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  • Horror X Lust | My 'Little' Addiction
    45.7K 1.6K 22

    This is a story about Lust and Horror. This story is the least known love story, so I'm going to share it with you...

    Completed   Mature
  • Ink x error one shot lemons~!
    322K 4.7K 60

    It will be whatever my imagination decides~ in this story there will be no pedophilia or rape I will probably post randomly and not often because I'm not into it as much as I use to but yeah

  • Of a Better World
    40.1K 1.9K 20

    It's been a while since Horror's world could be considered even remotely kind. But a newcomer drops in, and reminds him that there's still sweetness to be found in life. Horror will be damned if he lets him escape. In the caves behind my house, I found the ruins of a softer world. Kindness couldn't save them. ...

  • ~Errormare Oneshots~
    27.9K 437 9

    just random oneshots of Errormare [mah fav ship] There will be Fluff and Lemon. Not really sure about angst.

  • Dust x Horror x Killer Story
    18.4K 492 36

    Horror, Killer and Dust confess their love for each other and they all feel the same way. What happens next is shocking! - Dhar Mann There's also one additional ship. Warning: - Gay - Poly - Fluff - Swearing If you don't like that then you're in the wrong place. Why am I doing this?

  • Bottom Nightmare Oneshots
    13.3K 285 6

    So i had another bottom nightmare oneshots but i lost my email and password so i decided to move it in my new account. (request only in the first chapter) ⚠WARNING⚠ -lemon/smut -angst -fluff You can request any sans x Nightmare, and maybe a threesome or foursome. (as you like)

  • Dream x Nightmare Smut
    6K 111 1


  • A little gift~ (13+)
    62.9K 2K 31

    Nightmare felt uneasy at the positivity in the multiverse suddenly go was..weird...yet he ignored it and continued on but he meets someone, and well let's just's definitely not a dream he wanted.

  • Sancest Request Book ÙwÚ
    45.5K 706 19

    this will contain anything you throw at me ÒwÓ. deits in the book.

  • Sanscest Oneshots
    19.4K 312 10

    There's gonna be lots of lemons, maybe some limes but it's mostly gonna be smutty.... Read at your own risk because there might be some triggering topics. I don't mind covering any topic. Not my art btw (I'll always put in warnings tho)

    Completed   Mature
  • Our little pet | A horror X dust X killer story(rewritten)
    67.1K 1.5K 14

    Killer is not in the best situation right now. Horror and Dust keep trying to make out these new plans to try to... well... let's say get Killer's attention....... I have no idea where I'm going to take the story. At all. If you have any suggestions or ideas please leave it in the comments. Thank you. And all original...

  • Sanscest lemons🍋[DISCONTINUED]
    106K 1K 18

    The title says it all people!Now i don't want any cinnamon rolls reading this,There too innocent!Anyways,enjoy! Ps:Most of this is not canon,so don't come at me for adding something that to the au isnt true or something like that.😀

  • Sans Lemons, Smut and Random Stuff 🍋 (Requests closed!) (DISCONTINUED)
    70K 578 11

    Some good hard Sans smut and lemon. And maybe a bit of fluff as well. (DISCONTINUED)

    Completed   Mature
  • ♡Sanscest oneshots♡(lemons🍋)
    8.3K 120 18

    some oneshots people :D Cover is not my art, I couldn't find the artist sorry :( :( but I did the edit it. These onshots will have lemons so if you don't like pls don't read. It might have some sensitive content in it tho. But I'll warn you all in the title of the part. If there are any request or anything, sure I'll...

  • Ink X Error Smut
    146K 1.2K 8

    Requests: Still open (Slow updates) Warning: Please note this book has Rape, Masochist, Sadism, and other content that may and will be triggering to some readers. I do not support any of the content done, IN REAL LIFE THAT IS, I am fine writing it! I am not responsible for your freedom of reading this book! You being...

  • Discontinued
    71K 1.2K 14

    A heated error is impregnated by nightmare, he loves nightmare but he doesn't want the child at first. Nightmare would threaten to kick error out of the castle if he talks about harming the child before it's born. Error slowly starts to care for the child's life as he gets further into the pregnancy, causing nightmare...

  • Horror x lust
    855 29 4

    Horror is texting lust while the others are teading killer when out the blue horror blushes as well

  • 'Bad Guys' Aren't Always Bad
    39.5K 1.1K 11

    6 skeletons come to your universe, destroying everything and everyone but you. They take you back to their castle, and you live with them. It definitely takes time, but you warm up to them. You find that you love them more than anybody else. You would give your own LIFE just to keep them safe, and they would do the sa...

  • Undertale Sanscest/Fontcest {Requests CLOSED INDEFINITELY}
    125K 1.5K 76

    read title and first chapter, ITS IMPORTANT!!!!!?

    Completed   Mature
  • How It Happened (Horror X Killer Sans)
    3.7K 100 7

    Horrortale sans had been working for nightmare sans for years now with others known as dust sans, cross sans, error sans and killer sans. for some reason horror liked being around killer but he didn't know why.

  • Dreammare Oneshot book! Soon deleted.
    19.9K 424 9

    I apologize This book will be deleted soon

  • Undertale Smut
    13.6K 74 8

    im sooo sorry😔💅🏽

  • Dreammare Oneshots
    227K 7.1K 52

    I am not happy with the lack of Dreammare content on Wattpad This is my contribution Welcome to hell ALSO!! DREAM AND NIGHTMARE ARE NOT BEING INTERPRETED AS BROTHERS WHICH MEANS THERE IS NOTHING WRONG WITH THIS BOOK!! If you don't like it, then leave!!! For the love of god please just leave!!! Also the cover was made...

  • Gay-ege for Eddie
    41.4K 863 26

    eddie and gaege fuck that's it that's the book. alright maybe they're in love too - - - - - - - - - - - - this shit is hilarious to write i'm sorry apologies to the people written about but this is so funny but also sorry that it's not just smut i originally was gonna do smth like friends with benefits but then i was...