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  • Blunder
    6.7K 199 2

    Arial's life seems to be on a downward spiral. Her mother's health is declining yet she still continues to turn to alcohol; Arial's home is under foreclose and the majority their assets have been seized by the bank, penniless and with no where to turn they decide to contact Abrial's estranged Aunt Helena. Helena prop...

  • The Faeyrwynn Prophecy
    18.2K 1.5K 18

    Following his uncle's new job, Seth moves overseas to a quietly dull town. Starting over is all he's ever known for the past fifteen years, so it's not a complete surprise to have to finish off his senior year in England. There, he meets a stranger who turns his life into one of fantasy, as he's lead to fulfill what h...

  • The STD Trace
    1.7M 40.8K 42

    When Hannah Trimester's high school suffers from an outbreak of Chlamydia, she thinks it is her chance to write an award winning article that will get her into the school of her dreams. But finding the truth isn't easy. With other problems on the line such as grades, prom, graduation, and boys, Hannah quickly learns t...

  • Bill of Wrongs (Completely Revised)
    802 47 4

    Bill Lukas was a phenomenal lawyer by all standards. He had a wonderful wife and a beautiful home near downtown Denver, Colorado. When a masked man—by the name of Walter Grimnir—comes to him in a dream, Bill is launched into a world he never imagined possible. A world within our own, where the true rulers rule. A worl...

  • Stuck at the Galleria
    5.3K 197 21

    It all starts when a timid daydreamer named Tre Listman accepts a dance date from Fillmore Jr. High's resident queen bee Lilly. When things go awry, Tre leaves mortified and runs to the Galleria Mall. After a bit too much root beer and a freak accident involving a shopping cart and a bad idea, Tre finds himself in the...

  • The Tinkerbell Effect (On Hold)
    9.6K 393 5

    Kira Hamilton has gone from home to home for 18 years with no idea where she came from. After her 18th birthday, however, things begin to change. Kira finds herself being able to do things that shouldn't be possible: altering weather, changing her appearance, and producing heat being among them. On top of that, what...

  • Moon Scar
    3K 179 14

    A half Elf girl Elle Moonscar starts an unexpected journey. Along the way she meets Yori, a fortune teller who sends her on her way to the golden forest of the Elves to her father to seek her destiny. She is a accompanied by her long time friend Alura and new friends Elwood, Gale and Balasie a wizard. All while war is...

  • Beyond Grace [ON INDEFINITE HOLD]
    6K 152 11

    !IMPORTANT! As flattered as I am by those who enjoy this series, I have no intention of finishing it. This project needs some serious editing before I even consider continuing it, but I feel the plot is degenerate and my writing is far too purple. Please do not critique etc. - I am keeping it here for sentimentality's...

  • Death of June
    1.3K 106 11

    No vampires, werewolves, or even Grim Reapers. Read this and try to tell what would happen next. I dare you! June was only five years old when her parents died, and as years passed by her life was normal. Until one day, a very inevitable experience occurred wherein her life became extraordinary. Will June be able to s...

  • The Gunman
    156 7 2

    A shooting gone wrong...

    Completed   Mature
  • The Rumored Half
    8.9K 664 13

    Have you had everything you've ever loved taken away in an instant? Nicola has and she's determined to get her revenge. The only problem? Survival. She is thrown into an insane world of demons, vampires and every other supernatural being you can think of. Also, there is the matter of a brooding vampire that caught her...

  • You Missed Your Chance
    270K 6.9K 24

    Sara Overstreet wanted nothing more than Hayden's Love, but in high school nothing every turns out the way you want it to. What happens when they come face to face again after so many years? Does she still have feelings for him? Or has she moved on?And what if Life throw's another hurdle at them? Love, Lies and Murde...

  • The Chosen One (ON HOLD)
    2.7K 194 4

    Jasmine was a regular teenage girl. Until one day when a strange man arrives at her doorstep and kidnaps her. After few days and hours in capture, he finally tells her the truth that their world is in danger and he needs her help. But the catch is she has to find two other girls in order to complete the mission. Unfor...

  • The Project-Z (On Hold)
    25.2K 740 2

    Earth is becoming weak and pretty soon, it will no longer be able to take care of humans, as they have mistreated their planet. But scientists feel they have found a solution to keeping the human race still alive. Another planet. For years they’ve been viewing another planet that appears to carry similar features as E...

  • Her: Agent 13
    9K 179 11

    She was created, not born. She likes to think she's normal. She's a agent, an agent who had her first kill at 2 yrs old. She is the only one of her kind. She has a mission to save the world. Can she follow through when her future love has a completely different mission, one of the enemy's side?

  • Am I Really Who I Think I Am? [Under Construction]
    748 100 6

    Sky Williams is an ordinary teenager or so she thinks..... she goes to her normal high school in England, but she's always wanted to have an exciting life full of adventures/action. When she meets Noah and Nico, her life starts to get more interesting little does she know that Noah and Nico aren't really who they appe...

  • White Lies (Book 1)
    10.6M 178K 46

    Jesabel is a liar. When her only friend mysteriously disappears, she does only what comes naturally. She keeps her truth from the world. Without warning, she is thrown into an interconnected web of lies that are far more dangerous, and far more lethal than any she could have imagined herself. With an annoyingly charmi...