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  • My Mafia Husband
    1.8K 52 29

    When up coming Mafia King Damon Hernandez, meets Delilah, they soon become close enough to the point that marriage is on the table. But becoming the Mafias Wife can have its own consequences. Can Delilah handle what's behind the door to being a Mafias Queen? *Strong Language and Sexual situations! Read at your own r...

  • A Big Secret [ Omen x Fem Reader ] Valorant Fanfiction
    10.7K 357 16

    Your a radiant with interesting abilities but with the main big one being that you can transform into a cat. One day you were just chilling outside with stray cats in your cat form when a shadow like figure came around and hung around you all. He came around often for around a year and you got used to him being around...

  • A New Purpose - Cypher x Fem Reader (Valorant Fanfiction)
    10.9K 416 21

    [Cypher x Fem Reader that will include smut and fluff] You were abandoned by your parents on your 5th birthday, they needed money and didn't want to have to deal with your radianite powers with the addition of having to hide you from kingdom. The person they sold you off to was a crazy scientist that loved to experime...

  • Tattoo Tour | Chamber x Reader (VALORANT) [NSFW]
    1.5K 41 3

    Chamber happens to catch you staring at him and questions what had you so interested. You explain, and in return, so does he. Smut in Part 2

    Completed   Mature
  • Sticky Notes | Cypher x Reader (VALORANT)
    108 9 1

    Cypher starts noticing the little sticky notes that start showing up with cute little messages for him. After it goes on for a while, he decides to finally figure out who is leaving them.

  • Valorant Fanfiction (Smut)
    27.4K 479 5

    Valorant reader inserts, fluff, etc. (Mostly NSFW) . . Taking requests by DM . . . I do not own Valorant, it's characters, or any references. None of the photos are mine either.

  • 𝐀𝐫𝐫𝐚𝐧𝐠𝐞𝐝 𝐌𝐚𝐫𝐫𝐢𝐚𝐠𝐞 ~
    49.7K 1.4K 9

    "But Father! I don't want this marriage, I'm old enough to make my decisions!" "Don't you dare argue back! Just please do this, for the company and your mother.." "Fine..but if I want a divorce you will get me the divorce papers" ~~~~ This story will be about an arranged marriage as the title says. The Female Protago...

  • The Lovable Bully~♡ Michael Afton x FEM ! Reader
    6.1K 128 12

    * Still under editing * Y/N and her family are new to Hurrricane. They are greeted by the Afton Family. The more minutes go by, the better both families become closer friends. But, Michael and y/n will be more than just friends....... Yay I'm very indecisive so maybe I won't finish it anytime soon. This is like a AU w...

  • Michael Afton x reader
    1K 10 8

    ⚠️COVER ISNT MY ART⚠️ actually any pictures/ videos arent mine 💀 storyline is not exactly related to the lore. it is fan made by me and I kinda just did it for my entertainment :) there might be a few music videos/ songs lyrics somewhat connected to the storyline. ⚠️⚠️warning: there is foul language (swearing and st...

  • ~ My Popstar ~ monty x fem reader
    5.1K 38 17

    It was y/n's first week moving to her new home. Finally an adult, (lmao just pick an age) and free from the world. As you settled in you saw a commercial for Freddy Fazbear's Pizza Plex. You used to go to those diners all the time as a kid... An aspiring y/n gets a job at the Pizza Plex, on her adventure to become her...

  • michael afton x (fem) reader<3
    2.2K 22 17

    I am not really good at these stories and it's my first time😅 and the cc doesn't die in this chapter and no dies in this chapter. About this book: You and Michael were best friends as children but you moved away somewhere away where Michael lived. But you found him again when you bumped into him, y'all started to hav...

  • Wildflower (MontyxFem!Reader)
    26.7K 482 17

    And just like that, you had been kicked out of your house. You found a job easily enough, but...where will you live? You can't just stay at the Pizza Plex...right? (WARNING- CONTAINS SMUT AT SOME POINT!)

  • Michael Afton x Fem Reader
    37.8K 492 9

    You are a 14 Y.o. Girl who lives in hurricane with her family. She happens to meet a guy who seems like just a bully, but it turns out she starts to fall for him and he later feels the same. (This is a experiment as my first Wattpad story so lets see how it turns out!)

  • Daycare love
    29.5K 385 35

    THIS IS A SMUT 13+ It's about sundrop and moondrop from the new fnaf security breach

  • Lovers or Enemies? {Michael Afton X Reader.}
    58.3K 1.5K 25

    'Y/N is constantly getting bullied by Michael and his friends. It happened everyday as she and Michael slowly grow feelings for each other in the mix.'

  • Encanto? (Camilo x Reader)
    895K 26.4K 15

    Cover by @ivoryjade_ What will happen when your father/mother sends you to a magical village in Colombia? And what will you do when there you are overwhelmed by magic and mysteries and maybe love?

  • Sundrop/Moondrop x Reader !
    622K 14.3K 45

    Just a little something i made while bored and for fun! There will be sexual things in this so just a warning! and if theres smut or sexual kind of things, ill me sure to let you know right before it begins so you can skip it if you dont like those things !! have a nice read. ! Some swearing involved

  • sundrop/moondrop X reader
    72.5K 1.1K 22

    This story is a smut,fluff,and wholesome type. There is a lot of emotions and changes. If you have any suggestions on what I should do next just hmu.