiness is yet to bloom. ↠ tooru oikawa x oc ↠ a haikyuu!! fanfiction ↠ standalone ↠ status; completed.

  • catastrophe
    5.7K 182 3

    old words meet changed people © mima 2020

  • Black Swan ━ Sawamura Daichi
    59.5K 3.5K 23

    ❝You want the best. The first place. The gold medal. What if under all the layers I am not golden enough for you.❞ Somewhere along the lines, Minako Saito lost the gold that followed her name. She was supposed to be their gilded girl, the hopeful face for future Olympics, and the golden girl who was going to make t...